Women's fashion hairstyles - The best options for different hair length


Trendy hairstyles 2016 say "The faster, the better." No time to bother with three-layer structures. beauty in the simple

The concept of a stylish haircut or styling is constantly changing and this year was no exception, the fashionable hairstyles of 2016 are so diverse that every woman can find an option for herself among them. Current trends offer girls to pay attention to the classics and retro-style, but at the same time bold short haircuts and luxurious braids do not lose their relevance. Let's try to figure out what hairstyles are popular this season, and how to choose your own one among them, an ideal variant.

As you know, fashion is cyclical. In 2016, retro hairstyles are again at the peak of their popularity.

Also in trend are original colors and accessories.

Spit any variations still not leave anyone indifferent

What should be the perfect hairstyle?

By the hairstyle, if we are not talking about a one-time solemn event, but about daily wear, special demands are made. She must be:

  • Simple and does not require long stacking.
  • Stylish, able to emphasize that a woman watches herself and is up to date with fashion trends.
  • Well-kept form and weather-resistant (wind, rain).

Big curls and waves from the 30s are back in fashion

In addition, a successful hairstyle does not need a large amount of varnish for styling and constant use of ironing or curling hair. An additional advantage is its ability to easily change to another model. It is these criteria, in the opinion of most girls, that it is worth considering that wearing a hairstyle is comfortable, and the hair does not lose a healthy look.

Trends in long hairstyles

For owners of long hair this season there are many interesting options. Consider the most popular ones.

  • Retro

Laying with a wavy bang - squeak 2016

Wave of bangs

Wave of bangs step by step

As never before is a classic. Among the trends of 2016 is dominated by the style of "retro", which is characterized by laying with a wavy bang and the so-called babette.

Elegantly matched hair in the style of the 30s

Make this fashionable high hair easy on their own. First, the hair is collected in a bun at the crown and the tail is divided into two parts. Then, one half is combed, a special roller is placed under it and the structure is fixed by invisibles, the remaining strands are left uncool. Especially well, the babette looks with a long bangs combed to one side.

Stylish hair Babette

  • Boho style

Also remains a popular style boho. It implies maximum naturalness of the hair and a slightly careless styling. Hairstyles in this style can be made in different variations:

  • light wavy curls;
  • straight hair;
  • harnesses;
  • braids;
  • tails and bundles.

A bun with a thin braid in the style of boho

Maximum naturalness and naturalness - this is the boho style

Casually braided braid in combination with loose curls

The less effort you put into your hair, the better.

Spit and simple bundle

The basic rule of boho is the more natural the better. These hairstyles look luxurious on long hair, but are also suitable for medium length. It is possible to add an image with accessories - a bandage, a hoop, a hair clip.

  • Braids

In 2016, long-haired girls are asked not to forget about experiments with braids. In the fashion of complex weaving and patterns. Particularly relevant are shifted to one side and circular braids.

Double braid, turning into a horse's tailFrench braid bezel

Two parallel boxer braids

If you do not like to mess around with your hair for a long time, pay attention to the hairstyle with flagella in the Greek style. It is very simple to make it - take a strand of medium thickness at the right temple, twist it into a rope and pin it on the back of your head. Do the same on the other side. Fashionable and comfortable hairstyle is ready.

Tip!Before creating a complex woven pattern, it is worth practicing in advance so as not to be nervous if the hairstyle does not work out at the last moment.

Spit turning into a horse's tailSpit turning into a ponytail. Step 1-4Spit turning into a ponytail. Step 5-8
  • Bundle and horse tail

The fashion for easy negligence touched such long-known hairstyles as a bun and a ponytail. Knotted hair with loose strands look romantic and appropriate in a festive and casual atmosphere. The bundle can be varied by tying it not at the back of the head, but below or at the side.

Two parallel braids, braided from the base of the neck, are collected in a high beam

Sloppy bundle with loose strands

A bundle framed by a bandana

Horse tail only at first glance seems boring and everyday hairstyle. This season, stylists recommend not to abandon it, but to revive with weaving or an unusual arrangement (from the side or slightly lowered). An interesting hairstyle will turn out if, having tied up a tail, to wrap a part of hair around the elastic band, thereby hiding it.

