Haircut cap - not for warmth, but for a fashionable image!


Haircut cap - another hello from the tumultuous, unabating, full of music and drive 60s! Having survived, like many fashion trends of that time, a certain transformation, it has reached our days and is still perceived as a stylish, unusual and catchy decision. No wonder, because she looks so succinctly and at the same time fresh, and caring for her is so simple that for modern women living in a fast rhythm, this is a real find!

What is a haircut cap

The solution is extremely versatile. Playing with the texture of hair and styling, the length of the strands and their color, you can create an infinite number of completely different images!

It is already difficult to guess a hat in a haircut, although it is based on it that this extremely fashionable image is created!

But the general signs of hats remain unchanged. It received its name, as it is not difficult to guess, at the expense of the volume that it creates on the head, and the smooth line on which the tips of the strands are located.

The tips of the hair - exactly along the lines, but the "leg" of each haircut is decorated differently

The effect is enhanced by a heavy bang, which often starts from the top of the crown itself and is as thick as the hair on the sides of the head or behind.

A good amount of top and open earlobes allow you to wear even large accessories!

Interesting fact: just like during its heyday, so now haircut is not a female privilege. Men, too, rightly appreciated her fashionable look ... or ease of care for such a haircut!

Equal length or asymmetry - everyone decides for himself, because there are so many options!

One way or another, gentlemen are increasingly turning to her not only as part of fashion shows, but also in everyday life.

What types are distinguished in hairdressing

Another undoubted advantage of the cap - the diversity of species. Symmetrical and avant-garde, ironed and super-volume, extremely short and long - there is plenty to choose from!

Similar short variants with asymmetric bangs for informal persons are possible.

Of course, to search for a hairdresser, able to take into account all your wishes, you must be approached with the utmost seriousness. Alignment of the lines, skillful work with color, competent study of the tips and meticulous filiration of the strands - only in the aggregate you will get a stunning result!

Another variation with the game of asymmetry, but already on long hair

What is different from the bean, square and other similar types of hairstyles

It is useful to clarify how the cap differs from other short and medium haircuts. Classic bob and square, for example, have corners, bangs, as a rule, are pronounced and stand out against the background of the total length of hair.

For the cap, the corners and the selection of some parts of the hair are the result of the experiment and the modification invented by the master

The rounded cap is devoid of sharp features, and the bang is its obligatory attribute, without which a perfect uniform line drawn by the tips will not work.

The exact edge line is ideal for perfectionists and lovers of accuracy in everything!

The angularity is inherent in the hairstyle of Gavroche, especially hairdressers like to pick out and sharpen the strands at the temples, above the ear. The cap is not combined with rough or untidy lines and should be perfect.

Any transitions should be smooth and light, without kinks.

Shorter and closer to men's haircuts garcon and Peter Pan do not imply a volume and reconciliation. They do not lie a hair to a hair, moreover - they often ruffle and rise to the top to enhance the image of a daring, spontaneous and naughty person.

Even with a slight asymmetry, you can not do without laying and careful distribution of strands, not one is knocked out!

To face or not?

To understand whether you want a haircut cap, evaluate what type of person you have. It will be a salvation for women with a pear-shaped type, bringing the narrow upper part of the head into line with the lower one.

Renee Zellweger uses a milled, deliberately careless hat to add volume to the top of her head.

For owners of a triangular or heart-shaped face, the best choice is to choose a hat of medium length: it will hide the extra volume in the upper part of the head and emphasize the fragile, feminine chin.

Sheds too broad forehead, the image of a girlish fresh!

But if you have a round or square face, you need to be very, very careful with this haircut! Otherwise, you risk underlining puffy cheeks or heavy lower jaw and cheekbones. In the case of a slightly rounded face, a stronger version will help out, it will remove excessive smoothness and make the appearance more harmonious.

Filirovka, laying bangs on the side - face correction will not be difficult!

