Showy curls for medium-length hair


For many decades, this type of styling as curls has not been out of fashion. They may have a clear structure or be light waves, giving the woman the appearance of a disheveled nymph. They can look gorgeous in Hollywood or make comparisons with careless curls that remain after a beach holiday. Depending on the chosen shape, the curls can emphasize the femininity and beauty of their owner, as well as add volume. Moreover, to create a fashionable style, it is not necessary to sign up in a beauty salon;

Types of curls with examples in the photo

First of all, curls vary in size. They can be large, medium and small. This classification indicates the diameter of the curl, which is obtained as a result of chemical or mechanical curling.

Volume large curls on the hair of medium length will look great with owners of thin and slightly elongated face. Feminine styling will give this type of face softness and optically expand it, visually aligning the proportions. But for girls with large features and a strongly pronounced square or round face shape, such a hairstyle is not recommended.

Large curls with medium hair length allow you to divert attention from the disproportionate structure of the face - too massive forehead or chin stretched

Medium-sized curls laying is universal and suitable for all types of appearance. The main thing is to choose the right shape of the curl, which will emphasize the advantages and visually hide the flaws. An important factor is also the sculptural expression of curls.

Professional stylists do not recommend women with sharp facial features to use the sculptural form of curls in styling.

Sculptural curls can emphasize losing contour of the face

Soft curls of medium diameter, on the contrary, create a romantic and elegant image.

This style looks great on the hair of medium length and is suitable for evening out.

Small curls are able to give hair a dizzying volume, and the image - some playfulness. Best of all, small curls are suitable for an elongated type of face, triangular or oval. But chubby girls and owners of a massive lower part of the face from such a hair should be abandoned.

For small curls need a suitable haircut (cascade, multi-layered stepped four or graded ladder)

Curls are classified not only by the diameter of the curl, but also by its shape.

There are the following forms of curls:

  • parallel;

    Parallel curls are those that are arranged in rows relative to each other.

  • straight;

    Straight curls are horizontal and do not have a clear curl.

  • crumpled

    The curls of the crumpled form have a wave at the base, passing to the end of the strand in a pronounced curl.

  • slanting;

    The oblique shape of the curls is remarkable in that the curls are at an angle of 45 ° relative to the chin line.

  • vertical;

    Curls of the vertical form are also called spiral or zigzag.

  • horizontal.

    Horizontal curls give a pronounced volume and look good on thin hair of medium length.

Ways to curl hair of medium length

Among the methods for obtaining curls, it is customary to single out chemical methods, which include salon methods using special compositions, and mechanical methods, for which various devices are used (curling irons, ironing curlers, hair curlers).

The most effective methods of obtaining a persistent curl in a beauty salon are:

  • chemical waving;
  • biowave;
  • carving (long-term styling).

A prerequisite for visiting a hairdressing salon for the purpose of perm should be a satisfactory condition of the hair. Bleached and weak strands may not shift the procedure using chemical compounds, no matter how benign.

Mechanical methods of creating curls include:

  • curling on curlers;
  • the formation of curls with the help of hot electric curling tongs;
  • curling using iron;
  • getting curl using a hair dryer with a nozzle in the form of a diffuser;
  • perm with the formation of helical cords without heat exposure.

Saloon methods

Among the advantages of salon methods of curling hair can be identified resistance to external influences and long-term preservation of the resulting curls.


With proper use, fear of this method of obtaining curls should not be. Modern compositions for perm are radically different from their predecessors. In addition, a wide variety of forms and diameters of the bobbins used allows creating multilayer styling that corrects the shape of the face.

The sticks are a kind of curlers and are most often made of chemically resistant plastic.

The effect of the use of chemical perm lasts from three months to six months. Even with the use of a soft alkaline composition, the curl turns out to be elastic and pronounced, which allows you to spend little time on styling.

This procedure is best done in the hair salon, as it is extremely inconvenient to wind the hair on the bobbins yourself.

However, this procedure has several contraindications. These include:

  • the period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • long-term use of antibiotics and drugs containing morphine;
  • tendency to uncontrolled allergic reactions;
  • hormone therapy;
  • the presence of inflammatory diseases;
  • diagnosed focal alopecia (alopecia);
  • henna pre-staining.


This type of receiving curls has a significant difference from perm. In the bio-composition for the formation of the curl does not use ammonia and thioglycolic acid, which can destroy the hair structure. Instead, substances identical to the cysteine ​​protein are included in the formula, which ensures the safety of the procedure for the health of the hair shaft.