The ponytail has returned to fashion, but has become more free

Slightly sloppy pony tail

Tail with ribbon bow

  • Ethnic motifs

In almost every season, traditions of different nations find their use among fashion designers and stylists. In 2016, at the peak of fashion are African hairstyles - small fluffy curls, flute, pigtails. Such ethnic elements do not necessarily have to be located along the entire length of the locks and can serve as an addition to other models and styles.

In 2016, at the peak of fashion are African hairstyles - small fluffy curls, flute, pigtails

Dreadlocks are another trendy element of this year.

To the full extent they are revealed precisely on the long hair. If you have not too thick curls, it makes sense to pay attention to African motifs, because such hairstyles add volume and pomp.

Fashionable styling for medium hair

The average hair length reduces the choice of suitable hairstyles, but still there are enough options. Among them are haircuts and styling.

  • Cascade

Cascading haircut for many years holds the leading position among female hairstyles. Fashion 2016 brings a fresh note to it, “playing” with various graduations and bangs.

Cascading haircut for many years, holds a leading position among female hairstyles

Fashion 2016 brings fresh notes to it, “playing” with different graduations and bangs

The advantage of this hairstyle is the ease of styling. In the current season in the trend of naturalness, so the most relevant cascades, decorated in the style of artistic disorder.

Tip!To make a cascading haircut look perfect, special mousses or texturing agents must be used to create the necessary layered structure.

  • Asymmetrical haircuts

Asymmetric four-sided caret on one side

Bright and courageous girls with medium hair length are invited to try out asymmetrical hairstyles. In such haircuts, the emphasis can be placed on bangs or on elongated strands on one side. A variety of models allows the use of asymmetry in the hairstyles of women with any type of face and different age groups. But still, most consider them too extravagant.

Another original decision for this season is haircuts with overhanging strands. They can only slightly protrude beyond the general contours or be long enough. It all depends on how bold the image you want to create.

Asymmetrical bean

  • Caret

This hairstyle can not be called a novelty, although some updates have touched her. For medium-sized hair in 2016, the classic car with the slightly disheveled strands came into fashion. Also relevant is the graduation, which with the help of curlers or curling is easily converted into a gentle and romantic hairstyle with curls.
The latest fashion trend is a square of trapezoidal shape. It visually adds volume to the hair and allows you to experiment with styling.

Caret just below chin level

Long caret with smooth bangs

  • Bob with extra long strands

Stylish women who follow fashion, this year should pay attention to the bob haircut. Its long version is ideal for healthy, thick hair of medium length.

Stylish women who follow the fashion, this year should pay attention to the haircut elongated bob

Important! Curls should not be too thin, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the desired shape of the bean.

In addition to the smooth classic styling, this hairstyle is also appropriate ruffled strands. It is recommended to make the parting deep, can be skewed, if there is no bang.

Bob with elongated anterior strands below the clavicle

  • Shell

If you like to wear pinned hair, or business etiquette requires, shell hair, also called a snail, is suitable for medium length. To make it, curls smeared with mousse, combed to one side and twisted inside on the principle of shells. On the other hand, the design is fixed with pins and stealth. Hairstyle will be safer if you use a special flat barrette.

If you like to wear pinned hair, or if business etiquette requires it, shells, also called snails, are suitable for medium length.

To make it, curls smeared with mousse, combed to one side and twisted inside on the principle of shells. On the other hand, the design is fixed with pins and stealth

Horizontal shell

There is also a French version of the shell, in which the strands are divided into two halves, and each of them is twisted separately towards the center. In the hairstyle you can collect all the hair, but leaving a few curls in the face and slightly twisting them, you get an interesting option, suitable for a date or holiday.

  • Medium Length Curls

To create a fashionable, slightly sloppy haircut on medium hair, just curl them. This length is optimal for curls, as they do not lose their shape under the action of their own weight as quickly as they are long.

This year in fashion large curls and voluminous hairstyles

In 2016, large, curly-lying curls in retro-style and chaotically arranged, slightly twisted strands are relevant for medium hair. The first is most conveniently done with a curling iron, and for the second, irons with different nozzles and thermal rollers are suitable. For fixing is usually enough funds with a 3rd degree of fixation.

