Stylish hairstyles with a pile (50 photos) - the best ideas of 2018


Today, hairstyles with a fleece once again occupied the leading positions on fashionable olimps.

This technique for creating volume has long been used with great success in Hollywood. True, a few years the stylists tried to make it not too conspicuous. Today, hairstyles with a fleece (photo) re-occupied the leading positions on fashionable Olympians. However, these are no longer bulky challahs of the 60s and 70s, abundantly bathed in varnish, but voluminous braids, hairy curls, shells, delicate hairstyles to the side and neat Japanese khans. So, we will consider each of them in detail.

Types of bouffant

Lush hairstyles-2018, there are many, but to create them, only two types of combing are used:

  • Tupirovka (to the root): the most common method; done first on one strand, then the rest are connected to it;
  • on separate locks: more suitable for creating booklets (rings or twisted volume curls); as in the case of troweling, it starts from the bottom, then the comb gradually rises.

This season, they can show off on the hair of any length: as a short, medium and long locks. You can make hairstyles with a fleece with a bang or without it, or, without making out for yourself, just whip your hair and dissolve it around your shoulders or throw it on one side.

Tip! In order not to injure the hair scales, apply a softening spray on them before combing. Hair covered with such a composition will be smoother and more docile.

How to make bouffant in the root?

To create such hairstyles, you can purchase a special comb or use any one with thin and not too frequent semicircular teeth. It will also take a regular comb to smooth out the rest that are not touched by a pile.



So, let's take a look at step by step how hairstyles are created with a pile:

  • hair thoroughly washed and dried; in order to obtain additional volume at the roots, it is better to dry them with a hairdryer, with your head down;
  • depending on the chosen option, we determine on which strands we will make the volume; for the horsetail, we only beat the hair at the back of the head, some hairstyles require treatment at the back of the head and sides;
  • We begin work from the back of the head, rising gradually higher, take a strand about a centimeter thick, process it with a fixing gel or varnish;
  • keeping it perpendicular to the head, we begin smoothly and gently, trying to injure the scales as little as possible, beat, starting from the tips, gradually, by 2-3 centimeters, moving towards the roots;
  • it is necessary to capture only the lower part of the strand, leaving its top smooth;
  • movements up and down unnecessarily injure the scales, so it is best to hold the comb only from top to bottom;
  • we lower the finished strand and proceed to the next;
  • it will take more time to get your strands hard - they are worse;
  • the usual comb we pass only on the upper strands, covering the pile;
  • we must fix the result with lacquer, otherwise our hair style will quickly fall apart.

Depending on the chosen option, we determine on which strands we will make the volume; for the horsetail, we whip the hair only on the back of the head, some hairstyles require treatment of the neck and sides

Tip! In order to damage the hair as little as possible, it should be done only on dry hair.


Bundled high on the back of the head, and then tail-shaped strands give the face a special aristocracy. Hairstyle with a ponytail horse can be performed:

  • with or without a bang;
  • not only straight but curly hair;
  • long locks or curls of medium length;
  • very high, low, almost at the back of the head or at the side of the head;
  • be smooth, voluminous or slightly disheveled; to be made out "strained" from a hair strand;
  • braid or start with braids laid on the head;
  • be fixed only with rubber bands or subsequent wrapping your own strand of hair.

Unfortunately, this option is not suitable for everyone. Playful "tail", slightly swaying to the beat of heels, can only afford the owner of a fairly thick hair. You should not do it in the case of a narrow face with small cheekbones - it only emphasizes this shortcoming. Ideal for horsetail - a round or square face.

Another contraindication to this option is age - only young girls can afford a ponytail. Even slightly bulging ears to expose using this hairstyle is also not worth it. After all, this year's hairstyles stylists offer a lot. If you like “tails”, use in this case more relaxed versions of them, located below with embossed strands on the sides.

Tip! All hair should not be combed, otherwise the hairstyle will look like a bird's nest. Hair raised fine comb only from the inside. The weights closing it gently comb the top.


For hair with a pile on medium and long hair (photo) applies to babette. Stylish and sexy, she will require a little more time and patience from you.

As in the previous case, we will need to make the tail high on the back of the head. But we will not comb the top of the head, and strands hanging from it to get a cushion from them in the future. To add volume, whip the tail with the comb as much as possible.

Then the knocking out buckles hide in the tail, and the roller is fixed invisible, sprayed with varnish and, if necessary, decorated with decor. To give the hair even more volume, you can use foam pads or bagels, which turn around and hide under the hair strands. The roller wrapped with a thin braid or decorated with a bow of its own hair looks very impressive. But unfortunately, this hairstyle can be done only with long strands.

Another very feminine variant of the babette is half-dissolved. To create it, hair is combed over the top of the head, and the part located closer to the temples is not whipped. In the region of the crown there is a roller hiding under the hair and fastened with pins. It remains only to collect the hair from the sides and fasten the back and, voila, a gorgeous and feminine hairstyle is ready.

