Women's haircut hedgehog


Hedgehog looks stylish and unusual. In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is made on straight short hair, but other, non-standard interpretations are possible. If you love creativity or have always wanted to try something new, women's haircut hedgehog is a great way to experiment.

What is this haircut

At the beginning of the last century, the first short female haircuts began to appear, and in the 50s an extreme variant appeared, resembling a male hairstyle. This model was called a hedgehog, it is characterized by very short hair, reaching no more than 3-4 cm in length. For all the years of its existence, this type has almost not changed - except that there were various modifications and new ways of laying.

Despite the extravagant look, the hedgehog haircut is very stylish, like many and not subject to changeable fashion trends.

Hedgehog, despite its specific appearance, will not only complement the patsansky image, but will also become a highlight in any elegant feminine image. On the one hand, such a model resembles a male one and adds stiffness to your bow, but, on the other hand, it is with the shortest haircut that many women look especially fragile and delicate. In addition to the special aesthetics, in the hedgehog girls are attracted by the convenience of hair styling: it will be very easy to care for them, and this hairstyle looks good even without using styling products.

The front view turns out to be androgynous - nevertheless, the hairstyle will look good on girls with large features, and owners of soft feminine features. Short hair doesn’t draw too much attention to itself and always emphasizes your natural beauty.

Haircut looks stylish and highlights facial features

From the side and back, the hedgehog also looks unusual. In this case, variations are possible in the technique of execution: in particular, the model is often combined with shaved temples or the back of the head. In the classic version, all the hair is cut to approximately the same length.

If you wanted to bring an informal touch to your look, such a short haircut can suit your taste.

Hedgehog resembles a male hairstyle. Indeed, among the representatives of the stronger sex, this model is extremely popular. Conditionally male haircut is divided into two types: short and elongated hedgehog. The first option assumes approximately the same length of all hair, and the second implies elongated strands from above in the middle. All these variations are typical for women's haircuts, and sometimes women even combine a hedgehog with long strands.

Who is this image

Hedgehog - bright haircut, which is chosen by individuals with a bright appearance, who value free and extraordinary images. In addition, an extremely short model will pay special attention to your face. Both shape and facial features are important. For a short haircut, it is impossible to hide the flaws in appearance, so often the hedgehog is chosen by young women with clear face contours and pronounced cheekbones - the lack of long hair on the sides will further emphasize the merits of such a look.

This haircut perfectly emphasizes the cheekbones on the thin elongated faces

Often, the haircut is chosen by girls with big eyes and full lips. Due to the lack of flowing strands on the face, these attractive features of the exterior will become doubly expressive.

Large features will look great with a hedgehog

Fat women rarely choose a hedgehog. Stylists recommend them haircuts with longer strands on the sides, which visually make the face more slender. If we consider this model, the owners of a round face and plump cheeks should not make a short hedgehog, and a little longer strands in the upper part of the hair can look very interesting. In addition, the additional volume from above visually will also contribute to the narrowing of the facial contours.

Often, full girls have a distinctive and extraordinary style - if an extravagant short haircut fits into your image, definitely worth a try

As for the type of hair, in the overwhelming majority of cases, women with straight and fairly obedient hair decide on a hedgehog. In this case, you do not even need styling to look great every day.

Natural straight or stretched hair ideally lies effortlessly.

Performance technology in the cabin

Haircut hedgehog is quite simple to perform, but to start her at home should still be careful. When working on long hair, there is always an opportunity to correct mistakes and irregularities, and in the case of an extremely short length this will be problematic. In addition, it is in such short haircuts all the imperfections are especially noticeable. If you are still unsure about the use of scissors, it is better to entrust the work of a specialist in the cabin. Hedgehog do as follows:

  1. On washed hair, a horizontal parting is made on the top of the head. As a result, the hair is divided into two halves - parietal and occipital.
  2. Carry out two more partings on the sides - they separate the temporal zone.
  3. Hair in each zone is fixed with hairpins for ease of use.
  4. Start cutting from the frontal areas. The master selects the desired length when agreed with the client, clamps his hair with his fingers and makes an even horizontal cut. Gradually, the hair is cut from the forehead to the crown. Each strand is taken parallel to the first.
  5. To cut the back of the head, use a comb with frequent teeth: it is turned under the hair at an angle and cut in the direction against the growth of the hair. Very short strands are obtained. Often, the back of the head is simply shaved with the help of a typewriter, and in some cases, several long strands are left.
  6. The side zones are clipped similarly to the occipital.
  7. It is important that the hairstyle has a rounded oval shape: to do this, return to the parietal zone and make several vertical cuts on the sides - this will result in a smooth transition from longer hair from the top to very short on the sides.
  8. If you wish, you can make a layering - this will allow the hard hair to lie better, will give extra volume and the effect of deliberate negligence.

Video execution by a hairdresser

Ideas female haircut hedgehog short hair

Most often, it is done on short hair. Despite the fact that a small length does not leave much space for experiments with image and styling, you can still find very interesting solutions. Everything should depend on your personal style. If you have soft features, and you prefer to wear bohemian dresses, it is unlikely that the hedgehog in your hair will look brutal. You can choose a deliberately careless version with thin lines and make a natural styling - so your image will be sharp, but harmonious.

Milled hedgehog looks natural and does not require time and effort from you on styling

Often the model is chosen by lovers of unusual decisions in their own image. Very often the hedgehog is combined with bright modern variants of coloring. For example, you can consider the gentle, but catchy pastel colors: pink, blue or gray.

Extremely short hedgehog looks great with extraordinary staining options.

If it seems to you that a haircut in its classic version is suitable exclusively for sports or biker clothes, this is not so. Even with a strict suit a hedgehog can look quite appropriate. With it, your image will not be boring, even in the simplest clothes.