Also do not go unnoticed so-called beach curls

Tip! If you need an air hairstyle without clear contours, gently fluff the curls with your hands before applying the polish.

Stylish short hairstyles

Owners of hard, thick hair are best suited for short haircuts (length to earlobe or to the line of the cheekbones). They can be combined with a straight or oblique shortened bangs. This is especially recommended if you want to smooth the square or rectangular face. This year, bob and pixie haircuts are experiencing a rise in popularity. A distinctive feature of the season is the emphasis on long bangs and its combination with short hair, asymmetry of hair style is also in fashion.

  • Shortened bob

A short bob haircut, especially with a slanting bang, is a great solution for every day. You can make it more interesting and feminine by slightly curling the hair with a curling hair, and being neatly laid, it will emphasize a business style.

Short bob haircut, especially with a slanting bang - a great solution for every day

Crop Graduated Bean

Bean shapes may vary. The actual torn tips, long front strands and smooth transitions. But choosing a form, you need to consider the type of face and hair color. For example, fluffy styling on light short curls will be complete, and on dark ones, on the contrary.

Stylish asymmetrical bob

  • Pixie

This cheeky boyish haircut leaves the neck and cheekbones open. It attracts attention and is ideal for girls with an oval, elongated face shape and high forehead. Pixie visually rejuvenates, and it's very easy to care for her, the main thing is to make a haircut from a good master.

Pixie haircut in lavender hair

Pixie opens his neck and cheekbones, exposing all the charms

Pixie with oblique bangs

There are many variations of pixies, but in almost all models there is a long straight or oblique bang. Laying it differently - on one side, combing back or slightly curling, you can change the images every day.

  • Under the typewriter

Androgyny is now in fashion - blurred boundaries in the appearance of men and women. Therefore, for the shocking girls this season, a new direction appeared - ultrashort haircuts for a typewriter. Not everyone will decide on such an experiment, besides, you need to take into account that this hairstyle is not for everyone. Very short hair or "hedgehog" look good only on slender, petite girls.

Androgyny is now in fashion - blurred boundaries in the appearance of men and women. Therefore, for shocking girls this season, a new direction appeared - ultrashort haircuts for a typewriter

But this hairstyle, despite the rather unusual look, has many advantages. It almost does not need to be styled, the hair grows well and dries quickly after washing.

Given the popularity of asymmetry, it is permissible to use it here. Partially shaved head on the one hand and long strands on the other is the fashionable novelty of 2016. The advantage of this haircut is the ability to hide excessive roundness of the face. Particularly interesting hairstyle looks with color in contrasting colors.

Haircut under the typewriter with Mohawk

Hair accessories

An important role is assigned to this season accessories. Small hairpins and invisible bells are no longer relevant, they are replaced by large hair ornaments. It is recommended to give preference to massive, openwork hairpins with gilding, rhinestones and large stones. As an addition to high hair, curls and complex woven patterns, large artificial flowers are appropriate.

An important role is assigned to this season accessories. Small hairpins and invisible bells are no longer relevant, they are replaced by large hair ornaments.

Gorgeous flower bezel

Artificial flower hoops are still in fashion

Floral motifs - the main trend in hair ornaments. They are present in the crests, wreaths and headbands, experiencing a new round of popularity. You can also emphasize the hairstyle rim-ribbon, although in recent times it has been supplanted by elegant hoops, stylized as pearls.

We should also mention leather accessories. Leather and suede hippie headbands, as well as their retro versions, have come into vogue. In addition, the material became the basis for an unusual decoration, called the "crocodile tail." This is a flower made of leather, having a continuation in the form of an elongated toothed strip that resembles a reptile's tail.

A variety of bandanas again go on fashion trails

Dressing with large stones will be a great addition to the festive image

Among the more restrained and modest jewelery, it is impossible not to mention the latest novelty - thin leather bundles, wrapped around the hair along the entire length. Thus, the tail is a rigid, curved shape. The hairstyle looks fresh and not ragged, which is convenient for parties, discos and other forms of active leisure.

Neat, stylishly decorated hair is the touch that a female image cannot be complete without. What to choose, romance or bold extravagance - you decide. This year is the best for any bold experiments with hairstyles, the main thing is not to forget about the individual features of the face and appearance as a whole.