5 types of insects for women of fashion this summer: choose your own!


Bangs - that part of hair, which can significantly change your appearance, because these strands correct the shape of the forehead, cheeks, and also shade the eyes. Usually, hairstyles with short hair framing a face make it look visually younger, make the image more playful and carefree. When choosing the right one should take into account the peculiarities of your appearance, hair type and the latest fashion trends of 2018 people.

Oblique fringe

Asymmetry is now in fashion, so the most popular bangs will be trimmed diagonally. This option looks deliberately careless and distinctive, and most importantly, it fits almost any type of person. The bang gives the oval a regular shape, and also hides the slight asymmetry of the face, characteristic of each person. Such a solution is a great option for those who want to experiment.

On long straight hair, asymmetrical short strands fit perfectly into the overall shape of the hairstyle.

Daring slanting bangs can fit perfectly into an elegant image and a conservative haircut for long or medium hair. If you like fresh and interesting options, you can combine this type with short hair. This will give the image independent, even rebellious notes. Adult women with a similar haircut will seem younger, and teenage girls will be able to look a little older.

Strands lying diagonally in combination with a graduated short haircut, look catchy and extraordinary

If by nature you have docile or slightly curly hair, they can be easily and beautifully laid in a slanting bang with the help of a curl on a round brush.

Asymmetry looks interesting on slightly wavy hair.

Owners of curls oblique bangs can be straightened ironing, leaving the rest of the hair curled. This decision looks feminine and original.

Non-standard styling options can significantly diversify your familiar look.


This is another trend of the people of 2018, which not only looks stylish, but also turns out to be very practical. You will appreciate the variety of styling, which can be done with a long bang: most often it is worn on one side, but you can also split it in half or even comb it back and fix it with a styling tool. In addition, problems with regrown strands you never have.

Long bangs on one side looks stylish and unusual

Many women with wavy or curly hair refuse to stubs, because in the standard version they bristle up without careful styling. If you choose a long model, the curls will lie flat in a single array.

Curly hair gets extra volume

Long bangs look great with all modern types of coloring: ombra, sombre, shatush or balalezh with her sparkle with new colors. Thanks to this solution, an additional gradation of strands is created, which contributes to softer and many-sided tinges of color.

Hair of different lengths framing the face, emphasize the beauty of coloring sombre

A convenient advantage of long bangs is that it fits perfectly into the hairstyle. You do not have to spend a lot of time laying it to look perfect and at the same time natural.

Long bangs will look good even without styling


A torn bang is suitable for almost everyone: if the variants without filing require a certain type of face and perfect hair condition, the graduated strands, on the contrary, hide all possible imperfections and highlight the merits of any face. In addition, they look so easy and even a little careless, which fits into the modern fashion of natural beauty.

A bang with a highlight makes your look fresh and informal.

Mostly torn bangs are chosen by the owners of straight hair - this is the way to see its graduated structure better, and the strands fit well without any styling. It is believed that the filmed version is often chosen by women who want to appear younger: due to the unusual structure, the image looks bold and youthful.

Ripped locks on the forehead make your bow bold and rebellious

At the same time torn bangs do not interfere with your elegant image at the evening event. If you separate her strands and fix the styling tool, hair will look restrained and aristocratic.

If desired, torn bangs can be very carefully laid to create an elegant image.

Very short bangs as one of the fashion trends of 2018

Short options are another fashion trend that looks unusual. At the same time, it is important to take into account that such bangs are not suitable for everyone: the hair should be perfectly straight, soft and docile in order not to bristle upwards. Hard smooth or curly will not work. It is also better to perform such a haircut exclusively on healthy hair, because it is quite a challenging option that attracts everyone's attention.

A gentle bang will bring in the image of androgynous notes

As for the shape of the haircut, the shortened strands on the forehead are almost universal - they are suitable for both long and short hair. The main thing is an interesting geometry of hair. For example, with short graduated haircuts on straight hair will look unusual semi-circular short bangs.

This bang is very interesting complements short haircuts

A shortened model is a bold decision, and girls who like it often choose the original coloring. For example, you can make a bang different in shade from the main hairstyle, combine several colors or choose a bright neon tone. All this will look organic.

Short bangs with creative coloring options let you stand out from the crowd

The most extravagant short bang looks in the direct version of girls with dark hair. If you make a filigree on light hair, even such an unusual model can look quite traditional - due to the fact that the tone of the hair is close to the skin tone, and the strands do not lie in a single array, non-standard bangs do not catch the eye, but only gives the image coquetry.

On blond hair owners, such a bang looks more natural.


This is a classic version, which always remains relevant, but not everyone is suitable. Perfectly straight bangs will only look on straight hair, and their quality should be good - damaged dry or, on the contrary, oily at the roots will be very evident. In this case, those who are suited for straight bangs, will appreciate her interesting appearance and practicality: she looks restrained, but adds playful notes even in a strict smooth hairstyle.

Straight bangs emphasize the look and make the image more expressive.

Usually this option is chosen by lovers of neat haircuts and thoughtful onions. The perfect bang will allow you to look good in any situation. The only negative is that you often need to trim it, otherwise the strands will look sloppy.

Thanks to the smooth line you will always look strictly and elegantly.

Despite the fact that most often straight bangs are worn on smooth, elongated hair in combination with styling, which gives shine and shine, more natural styling can also look quite organic.

Even with straight bangs, you can create a trendy, deliberately casual image: the main thing is the right styling

Some of the options proposed in the photo, will suit everyone, while others will require only obedient straight hair. And yet, bangs are an excellent solution for those who want to experiment on the image, but are not ready for radical changes.