Many-sided haircut page: choose your own!


What about retro? And straight from the Middle Ages? No, no, we are not going to offer you to do weaving multi-strand braids in tape cases or to shave hair over your forehead along with eyelashes and eyebrows. Modern women have no time or desire for such nonsense. This is a much more practical hairstyle, which was born a few centuries ago, re-ascended on the crest of a fashionable wave at the beginning of the last century and has since regularly flashed on fashion shows and hair of beauties of all stripes - an exquisitely concise, elegant and feminine haircut page.

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Thousands-old haircut

The history of fashion knows many cases when this or that thing, which originally served as the subject of a purely male wardrobe, over time moved into the category of women's “tricks” and got accustomed perfectly there: oxfords shoes, jackets, pants ... A similar fate awaited the haircut page, except for of the fact that her way "to the other side" turned out to be much more winding and unpredictable - from the lower classes of society, straight to the heads of stars of the first magnitude.

The progenitor of the page, haircut, which became the basis of the future masterpiece of hairdressing, was born in the Middle Ages. In those days, she bore the ingenuous name "under the pot", was the prerogative of an exceptionally simple folk and served one single purpose: to keep the servants' head in a relative order so that hair falling over the eyes did not interfere with their duties and did not irritate the owners with a sloppy look. Over time, the gentlemen themselves appreciated the convenience of a simple hairstyle, so not only page-boys began to wear the haircut, but also noble knights, as well as other representatives of the nobility.

The page was originally a male haircut and a lot of servants

However, a truly crucial moment in her fate fell on the 20s of the last century. Those were the times of emancipation, when ladies decisively broke into spheres of activity, which were considered to be purely masculine until now, refused to wear tight corsets and shortly cut their hair instead of their usual style using a pair of dozens of hairpins and hairpins. And since demand creates supply, the hairdressers quickly realized where the wind was blowing and presented a whole battery of practical and feminine haircuts to militant-minded Amazons: square, bob and regained their relevance, and at the same time "changed sex" page. When Christian Dior, a fashion maestro who is not alien to hooliganism, during the next show, released on the catwalk a flock of charming models, equally trimmed with a new twist, the page's popularity instantly took off to the skies.

In the classic version, the haircut was performed on short straight hair and was a haircut that was cut off almost the entire perimeter with a soft but distinctly contoured edge, tips slightly curled inside and straight bangs - an essential attribute of the page. At the same time, thanks to the smooth transitions between the bangs and the temporal locks, as well as the hair in the back of the head, the overall silhouette of the haircut acquired a rounded shape, resembling a cap, and the curls seemed particularly dense and thick.

Difference from sesson and quads

It is difficult for an unprepared look to catch the difference between the page and his "twin brother" sesson (sessun), created in the 60s of the last century by the genius Vidal Sassoun. Sometimes changeable haircut, who managed to get a lot of options for execution, even confused with a square and a bean, although each of the listed hairstyles has its own zest, distinguishing it from all others.

The classic sesson is distinguished by a special technique of execution, pomp, semicircular bangs and hair shortened at the temples as opposed to a straight bang and having equal length on the back of the head and the temples of page pages.

Maestro Vidal designed his famous haircut specifically for actress Mary Quant.

The breech is easy to identify by clear, almost geometric lines, it’s not for nothing that the very name of the haircut is translated as "square". The page is even in its modernized versions without the tips twisted inward to the rounded silhouette. It is rather a ball with a special softness and smoothness of the outlines, working in contrast with the graphic, like a chopped bang.

For the car are characterized by straight lines and elongated facial hair

The main "chips" of the modern bean is a noticeable volume at the top of the head and special attention that the master pays to the back of the head, while the page is a smooth, straight haircut that relies on a combination of simplicity and elegance.

The main volume of the bean is concentrated on the top and the back of the head.

