Sedokova's trip to cancer patients turned into a scandal

Singer Sasha Zvereva was amazed that Anna brought forbidden sweets to children as a gift.

Anna Sedokova’s visit to the small patients of the oncology clinic, which she dated to the Children's Day, received an ambiguous response in the network.

On the eve of the trip, the singer published a photo from the store, where she bought products for the children - in the cart one could see many packages of marshmallow and marshmallow. Her stage colleague, Sasha Zvereva, used this frame on Instagram to tell the followers about her outrage.

The girl has long been engaged in charity and sharply criticized Anna for sweets for children with cancer, because sugar helps cancer cells to grow and multiply, and even called it "gifts of death."

Sedokova painfully perceived the words of Zvereva and released a post in which she emphasized that all products were agreed with the doctors. In addition, the girl in a caustic manner advised her to be engaged in creative work and release at least one single "in this century".