Tip! It will be a big mistake to tear apart combed hair. To straighten them, it is enough to wash them, and then distribute the balm over them and carefully disassemble the tangled hairs with your fingers.

Greek style bouffant

This hairstyle helps soften facial features and make it more feminine. In this case, the focus is on a bandage, hoop or ribbon. They can imitate the usual rim or be placed on the forehead.

Strands starting from the top, gently whipped with a comb, the top strands combed with a brush. Then all the hair is collected in the tail, located on the back of his head. Try not to stretch it too - the hairstyle should be as soft and feminine as possible. Several headbands can be put on the head. Freely lying hair between them will create a kind of lush waves. Since in this case we do not need a large volume, the lacquer for fixing is distributed on top.

Tip! If you are unable to do a neat bouffant, perhaps you are doing it incorrectly. The correct bouffant is performed on tightly strained strands with semicircular motions.

Japanese khan

Habitual tails and pigtails can be diversified with more fresh ideas, for example, an uncomplicated, practical, but very original khan. Once she graced the heads of Japanese samurai. But it turned out that on the female head of the Khan it looks simply stunning.

Externally, it looks like half-disheveled hair with a small tuft at the top of its head. You can make Khan in 1-2 minutes:

  • also, as in the previous case, we collect the tail, but we collect not all the hair into it, but only a part from the top of the head, fasten it as high as possible and we make a pile on it;
  • so that the hairstyle does not turn out to be too smooth, gently pull the locks out of the tail;
  • we twist the whipped hair into the shell and fill the remaining tips into it;
    You can give the roller a larger volume if you put a bagel under it, a small chignon or a foam pad and cover them with an artificial strand or wrap around it with a thin cloth;
  • you can wrap the khan with a scythe or strand to hide the loose ends;
  • This hairstyle can be decorated with hairpin, pins with rhinestones or beads, ribbon, thin leather strap.

Bouffant with curls

Stylish hairstyles, like those of Hollywood stars, can be made by combing bouffant hair with curls. Despite the chic result, this technique is quite simple, and it can be done even by beginners.

The most important thing is to create the effect of natural curvy curly curls:

  • each strand before twisting whipped comb at the roots;
  • if you want to get only the texture on the hair without pronounced twisted curls, the strands are taken sufficiently wide;
  • we take a curling stick in our hands and start gradually, tune after tune, form curls of them;
  • Do not forget to fix each of them with varnish.

Tip! Do not comb your hair every day. After all, a similar procedure damages them. Be sure to use medical masks more often. Healthy and well-groomed curls suffer from it much less.

Hairstyle "nest"

You can "twist" it yourself, without going to the salon. The hairstyle differs from the previous variants in large volume and presence of chignon, which can be replaced with the help of a suitable piece of foam rubber. So that he doesn’t catch the eye, wrap him with a cloth to match your hair color.

It is possible to build a similar hairstyle with a pile on long hair without using chignon. But on the short overhead strands required necessarily. You can hide them as under the tail, and in the thick of combed hair in the area of ​​the crown or top of the head. This high and very voluminous hairstyle is decorated with ribbons, bows, hairpins, braided laces or tiaras.

Tip! To keep the hair as long as possible the volume, it is necessary to fix with lacquer not all the hair at once, but every strand of whipping.

Bouffant for short hair

With the help of a fleece, you can add volume to any strands. Hairstyles for short hair with a pile (see photo) can have a huge number of variations. Depending on the desired result, they are whipped in a certain sequence.

The technique on short hair is slightly different. To add volume, beat only the tips. When using chignon strands comb at the roots. Too short whip along the entire length.

These hairstyles can be large or just a little whipped and look as natural as possible. You can use the techniques in which the volume is attached only on the crown, the remaining strands hang at the edges of the face freely.

You can comb a short bob, quads, sesson and even pixies on the back of your head. Asymmetrically located on the head strands sometimes beat only on the sides. Often combed bangs, making it more fluffy.

Tip! Wool at the bottom gives the cheekbones excessive volume. Use it only if your face has a triangular shape with a narrow chin.

Pros and cons of bouffants

A significant drawback of this type of hairstyles, of course, is a high probability of damage to the hair. That is why magnificently whipped hair is recommended to be used only as a festive, evening or wedding hairstyle with fleece.

But there are a lot of advantages to a pile:

  • it allows you to build high and extravagant hairstyles, without him such options would be simply impossible;
  • Bouffant helps give volume to weak strands, making them visually more lush and thick; However, it is also easier to damage the hair, so it should be done as carefully as possible;
  • with the help of a fleece you can easily adjust the shape of the head;
  • Such hairstyles are ideal for women with large builds, they help to visually balance the figure;
  • make it easy even by yourself.

So, we have described the most relevant hairstyles with fleece 2018. However, you can diversify these options and create your own. Experiment with height, styling options and decorations.