In addition, silk forgings often include silk proteins, vitamins, collagen, and valuable oils to heal strands. However, in comparison with the classical "chemistry", biowave retains curl resistance for less time. Depending on the composition used, the curls retain their shape from two to five months.

Properly executed biowave provides elastic curls and natural volume

Contraindications to the performance of biowave are:

  • recently performed keratin hair straightening (after this procedure at least six months must pass, otherwise the composition for biowave will not be able to complete its task);
  • ammonia dyeing less than a week before the biowave procedure;
  • application for dyeing henna or basma;
  • long-term use of antibiotics;
  • diagnosed hormonal imbalance.

Unlike chemical perm, biowave effectively affects bleached hair, providing a natural curl.

Due to the inclusion of cysteine ​​vegetable protein biowave into the formula, the hair structure is not damaged, and the curl is soft and elastic

Carving, or long-term styling

Carving is a delicate perm, the effect of which lasts from one to three months. The difference of such a long-term styling from a full-fledged "chemistry" is that the composition does not penetrate into the depth of the hair shaft, but only gently envelops it, allowing you to give the strands the desired shape.

The big advantage of this procedure is that 1-3 months after the procedure, the hair straightens naturally. Due to this hairstyle looks neat and well-groomed, as there is no clearly expressed band of growing hair.

Long-term styling gives the hair a lush volume and can be applied to bleached strands.

Carving is indispensable for owners of thin and sparse hair, lacking volume, as well as for those who suffer from increased fat content of the scalp. Such hair after the procedure keeps the desired shape of the curls well and becomes a little more rigid, which visually adds thickness. But for those lucky enough to have a lush mane dense and thick, the procedure of long-term styling is not recommended. The delicate composition will not be able to properly affect the thick and stiff hair, curls quickly straighten and will have a sloppy look.

Contraindications to the implementation of the procedure carving:

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • high degree of exhaustion and damage to hair;
  • long-term use of antibiotics;
  • combination with the staining procedure.

The most successful hair length for carving is medium, so the curls will better keep the desired shape and will not straighten under its own weight.

How to make beautiful curls on medium hair at home

Beautiful actual styling can be created at home without the help of a stylist. By simple actions you can get curls of various shapes, from which it is easy to form a fashionable hairstyle.

Curler on curlers

Curlers are a versatile tool for creating waves, curls, curls and curls of various shapes. A huge plus of their use is the minimum amount of damage to the hair shaft during styling.

Varieties of curlers and features of their use:

  • Velcro curlers (they are also called "hedgehogs"). Very comfortable, as their outer surface is dotted with miniature spines, so that the twisted strand does not require additional fixation;

    Velcro curlers of large diameter allow you to create large and voluminous curls

  • Thermo curlers. Inside each cylinder, made of smooth plastic, is a paraffin rod. This is what allows the strands to warm up evenly and not to get thermal damage;

    The use of thermal rollers allows you to achieve an elastic curl that lasts up to three days

  • electric rollers. With their help, you can carry out rapid styling - strands take the form of curls in less than ten minutes;

    Depending on the diameter of the curlers, you can create medium or large curls, as well as soft waves

  • flexible boomerangs. They have a rubberized or foam surface, do not injure and prevent the occurrence of creases;Curlers boomerangs give the hair a neat shape of an average curl size
  • velvet. They look like hollow cylinders with velvety coating applied on them. The absence of clips prevents injury to the hair during the procedure;Velvet curlers are not able to provide a steep and elastic curl, they produce soft flowing waves
  • plastic. They are hollow cylinders with large holes, which are held on the hair with the help of clips. When using them, care and attention are necessary, as there is a risk of entanglement during removal;

    Plastic curlers provide styling volume, give the hair a sharp bend of medium-sized curls

  • metal alloy. With their help, you can achieve elastic and sculpted curls;

    Metal curlers can not be heated with a hair dryer when they are on the hair, as there can be a thermal burn of the hair shaft

  • spiral. Such curlers look like thin rods with a screw thread and require a certain skill at the time of wrapping;

    Spiral curlers allow you to get very tight and small curls, which are also called "African"

  • bobbins. Mainly used by professional hairdressers, as they mean well-executed cheat;

    Using bobbins for homemade curling, you can create a multi-layered hairstyle with elastic curls of small and medium sizes.

