Gavrosh haircut - fashionable greetings from the 70s!


No wonder they say that everything new is well forgotten old. Fashion has a certain cyclical nature, and often models that resemble those of our grandmothers and mothers often win the catwalk. Haircuts are no exception. Yes, they are slightly modified and adjusted to adapt to modern realities and the canons of style. But the techniques that have come to us from the past are gaining more and more popularity, because they look original, catchy and present a huge scope for fantasy and experiments to the master and the girls. One of these haircuts, Gavrosh, came to us from the 70s. What are its features and to whom it can fit?

Fashion of the 70s and our years: what is the difference?

Increasingly, at fashion weeks, designers are turning to past aesthetics.

To understand what features gavrosh haircut, you need to see how it looked in the distant 70s. Its main idea is the difference in the length of hair, it is a multi-level haircut, in which the hair at the temples and bangs are greatly shortened, on the sides are strands of medium length, and behind the hair falls on the neck and shoulders.

Sometimes the length was not removed much, which allowed us to experiment with styling.

When working, the master carefully separated and fixed the hair, which should be of the same length in order for the multilevel effect to be neat and symmetrical. After the main haircut, an equally important stage began - fililation. Thanks to him, some strands stood out more noticeably, which made her hair “ragged” and textured.

Filirovka, one of the main stages of cutting Gavrosh, gives it a more interesting shape.

Now we know the features of this technique and looked a bit into her past. But after all, our goal is not to look old-fashioned, but to choose for ourselves stylish, original solutions! Will haircut gavrosh modern women? Answer: no doubt yes!

For modern girls there are a huge number of modifications to this haircut

As we have said, it has been significantly rethought. Now, the hair does not leave behind so long that it allows the hairstyle to look compact and does not send us on a time machine 40 years ago. And the asymmetry with which hairdressers often like to play gave the haircut a second wind and made it an excellent choice for bold, bold and modern ladies.

The model is clearly not blame for the lack of maturity! The secret is in bright color and the graphic line of the temples.

One of the main advantages of Gavrosh haircut is its versatility. Changing the length of the strands, hair color and method of styling, you can create completely different images, from catchy, but elegant to super-stylish and rebellious.

Old-fashioned? Not! Fashionable and catchy? Sure!

Photo ideas for short hair

Perhaps the most common solution now. Often, short hair leaves slightly elongated temples, which allows to emphasize the cheekbones and adjust the shape of the face. At the top of the hair do as short as possible, because of what they do not lie smoothly, but slightly stick out, making the image a little boyish and deliberately careless.

The image does not seem sloppy - it is clear that he thought out to the smallest detail

All levels are carefully designed, enhancing the multi-layered effect. Due to this, gavrosh is perfect for girls with thin, volumeless hair - this haircut will keep its shape and volume itself.

By the way, short hair together with havroshem - the choice of many celebrities!

A little hooligan, careless and at the same time charming image!

At various times, Cyra Knightley and Victoria Beckham tried a similar idea.

Victoria has her hair from her temples combed back, and at the top she collected and laid with varnish - elegant and extremely fashionable!

Trendy options for medium hair

And here there are even more variations! The hairs on the crown can be very short, but they can, on the contrary, leave more genuine, so that they fall forward, forming a light “cap” and making the hairstyle very voluminous. This option can be considered more feminine, but you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to spend more time laying!

Examples with bangs of different lengths - a radically opposite effect is obtained!

Sometimes, experimenting with the length, the masters shave the hair on the sides. But such a bold decision is not for everyone. Moreover, Gavrosh haircut is very self-sufficient and allows you to attract attention without resorting to such radical techniques.

You can leave the length to give maximum volume and create a wild image in the style of "punk"

Gavroche wore Scarlett Johansson for a while. Her hair was of medium length and covered her neck from behind a little, but at the top the strands were shortened quite strongly.

Feminine Scarlett is also not against experiments! On blond hair, haircut looks great

Will the technique on long hair be successful?

And this is a great solution for girls who are not ready to part with their strands and want to feel more feminine.

