Andrei Razin publicly insulted Leru Kudryavtseva

The producer said that the TV star began her career from working as a prostitute.

While in the studio of the author's TV show Lera Kudryavtsevskaya the stars reveal their provocative secrets, the star Andrei Razin decided to expose the star itself. He made a scandalous statement on the Web the other day. This recent revelation of a TV star that she dedicated to her former husbands of the Prima Donna drove him to this revelation.

The release raised intimate details of life with a famous singer, because of which Alla Pugacheva even surprised that such a beautiful, in her opinion, TV presenter rummaging in the "garbage". Apparently, an equally unpleasant opinion about the work of Lera and Razin himself.

According to him, the girl at the beginning of her career worked as a prostitute, entertaining men in hotels. Razin even recalled the case when it was Kudryavtseva who allegedly arrived at the call to his drummer, and after a night together she began to blackmail a man with her pregnancy.

It is curious that Andrei soon deleted his post from the Internet, but the copy has already managed to disperse in the press. So far, Kudryavtseva has not commented on the accusations of the scandalous producer, but her fans consider them absurd.