  • rubber. Provide a safe perm and a dense curl of medium and small size;

    The disadvantages of such curlers can be attributed to the slightly sloppy shape of curls due to creasing of the material during curling

  • foam rubber. It is very easy to twist the strands on such curlers; due to the soft material, they do not damage the hair and can be used during the night's sleep;

    With foam rollers, medium-sized curls are resistant to straightening.

  • Magic Leverag elastic rubberized textile curlers are new, but have already earned many rave reviews for their ease of use and long lasting results.

    With the help of Magic Leverag elastic curlers, you can create flowing large curls

Curls with soft curlers boomerangs

The boomerang curlers are very flexible and do not require the use of clamps and additional locks.

In order to create elastic curls of medium size, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Prepare the hair for perm. First of all, wash your head with a sulphate-free shampoo and, slightly wetting the strands with a towel, dry them naturally.
  2. Then apply a small amount of foam or mousse for styling.
  3. Comb the strands with a wide-toothed comb, evenly spreading the styling agent.
  4. Now proceed to the winding curlers. Divide the hair into four zones, as shown in the photo.

    Each bundle of hair can be secured with a plastic clip or two pins

  5. Begin to wind strands from the nape. To do this, free one part of the hair from the clip and separate the not very wide strand (approximately 2 cm in diameter).
  6. Wind the hair tightly on a flexible boomerang starting from the end of the strand. When twisting to the base, grasp the tips of the curlers and fix the boomerang, as shown in the diagram.

    When fixing the curlers, try harder to press the ends of the boomerangs together

  7. Apply this technique to the rest of the hair. As a result, cheat should look the same as in the photo.Curlers boomerangs are very soft, their use does not create discomfort and does not tighten the scalp
  8. Leave the curler for three or four hours. During this time, the hair is completely dry, acquiring a given shape. Boomerangs are removed with neat spinning movements.
  9. In this way, you can get soft waves or pronounced curls without sculptural creases.

With the help of devices such as curlers boomerangs, you can get exquisite Hollywood curls, giving the image elegance

If you are in a hurry, you can force events with a hair dryer. Twisted hair curlers can be slightly dried, let them cool and free from boomerangs. In this case, the curls will be less pronounced, but the hair will still get neat and fluffy.

Video: volume curls from an experienced hairdresser Catherine Britskaya

How to create curls with curling curls

Buying curling iron hair at home should pay attention to two important factors: the type of coating of the working surface and diameter. The degree of safety of the device for your hair depends on the coating, and the diameter and appearance of the curls depends on the diameter.

Varieties of a covering of a working surface of curling tongs:

  • metal alloy. It is considered the most harmful and traumatic for the hair shaft, as it promotes the evaporation of natural moisture and natural fat;
  • teflon. It warms up more evenly than a metal alloy, but with time it is erased and begins to injure the hair while curling;
  • ceramics. Excellently distributes heat, delicately acts and emits negative ions that contribute to the closure of the hair shaft flakes;
  • tourmaline. Many professional hair stylists recommend using tourmaline curling as this type of coating gives softness and healthy shine;
  • titanium. Such a curling iron does not dry out, keeping the natural level of moisture, and does not electrify, which keeps the hairstyle neat;
  • glass ceramics. Used mainly for the production of professional pleyok used in beauty salons. The covering provides easy sliding of strands because of faultlessly smooth surface.

The curler should be of the diameter that allows you to create curls that fit your face type.

Important! Remember that the use of curling on wet strands is strictly prohibited, as this can literally burn your hair.

Hollywood curls

This styling has a luxurious look and is great for medium-length hair. For its implementation you will need a cone-shaped curling iron for curling of medium diameter and a spray that protects from thermal burns.

Instructions for creating styling "Hollywood":

  1. Wash the head with a softening balm or conditioner.
  2. Apply a thermal protector over the entire length of the strands and dry it with a hairdryer, lifting the hair at the roots.
  3. Then evenly distribute a small amount of foam through the hair, giving it volume and shine.
  4. Comb your fingers for 3-5 minutes, drying them naturally.
  5. Turn the curling iron into a power outlet so that its surface gets the working temperature.
  6. Separate the hair in a single part. Stay out of the work area with a barber clip.

    Hairdressing clip is very convenient to fix hair strands to make room for work.