Gorgeous haircut is not a hindrance even for a bow in an official business style.

Short haircut draws considerable attention to your face. To do the minimum amount of cosmetics is possible only if you have large, bright and expressive facial features from nature. Most women with a Slavic appearance have slightly smaller and softer features, so you should not forget about make-up. For example, you can focus on the lips - so your image with a hedgehog will not look like a boy at all.

Haircut will inevitably attract the attention of others, so it is worth trying a brighter make-up than you usually do.

Despite the fact that the hedgehog looks great in its natural form without any styling, in the mood you can try more time-consuming hairstyles. For example, a short haircut never prevents the volume that can be created with foam or varnish. This option is ideal for women with a low forehead, triangular or round face, as well as for women who are inclined to corpulence.

Volumetric styling can diversify your usual hairstyle

If you smoothly comb the steps forward, you will get a semblance of bangs. Unless it will begin not from the line of the forehead, but from the crown. Such a hairstyle can look very original both during the day and at the gala evening event.

Elongated strands on top can be laid like a bang - this hairstyle will look especially playful and unusual

Photo ideas for hair of medium length

Not everyone is ready for extremely short bows. Sometimes a hedgehog is made on strands of medium length - the technology of implementation is the same, but the image looks completely different. Such hair requires styling, and with the help of styling you can significantly change your image. Often, a hedgehog at an average length is combined with a shaved nape or temples - it looks very extraordinary. In addition, the shaved part can be emphasized by styling to the side, or, conversely, hidden by combing her hair onto it. Despite its unusual appearance, in fact, this haircut is very versatile.

The average length of the hedgehog boldly and interestingly looks with a shaved temple

If you like fluffy hair and want to give your hair extra volume, strands comb back. In this form, the hedgehog at medium length looks tender and feminine. With the help of styling, you can even lay strands in a single array or fix each separately for a deliberately careless effect.

Hedgehog with elongated strands leaves plenty of room for experiments with styling

Do long

Hedgehog possible even on long hair. To do this, the main part of the strands is cut as the usual short or elongated version, and several long strands are left underneath or on the side. This is a great combination for those who want to try a short haircut, but do not dare to part with the usual length. This variation was especially fashionable in the 90s, and also representatives of youth subcultures often chose it for themselves. At the same time, if you are close to a bold and free style, you can wear such a haircut now - the main thing is to combine it with modern models of clothes and makeup.

The combination of a hedgehog and long strands refers to the retro style

With or without bangs

Multiple modifications of the hedgehog can vary considerably. In the classic version of the haircut is done without a bang. This option particularly highlights facial features, requires an ideal skin condition and correct contours.

A hedgehog without a bang opens up his face as much as possible and continues the shape of an elongated oval

The bang option is more versatile. Such a hedgehog can fit a little full girls, owners of a round or triangular face. Due to the interesting geometry of this haircut, as well as because of the strands that partially cover the face, it harmoniously complements almost any appearance. In addition, this modification looks especially playful and flirty.

Bang on an elongated hedgehog looks very interesting and fits well into the overall shape of the hairstyle

Curly or straight

We are used to the fact that in appearance the haircut really resembles a hedgehog because of the hard short hair laid in different directions. Most often, it is really done on straight hair. This is a very convenient option that always looks good without complicated styling.

Hedgehog definitely looks good on straight hair - they can be easily combed forward or fixed with varnish on top

Curly haircut is also suitable, but such hair will require daily styling. Short curls have the property of unevenly bristling in different directions - to avoid this, they are placed on the diffuser or on the brush using smoothing and fixing styling. The effect of this hairstyle will be slightly different - on curled locks the hedgehog does not look at all boldly and brutally. You can make the bow more free and independent with volumetric styling or fix the hair with soft waves - this option will be restrained and will fit even in a romantic refined style.

Hedgehog interesting can look even on wavy hair

Will adult women fit

Despite the fact that initially the hedgehog was perceived as a youth haircut, an increasing number of adult women, free from stereotypes, chooses for themselves this unusual option. Hairstyle is popular even among the fair sex over 40 and 50 years. Hedgehog will be the highlight of your style and will always look unusual. A short hedgehog should be chosen for women with a narrow face, pronounced cheekbones and large facial features.

If you have toned facial contours, you can safely pick a hedgehog - haircut will be a unique highlight in your style

If you have a triangular or round face, thin lips and facial contours subject to age-related changes, it is better to choose an elongated modification of the hedgehog — strands that partially cover the face will accentuate your beauty and will not focus on imperfections.

Hedgehog is a daring youth haircut, with which older women will look younger

What haircuts use "hedgehog" technology performance

There are three short haircuts, which are made in a similar way - it is a hedgehog, square and beaver. The process of doing the three haircuts is similar - the hair is divided into four parts and consistently make horizontal cuts on the control strands, the difference is only in the required length and nuances. However, these three options are significantly different.

The hedgehog implies an oval shape, the beaver is a triangle with smooth corners, and the square looks like a square

When creating a beaver, hair is cut off from behind and at the temples. At the same time, they are also rather short on the very top - the longest strands are left laterally along the lines of two vertical partings.

If the strands in the hedgehog completely repeat the shape of the head, additional volume appears on the sides in the beaver.

Caret implies an even cut of all strands of hair. This can be done very shortly or arranged in this way the hair of medium length.

Strands in the square allow you to adjust the shape of the face and give additional volume

Haircut hedgehog is a stylish and interesting solution for those who love bright images and experiments with their own image. The classic short version does not suit everyone, but models with a bang or elongated strands will be more versatile. The main thing is that the hedgehog is a very unpretentious haircut, and you will certainly appreciate the convenience of styling.