The cap will not work for owners of very curly or fluffy hair, because they will not lie, no matter how hard you try. But do not be upset, because you can choose other options that emphasize the natural beauty and structure of your hair!

Ideas for owners of short hair

The classic version of the haircut. Variety of colors and styles - for you! It is interesting that such an option is the prerogative of not only modern fashionable girls, who challenge and are not afraid of stylish, catchy looks.

The relevance of the haircut is confirmed by its use for photo shoots in fashion magazines!

The cap is perfect for business women: her delineation, volumetric shape and feeling that each hair was laid in its place will be perfectly combined with modern business suits and strict dresses.

Rich color, accuracy, geometry - ideal for lovers of minimalism

A romantic person will find a special charm in retro-images, because with a short hat, they will look so cute and defenseless!

The same haircut, but the image - straight from the fashion magazine of the 60s!

This option haircuts choose for themselves many celebrities in Russia and abroad.

Singer Rihanna knows a lot about luxury and chic!

In this case, you can see how well the hat combines with different styles and images.

And TV presenter Lilia Gildeeva appreciates a hat for brevity and convenience

Haircut cap on medium hair: photo options

A cap of medium length can be offered to women of different nature and lifestyle. But more, of course, it is suitable for those who like to emphasize their femininity and even status. A little strict and neat hat gives the owner the statism of a true aristocrat.

Cap combines playfulness and restraint, luxury and simplicity.

The face at the same time keeps softness, rough lines leave. Bangs, as a rule, are more visible, it can sometimes be visually separated from the total length. This version of the cap gives even more space for experiments than its short equivalent!

You can play, alternating straightened strands and curls - we get a chic retro look!

And here the media personalities saw in time all the advantages of a haircut and took it into service!

Tina Kandelaki appreciated the conciseness of the cap and its elegance

Women who choose such an image for themselves are self-confident, self-sufficient and, of course, adorable!

Lilia Gildeeva loved this haircut so much that she tried it at medium length!

Owners of long hair

Most, perhaps, an unusual and less common version of the haircut. Its advantage is catchiness, extravagance and unusualness. Such a haircut will suit girls who are no strangers to trendy, bright, even harsh images. In it is a challenge, boldness, but at the same time - femininity, because the length of many strands remains.

Agree, only a brave girl will be able to adequately wear such an extraordinary image!

Bold and professional hairdressers love to use this version of the haircut as a basis for experiments with coloring and coloring.

Fantasy is where to turn! Vivid colors and bold combinations, sharp length transitions, asymmetry and volume

And it is not surprising: both a solid, bright color, and a variety of shades, highlighting, coloring by sectors, even a gradient - a long cap perfectly combines with all these techniques and enhances their effect.

Even one color, if it is bright and saturated, will look extra-fashionable!

For women after 40

Women over forty years old have a mass of virtues that just need to be correctly emphasized! They, as a rule, have taken place in life, are self-sufficient, wise, and have achieved much. And of course, they also follow fashion trends and want to look stunning!

Additional volume will be obtained if you select some strands and lay them to the side

Haircut hat is perfect for mature women. She throws, but not excessively and will not make the image vulgar. At the same time, we advise you to stop the choice on the hair of short or medium length as more appropriate and feminine.

Blond, ashy or gray hair will sparkle in a new way with this haircut!

Ladies will be able to wear these types of haircuts with incredible dignity, and at the same time hide, if necessary, ears, forehead and cheeks, which may be subject to primary age changes.

You can make the edge of the cap less obvious - a sophisticated, dignified and luxurious look!

Video: technology and the work of the master to create a model haircut

In the case of a haircut cap, we not only recommend, but also encourage you to experiment! After all, any change of image transforms us not only externally, but also internally. When choosing a haircut and hair color, think not only about what you would like to emphasize or hide, but also what you want to strive for, what new facets in yourself to open. Of course, the master can give a lot of practical advice, but only you can decide which haircut will be a great complement to your lifestyle. And perhaps it will mark an amazing change and become the first step you take on the path to a renewed, more alive and happy yourself!