True, today the page is not at all what it used to be, because all these years it was not standing still, but was developing intensively. So, at first they began to cut their hair on hair of any length, then they revised their views on the bangs, which from now on could have very different forms or simply be absent, invented to decorate with a stylish haircut not only straight strands, but also unruly curls ... The pageson borrowed the length differences between hair on temples and nape. At the square he caught sharp tips. Tried on a messy grunge style. Became friends with graduation and cascade. In short, the haircut has become virtually universal, able to please, if not any woman, then the overwhelming majority of the fair sex is beyond doubt. No matter how fast the years flew and the fashion did not change, the page still remained afloat, changing in accordance with the requests of fashionistas.

Modern page has got dozens of different versions

Given the many options that a popular haircut has today, as well as the fact that it is easy to distinguish a modern session from a page, and not every hairdresser can page a bean from a beauty salon, you can go to a beauty salon with a photo of a hair style that you like. So you can easily explain to the master what you would like to see on your head as a result of his manipulations, and not to remain disappointed.

Who is the page

Universal haircut, like a chameleon, can mimic the needs of almost any type of appearance:

  1. Fragile short girls and young ladies with oval faces and small features - especially those who have a beautiful chin and a chiseled neck - can without a doubt choose a page of any shape for hair of any length.
  2. No less successful hairstyle in retrostyle falls on a slightly elongated, oblong face. A classic haircut with a straight thick bang will “trim” them in the right place and balance the proportions.
  3. A square face page can transform both for the better and for the worse. Want to get an impressive result, choose a graduation, asymmetry and hair length below or above the chin line, but at the same time stay away from the traditional straight page bangs.
  4. For women with round faces and puffy cheeks, haircut will do a disservice, highlighting all the shortcomings of their appearance. True, the case can be helped by opting for elongated versions of the page and providing it with a slanting bang.
  5. Diamond-shaped faces look good in the frame of long and semi-long hair, cut in the form of a soft oval.
  6. But a trapezoid face with a massive lower jaw and a narrow one will look more advantageous with a short haircut that barely covers the upper part of the ears.

Although visually the page makes hair thicker, it is not recommended for thin, weak and rare locks. On them, the haircut will not be able to keep the shape, unless you take the rule to fasten it with several layers of styling means, which will only aggravate the condition of the hair.

Having played with bangs, edging and page length, you can choose the perfect option for your face

Who exactly should think three times before putting their curls under the barber's scissors, so it is a large woman. Tall, full or, on the contrary, sporty and muscular beauties will surely lose, having decorated the head with a haircut that is too restrained and smooth for their impressive dimensions. In addition, the page can hardly harmonize well with the triangular face, the shape of which he will bring to aesthetic absurdity.

Performance technique

Deceptive simplicity of cutting a page can suggest that you yourself can do a good job with it at home, armed with sharp scissors, a pair of hair clips and a comb with a sharp clove. Resist the temptation! To get a really spectacular hairstyle, uncomplicated in form, but refined and feminine in content, the hairdresser must have tremendous experience and a strong hand. So look for a professional.

What happens after you sit down in a comfortable chair?

  1. First of all, you wash your hair or just moisturize your hair well.
  2. Then comb them and divide them in half with a vertical parting.
  3. After that, the master will mark the second parting, this time horizontal on the back of his head, grab all that will be above the clips, and cut the remaining strands into a semicircle to the desired length. Further, they will play the role of control.
  4. Now the master will separate the new strands from above and cut them, focusing on the controls, until they reach the top of the head, then trim the hair in the temporal part of the head at a selected angle and cut off the thick bangs.
  5. Finally, the master will reveal possible errors with the help of combing and correct them, and hair will be laid and dried with the help of a hair dryer, twisting their ends inward.

You will have to adjust the haircut as hair regrowth, on average - once every three weeks.

Video: technology page haircut

Ideas for female hair cut for long hair

Although initially the page was viewed as a haircut that freed women from the obligation to devote considerable time to styling their hair every day, over time, he settled well on long curls, giving the fair sex another opportunity to demonstrate to others the luxurious head of hair. And let the resulting hairstyle be as infinitely far from the classics as bathing suits of the 20s from modern mini-bikinis, with her performance, all the basic rules of the canon haircut are observed: flowing lines, smooth transition from bangs through the side strands to the back of the head and U -shaped edge that adds softness to styling.

