Ashton Kutcher testified against maniac

The offender killed the girl actor in 2001.

This is now the actor Ashton Kutcher happy married to Mila Kunis, and in the early 2000s, he met a girl named Ashley Ellerin.

It is not known how long their romance lasted, if not for the tragedy that had happened. Once the actor was supposed to pick up a friend, but plans changed. He later tried to call her, but Ashley did not pick up the phone. Then the guy went to her house. Nobody opened the door for him, but when he looked out the window, Kutcher saw a small mess and a puddle on the floor, which he took for spilled wine. The actor decided that the girlfriend left for a party without him, and went home. Only the next morning he learned that Ellerin was the new victim of a serial maniac.

It was against him that the actor testified the other day. The prosecutor is seeking the death penalty for the criminal.