Gavrosh haircut for those who do not want to shorten hair

In this case, long strands remain behind, the master only makes them a little uneven, so that they do not look flat and lie beautifully. The top of the head does not cut out too much, but remains quite voluminous.

Variations are acceptable in which the hair is left very long - do not be afraid to experiment!

It is worth noting that cutting long hair for gavrosh requires, perhaps, most of all self-care. It is necessary to maintain the shape of hair and to allocate some strands with the help of gel or wax.

Do not forget about the need to carefully style your hair so that they lay as it should

Bang - yes or no?

Gavrosh will suit you, if you are a lover of a long, voluminous bang, and will become a real salvation, if you prefer a bang of extremely short length. But completely without it it will not work, otherwise the hair from the forehead will need to be removed, putting it on the parting, and this violates the very idea of ​​Gavrosh.

Bangs can be partially laid up, which will make the hairstyle more textured and youth

Of course, the images will be completely different. Thick bangs make the look more feminine and soft, slightly smoothing the sharpness and negligence of the hairstyle itself. The short bang option is bolder and more informal, but you can be sure that you will not be left unnoticed!

Very short bangs - referring to both informal cultures and high fashion

Regardless of the length of the hair and bangs, a Gavrosh haircut is ideally combined with different ways of coloring

In combination with bright color, a very creative image is obtained!

Coloring and highlighting are particularly well suited. They emphasize uneven haircuts, highlight strands and increase the volume.

Different shades of red emphasize volume and increase the depth of color.

We recommend lovers of trendy solutions to try coloring in bright, unnatural colors, highlighting strands or different layers of haircuts. The image will be very catchy and bold!

A real challenge! The combination of dark and light shades, underlined in purple

What types of face is suitable

This is one of the fundamental questions that we always ask when choosing a new haircut. And here again, versatility speaks in favor of gavrosha. With the triangular shape of the face, strands and oblique fringe help to hide the volume of the upper part of the head.

The upper and lower parts of the face are balanced, the feminine slim form of the chin is emphasized

If you have a square face, this haircut will also be a real salvation! Triangulated strands on the temporal part of the head visually reduce the volume of the cheekbones.

And with a round face, the styling will make more "corners", bringing it closer to the oval shape.

Cheekbones and square foreheads are hidden, the shape of the face is visually extended, even despite the thick, heavy bangs

Before a haircut, it is enough to consult with a professional, say where the length of hair will remain, how the hairstyle will lie in the future. So you pick up the version of gavrosha, which is ideal for your type of person, emphasizes all the advantages and corrects the shortcomings.

The upper part of the face is concealed and comes in line with the fragile lower part.

Will haircut gavrosh for women 50 and older

Always want to be beautiful and fashionable. So, the ladies at the age with no less pleasure and interest follow fashion trends.

Age is no reason to lose heart and forget about your appearance!

It turns out, and here the answer is positive! Moreover, a well-executed haircut will help make the image more modern, young and stylish. In addition, hair thinned over the years and lost its strength from Gavrosh will regain its volume! Bangs will help to hide the wrinkles on the forehead, the strands that fall on the neck and temples will hide the slightly changed shape of the chin.

The forehead is closed, the line of cheekbones is beautifully and unobtrusively underlined, the image looks fresh and modern

And celebrities have unraveled this secret of beauty! For example, Sharon Osborne chooses for himself a gavrosh with a strong volume on top, which not only makes the image younger, but also emphasizes the rich hair color.

Hair color - deep, hairstyle - stunning, age - not a hindrance!

Another fan of this haircut is Jane Fonda. On her example, you can see how advantageous gavrosh looks with competent coloring. Jane likes to give her hair a bigger amount to make her look more feminine.

Haircut looks fashionable, but noble and elegant

Video - the work of the master to create a female hairstyle

So, we have learned a lot about cutting Gavroche. For whom it is not suitable? Perhaps, if you prefer your hair to be the same length, it is better to find other options. The same can be said, if your curls are very curly, because in this case the haircut will not keep the shape and will start to look sloppy. Conservative persons will be uncomfortable in such a bold image. In all other cases, Gavrosh is an ideal choice, because it leaves a huge scope for creativity, experimentation and self-expression!