  7. Выделите из общей массы одну прядь шириной не более 3 см и накрутите её на горячий конус плойки начиная от лица. The tip of the strand should be left slightly under-twisted in order for the styling to acquire the current light negligence Hold each strand on the curling cone for at least five and no more than ten seconds.
  8. When wind the entire mass of hair, let it cool. If you comb the hot curls, they can lose their shape.
  9. Comb your hair with a sparse teeth or fingers. Spray varnish to fix the styling.

Hollywood curls are suitable for almost any type of person, the main thing - to put curly hair correctly

Beach styling with curls "Surfer Girlfriend"

Beach curls are megapopular trend. They give styling fashionable negligence, and the image - lightness.

Laying with beach curls suitable for all types of faces

In order to create the “Surfer Girlfriend” styling, it is necessary to prepare a curling iron of the largest diameter and a protective agent to protect the hair from thermal burns.

A large diameter styler allows you to create not only beach waves, but also large volumetric curls

  1. Wash hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and dry it naturally.
  2. Spray a protective agent on the hair from heat and wait five minutes for it to dry.
  3. Divide the head into four zones and twist the whole mass of hair into bunches fixed with hairdresser clips.This method of dividing hair into zones will allow the whole curtain to be thoroughly processed
  4. Each strand of hair must be wound on a curling iron at an angle of 45 ° and left for 20-25 seconds. During this time, the hair will get the desired shape.

    Twirl hair from the face, so the strands will have a volume and a disheveled look at the ends

  5. When you wind the entire mass of hair, let them cool.
  6. Then, with your fingers, carefully create an artistic mess on your head, while forming beach waves near your face.
  7. Fix hair with light hairspray.

Do not try to give styling a clear form. Beach waves imply carelessness and simplicity. Hairstyle should look as if you were recently on the beach, and your hair is not completely dry out of the sea water.

Ways to curl hair with ironing

Initially, the iron is designed to straighten the strands and give them a mirror shine. When the fashion for straight hair began to lose ground, resourceful beauty bloggers suggested using a flat iron to create curls.

Important! For curling fit only the iron, which has rounded edges. Models of a different configuration will create a sloppy kink on the hair.

It is extremely important what kind of coating plates have ironing surfaces. It is preferable to choose a tool with tourmaline or ceramic platforms, they are equipped with an ionization function and prevent excessive overheating, which traumatizes the hair shaft.

Curls "Careless chic"

Actual careless styling suits any type of appearance. Best of all, it looks on dark and light brown hair, emphasizing the shine of the strands.

Negligent curls look great on shoulder-length hair, creating volume and emphasizing the texture of the haircut.

To perform this installation you need:

  1. Wash hair with a sulphate-free shampoo and silicone-free conditioner.
  2. Dry hair naturally.
  3. Spray a small amount of protective thermospray over the entire hair mass and dry the strands for a couple of minutes, shaking them with your hands.
  4. Then divide the hair into four zones, curling the strands into bunches and securing them with hairdressing clips.Try not to curl your hair too tightly so as not to disrupt blood circulation in the scalp.
  5. Separate one strand of the working area and intercept the iron at the base of the head. Give the tool an angle of 45 ° and slowly move it to the end of the strand.

    The steeper the angle of the ironing, the more pronounced the curls will be

  6. Treat the entire mass of hair in this way and let the careless waves cool down.
  7. Stretch the hair strands with your hands and fix with light lacquer or spray.

Video: how to create volumetric sculptural curls with the help of foil, pencil and ironing for hair

Creating light curls and waves using a diffuser

Diffuser - this is the nozzle for the hair dryer, which is a circular disk with holes and protruding "fingers."

Thanks to the “fingers” of the diffuser, the hot air disperses and does not burn the scalp

The basic principle of the diffuser is that the hot air generated by the hair dryer at the same time dries the hair and forms curls. In addition, drying strands with a diffuser can give styling pomp and volume from the roots.

Instructions for using a diffuser for light curls and waves

  1. Wash hair with a suitable shampoo using a nourishing mask or moisturizing conditioner.
  2. Then thoroughly squeeze the strands with a towel and apply foam or mousse on them. Well, if the tool will have in its composition components that protect the strands from the effects of thermal exposure.
  3. Now tilt your head and place a wide strand in the bowl of the diffuser. Dry for about a minute, gently moving the diffuser and lifting the hair roots. Then go to the next strand, letting cool the previous one.