Page on long hair looks interesting, sexy and gentle

As is the case with the traditional haircut, much attention is paid to the edging of hair, which can be oval, with a smooth cut - for adherents of the classics - or curly and torn - for supporters of new fashion trends.

Optimal for shearing is the length to the shoulder blades or slightly below

The important role is assigned to bangs. For example, on long hair, the famous page is often supplied with arched, semi-circular or luxuriant oblique bangs.

The straight bangs of the page have long been pushed from the pedestal by more creative options.

An even more unexpected — and successful — idea to transform a smooth haircut was an attempt to combine it with a cascade or, at least, a graduation.

Retro haircut in full compliance with the requirements of fashion-2018? No problem!

Those who are ready to go even further in their experiments should try to wear a page famous for utmost care, fashionably casually, creating a deliberate mess on their heads. Especially fresh is such a haircut in combination with styling, in which the curls do not curl traditionally inward, but twisted outwards, or in the company of wax-torn, torn tips.

Artistic mess on the head now in vogue

But with hints professionals advise not to flirt. The best "background" for the page is considered to be a deep color, akin to natural, and for girls who find this option too boring, they play a few shades that are close in tone or coloring, suggesting the overlap of one color into another - bronzing, ombre.

Vivid shades and natural colors are welcome.

And a simple page-care everyday haircut for long hair is easier than simple to turn into a spectacular evening styling, just stretching out the curls with an iron or curling them in large waves.

In any performance hairstyle will be perfect

Options for hair of medium length

Semi-long hair allows you to create as close as possible to the traditional options for cutting a page, as well as fantasize “on a given topic”. In the classic version, for example, the main highlight of the hairstyle are rounded lines and bangs, merging with the bulk of the hair.

In this case, edging can be both equal and equal depending on the main idea of ​​cutting

Shrub hair, soft to the shoulders, often creates a successful duet with arcuate, French and even arched bangs, which can cover the eyebrows or end at a considerable distance from them. In addition, filleting, layering, torn “feathers” and other delights invented by stylists for this important element of women's haircut are widely used.

Straight bangs are both stylish and fashionable, but it’s not necessary to dwell on one alone.

Sometimes artists with a comb and scissors in their hands create delightful mixes, complementing the basic idea of ​​the page with stylish hints of bob or bob. If you fall into the hands of such a master, you can get a real masterpiece.

Elongated locks on the face, discharged bangs, corners - the field for experiments is huge

Different ways of styling - with twisting the tips inward, outward or using light spiral curling - add volume even to a hair that never differs from it, so that on medium-length hair the page should not be a “flat” haircut at all.

Romantic curls or bold curls change hair beyond recognition

If you are not alien to the thirst for novelty, try to try on a "two-level" haircut page for medium hair, combining a short haircut-cap and long straight strands.

You can choose a shocking version of the haircut, and a calmer model.

Well, the final touch to your image can be made with the help of spectacular coloring or coloring.

Emphasize your style with renewed hair color.

Haircut page for short hair - photo

The page on short hair is closest to the very haircut, the original source, which Christian Dior adorned the heads of his models at a significant show, but he leaves a lot of room for women of fashion to the pans. If you are fed up with the desire of modern stylists for naturalness bordering on carelessness, and you are not afraid to click on the fashion trends on the nose in search of your individuality, choose the classic version of page with hair styled to hair strands - it's hard to come up with a neat and stylish haircut.

The length of the "short page" varies depending on the type of person, but the model covering the earlobe is considered traditional.

I want to provide a smooth hairstyle with a unique highlight? Call for help asymmetry, the surest way to draw attention to the shortest haircut.

Smooth and simple does not mean boring

If you fully support the trends of modern fashion and do not have anything against easy mess, your choice should be graduation, multi-level or torn haircut, curly edging and thinned bangs.

