New you: multilayer haircuts for hair of different lengths


Layered haircuts like many modern women. They give the hairstyle an additional volume, regardless of the length of the strands themselves: the hair will look lush, strong and healthy. If you are thinking about such a haircut, you should consider the features of different options and choose the ideal model for your usual length.

What are multi-layered haircuts

Strands of different lengths, overlapping each other, give pomp and volume to your hair. In addition, usually these options are very practical, unpretentious in the care and styling. Volumetric haircuts always look good and make the hair visually more well-groomed. It is possible to pick up a multi-layered haircut for almost every woman, except that such owners should be wary of such a small face with thin features - you can get lost in a massive hairstyle.

First of all, this type of haircut should pay attention to women with damaged, thin, brittle and dry hair. First, the imperfections of the hair structure can be hidden due to the alternation of strands. Secondly, it is the thin whipped ones that often need additional volume. Often, the owners of long hair, who with a uniform length and also face the problem of lack of pomp, often choose layered hairstyles. In addition, such options are perfect for climbers: volume curls will lie well at different levels.

In such a haircut curls lie neatly, short strands gradually go into long and create the desired volume, and hair damage will be less noticeable

Multi-layered haircuts help to correct the shape of the face: strands at different levels frame the forehead and cheeks. There may be a lot of options. This allows you to successfully beat the shape of the face. The effect will be noticeable on any hair.

Depending on the length of the strands and styling, you can either visually expand or stretch your face so that the image is harmonious

In order not to get lost behind the voluminous hairstyle, it is recommended to choose such options for women with fairly large and expressive facial features. In other cases, you should choose a pretty catchy makeup. Usually, layered hairstyles focus not so much on the face, but on the hair itself, demonstrating the advantages of styling and color.

Multi-level haircuts perfectly emphasize the hair with modern options for coloring: for example, ombre, sombre or shatush

Options for short hair

Graduated options on strands of minimum length are suitable for those who appreciate practicality in their hair. These haircuts are easy to fit, you do not need much time and effort to make your hair look great. On short strands, you can safely experiment with the volume: your face will still stand out. In addition, graded short haircuts always look flirty and stylish: they allow adult women to look younger, and teenagers look more elegant.

One of the popular models is pixie, it looks especially good on straight hair. Strands cut in this way perfectly emphasize the shape of the head, frame the face and open it, and the necessary volume is created at the roots. Read more about the technique and versions in the photo.

Interesting haircut geometry will allow you to look attractive and well-groomed, even without complicated styling.

Graduated bean is another great option that will suit both owners of straight hair and curly girls. Unlike the classic bean, haircut looks deliberately careless, makes the image more gentle, soft and feminine.

Strands of different lengths create a lush hairstyle

Cascading haircut focuses on the texture of the hair, creating a very unusual effect. This option looks good on curly hair and goes well with unusual modern dyeing.

Cascading haircut additionally highlights each strand, so that the hair appears as thick as possible.

What can be done with shoulder strands

If the owners of short strands choice of hair is somewhat limited, girls with hair on their shoulders can safely experiment with a variety of multi-layered haircuts. At medium length, the graduation looks very organic and allows you to create a thoughtful shape that emphasizes the features of hair and the beauty of the face.

One of the popular options is Aurora or Italian, consisting of two tiers. She looks very elegant, emphasizes cheekbones and facial contours. More with the photo.

This model looks stylish and neat on straight hair - for styling you should use smoothing agents that give shine

The cascade is also very well suited for medium-length hair - this solution will be especially relevant on curls. Curly curls will harmoniously lie in the shape of the head and form uniform curls due to the gradation of strands.

If you have healthy curly hair and high-quality cascading haircut, the hairstyle will be perfect with little or no styling.

Haircut wolf - this is another interesting option for medium hair. Expressive and bold step hairstyle with torn strands will suit those who love unusual geometry.

Hair with a strong gradation of length and thinning look bold and deliberately deliberately

Photo ideas for long

Often, women who prefer to grow long hair, faced with insufficient volume at the roots. Due to the fact that long strands are very heavy, they can look lifeless and untidy. This can be corrected with the help of a graduated haircut: the alternation of long and short strands will allow you to maintain the overall length of the hair, but to achieve the necessary opacity at the roots.

Haircut cap in combination with long strands looks very interesting. It implies two tiers of hair: thanks to this, short strands frame the face and create the necessary volume, and the bottom layer of long hair remains untouched, so that you can demonstrate your flawless long strands. All variants of the cap on the photo.

This option looks unusual, but is very versatile: you can curl your hair or combine a haircut with all sorts of bangs

Cascade is a universal solution with which you can transform and long hair. Read more about options.

Cascade haircut fits any styling options

Connoisseurs of structured forms and original solutions will appreciate the modern multi-layered asymmetrical haircuts in all diversity. Graded so strands mainly suitable for straight smooth hair, in which the boundaries of the tiers will be clearly visible.

Asymmetry will allow you to stand out from the crowd and emphasize your own individuality.

Multi-layer haircuts are stylish and comfortable options that practically do not require styling and allow the hair to visually appear thicker and healthier. Among the variety of graded models you can find a suitable for each type of face and hair. Strands of different lengths look equally interesting on long-haired girls and on lovers of short haircuts.