    Choose a hair dryer with a high level of power to create curls with a diffuser, this will reduce the time spent on styling

  4. Gradually treat the whole mass of hair in this way, giving it the shape of light curls or soft waves. The final result of laying depends on the intensity of the strands twisting on the “fingers” of the diffuser.
  5. Sprinkle styling with a hair spray or fixative spray.

Light curls on the hair of medium length can be worn loose, and you can put them in a beautiful antique hairstyle

Curling hair without curlers, ploek and irons

Such methods of styling strands in curls are incredibly simple and completely harmless to the health of the hair. For the formation of curl are used improvised means that do not require large financial expenditures.

Curl with textile ribbons

It sounds funny and childish, but nevertheless it is a great way to get elastic curls that can last on the hair all day long without harming the hair. In addition, this perm can be done at night, because soft textile ribbons do not interfere with sound sleep.

You will need tissue strips (20 pcs.) And a spray with plain water.

  1. Prepare pre-strips of cotton fabric with a length of 10-15 and a width of 5-7 cm.
  2. Sprinkle them with spray bottle water.
  3. Split the hair into a part with two parts and stab one of them with a hairdressing clip.
  4. Remove not very wide strands from the part of the hair that is not clamped, sprinkle with water and wind it onto fabric strips as shown in the diagram.This method of hair cheating is designed to obtain elastic curls with a pronounced fracture.
  5. Twisted strand of hair need to fix a bundle of tissue strips.
  6. When the entire mass of hair is wrapped, sprinkle the strands with water and leave to dry naturally.

    The great convenience of this method of waving is that hair wrap is done very quickly and does not require special skills.

After five or six hours (or in the morning, if you wrap overnight), untie the ribbons and carefully remove them from the curls that were formed. It is not necessary to use hairspray or other hairspot fixing sprays, such styling can last all day long even in conditions of high humidity.

Curls are incredibly lush and voluminous.

Video: how to create Hollywood curls with plain paper

Means for fixing curls

After you have spent the effort on the formation of curls will be very annoying if out of place the rain or wind will destroy the spectacular styling. To preserve the perfect appearance of hair, you can use the tools sold in stores, and you can prepare a fixing composition of their own.

Means for preserving factory production stacking

The most common tool for fixing curls and forms of styling is hair spray. Modern compositions do not stick hair and give hair volume and shine.

Spray paint on the hair should be at a distance of at least 30 cm, while trying not to overdo it, because even the easiest and most weightless means in large quantities can weight the strands and deprive the styling of naturalness.

The lacquer creates on the surface of the hair the thinnest mesh, which retains the shape of the hairstyle and its volume

Instead of lacquer, you can use fixing spray, which has a less saturated texture and is well suited for thin and sparse hair that quickly loses the shape of a hairstyle. Such sprays are applied in a small amount both after laying and before it, as preparation for the strands to form curls.

In addition to liquid means in the arsenal of the beauty industry there is powder for fixing the volume and styling. It allows you to add extra volume and keep curvature curvature for a long time. To use it is very simple - just distribute the powder over the hair roots and give the desired shape with your fingers.

Modern versions of fixing powder do not glue curls and do not make hair heavy

Homemade compositions for the preservation of curls

If you have unexpectedly ended hairspray, you can build a version at home. To do this, you need a lemon, a little medical alcohol and a bottle with a spray.

In a bottle you need to pour the juice of half a lemon, squeezed and squeezed through a sieve, add a few drops of alcohol there and shake this mixture thoroughly. To fix the styling spray the hair onto the hair in the same amount as the hairspray.

Lemon juice will keep your hair fresh longer

Important! With prolonged use of this tool, lemon juice can lighten hair a little.

Well fixes the curls and retains their shape sweet water. You can prepare it as follows:

  1. Mix in a small container clean warm water (50 ml) and sugar (1 tsp. L. Without a slide).
  2. Dissolve sugar in water and add to the mixture medical alcohol (5 ml).
  3. Carefully pour the liquid into the spray bottle.

Spray the resulting product on the curls from a distance of at least 50 cm, so that it is evenly distributed through the hair and not glued curls.

You can add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil to the product, this will give the hair a charming aroma and mirror shine.

Author's opinion

Curls give a huge scope for fantasy. They can be so different that even if every day you build a new hairstyle on your head, then you can not try everything for a month! I, frankly, curls always raise your spirits. With such styling, you want to look more often in the mirror, there is a desire to update your wardrobe, to get a new pair of shoes.

In the conditions of the eternal lack of time it is difficult to style your hair every day, so every spring I make a biowave