An image of an extravagant, but sweet many-time bully-to-face

By the way, if at the same time, if you add a “worn-out” haircut with highlighting or another type of coloring with color stretching, the effect is stunning.

Let the sun shine in your curls!

The lower cut of the hair is the most plastic part of the haircut, making it possible to create new images almost at the click of a finger. It is enough to lay the tips a little differently, smooth, scratch, and you can admire the updated reflection in the mirror.

Hairdryer, comb and fantasy work wonders

And how a page is transformed with a long and thick slanting bang!

Refined glamor or bold eddies?

A serious advantage of the page, made for short hair, is ease of care. Just a few strokes of the brush, and on your head already flaunts a neat cap. Which, by the way, is perfect for young ladies and at the same time shedding years for ladies of middle age.

A couple of extra centimeters change everything!

And yet the many-sided page is often "conspiring" with other haircuts, giving out charming page-bob or page-cross hybrids. But only the hard hand of the experienced master can create them.

Зачем застывать в одной, раз и навсегда выверенной форме?

И даже если ваш выбор падёт на самый минималистичный вариант стрижки, всегда останется возможность пофантазировать.

Забавно, до чего женственной выглядят порой "мальчишеская" причёска

First, at your service will be torn edging or bangs.

The style is determined by the fine details that decide everything.

Secondly - strands on the temples and the back of the head.

For lovers of shocking fashionable and bold detail will be clipped nape

Thirdly - saturated colors. The easiest way to revive your image without making a radical change in the length and shape of a haircut.

Do not turn into a rainbow! Either one saturated shade, or 2-3, close in tone

It is worth noting that the shortened version of the haircut is not forbidden to perform even on weak and sparse hair. The weight of the styling will not deprive the strands of the last health, the trimmed length will not prevent short curls from lying as intended, and the hair will gain apparent thickness.

Externally, a primitive haircut has dozens of options for implementation

With and without bangs

About bangs - straight, oblique, smooth, torn, semicircular, long, short - it was said enough. Is it possible to do without this mandatory page attribute?

Initially, such liberties and speech could not go, because the page without ideally, “according to the line”, the locks cut over their foreheads was not considered a page. But today, when women of fashion bravely violate the most well-established rules, everything became possible, so you have a great opportunity to try on a retrostyle without a bang. Why not?

If you have clear skin and a beautiful forehead, do not hide them under your hair.

On wavy and straight strands

Page on wavy hair is another example of a well-debunked stereotype. Stylists have long rested, assuring: the haircut will look exclusively on smooth strands, while curly or just curly at once will lose the adjusted precise contour and, therefore, the lion's share of their charm, so you have to either skip curls every day through a red-hot iron, or choose another less fastidious haircut ... However, practice has shown that a smooth head of hair and an even cut for the page - not the main thing.

This haircut has little to do with the classic page, but that doesn't make it look worse.

Large soft waves look good in everyday hairstyles, and the catchy bumps in festive styling.

If the hair is curled by nature, why not use it and not emphasize it with a curling iron?

Twisted spirals turn the head into a dandelion, or a haircut of a socialite, depending on the elasticity of the curls.

Another plus: curly hair will never be left without volume

And even scrolling in tight "lamb" hair under the influence of the page acquires, if not strict, then at least, the decorated shape and a certain order.

Beauties of the 20s would not recognize such a page, but who cares today?

And the best argument in defense of the "curly page" are photos of girls who have already dared to ignore the instructions of the stylists and only the winners. How do you, for example, the inhabitant of Hollywood with Russian roots, the beautiful Milla Jovovich and her version of the famous haircut?

Sometimes breaking the rules is helpful.

The page, as befits a well-trained servant, faithfully serves more than one generation of women - loyal, comfortable, ready to change to suit the wishes of their housewives and the latest fashion. Perhaps, therefore, he still does not lose its relevance, regardless of the passage of time? And it may also be that it is a plain-looking page that will turn out to be the very haircut you have been looking for for so long, selecting your unique style. Shouldn't you consider his candidacy when you want to change again?