Haircuts for an elongated face: adjust and decorate!


The oval shape of the face is considered ideal. It goes well with various types of haircuts and hair texture, allows you to change images and play with the image. But sometimes women are faced with the fact that the shape of their face is stretched too much, the forehead is very high, the chin is long, the cheekbones are not wide enough ... Physiognomists say: owners of this shape have an enormous amount of energy, do not like to be content with small and always achieve those goals that they set by myself. Moreover - they can not refuse to aristocracy and even imperiousness. Nevertheless, we, women, always want to look your best, and we know that the presence of merit is not a reason to deny ourselves the use of little tricks designed to hide flaws. And one of the main roles here will be played by a well-chosen haircut for an elongated face.

Distinctive features of this face shape

How to find out that you are the owner of an elongated face? There is nothing complicated about it. Look at the diagram below. Measure the width of the face (blue line), and then the length (red line) - if the second one and a half times and more than the first, you have exactly the elongated shape.

Scheme: the main lines of the elongated face

By the way, many famous women have an elongated face and are very proud of their appearance! Many even emphasize this feature, make it their own twist. Perhaps the whole secret is that girls with such a form of face are very open, smiling and charismatic natures.

Stars with an elongated face shape

Adjust the form: general ideas and tips

The main thing here is to avoid long straight lines, having resorted to the volume in the upper part of the head and in the area of ​​the temples. Avoid haircuts that can stretch your face even more, and be careful in choosing hairstyles: high bunches, hair, tails, hair pulled back and gel-fixed - all this will not give you the volume you need at the edges and make your chin, nose and forehead even longer .

Sarah Jessica Parker loves high hair, not very suitable for her type of face.

But the techniques that you should adopt:

  • volumetric square or elongated bean - great solutions that visually increase the upper part of the head, distracting from the long chin and creating the illusion that the face tapers slightly to the lower part;

    In the course go hairs, fluffy styling, curlers and curling - choose a haircut from which you can easily manage!

  • cascade and graduations, uneven haircut edges and layering - your best friends will not only correct the shape correctly, but will also become an excellent basis for experiments with coloring;

    Straight hair of uniform length only exacerbate the situation. Ladders and cascades - a win-win solution!

  • the asymmetry, starting from the parting and ending with the length of the hair, will make it possible to lay them, framing the face with slightly curved strands, visually adding width and hiding insufficiently marked cheekbones;

    Such short haircuts can also be considered! The main thing - asymmetry, volume in the temples, covered forehead and cheekbones

  • curls, curls - and again volume, volume, volume - we will not tire of repeating that this is the main way to correct an elongated shape, to add roundness and bends, which are so lacking in this type of face.

    A good example of correction: the waves do not start from the very roots, but slightly above the ears

What about bangs?

We do not just advise the owners of the aristocratic elongated bangs - we strongly recommend! This is the most obvious, easy-to-care, simple method of correction from the point of view of technology. But remember: it is important to choose the correct length and shape of the bangs. It should be laid on its side, voluminous, rather steeply curved. Avoid very short options, best of all, if the bang is below eye level: it is very easy to lay this even at home, but it will cope with its task with a bang!

Jennifer Love Hewitt knows this secret and with the help of bangs masks the height of his forehead

We advise you to be careful with the choice of straight bangs. Yes, she will hide the length of her face, hide her forehead. It will also create angles that are so important for an elongated type. It is only important that the bangs be long enough, not to accidentally increase the length of the nose or chin with its vertical lines. Even better - round it on the sides, visually making the face itself more round.

Liv Tyler loves to wear straight fringe - the face immediately seems visually shorter

Not the most successful solution will be a haircut with a little oblique parting and elongated bangs, which, without having sufficient volume and bends, will even more stretch the face.

Such falling locks will add verticals and, having hidden part of the face, will even add length!

Ideas for short hair + examples in the photo

Oh, beautiful women with an elongated face type are provided with many options! First of all, pay attention to the shortened bean. It is important not to forget that this haircut implies short hair on the back of the head - ask the master not to remove the length from there too much so that the volume does not end up on the crown. Bob himself keeps his shape well, and laying it is simple, just a round comb of large diameter is sufficient.

Bob is versatile and suitable for both gentle ladies and rebel

Take a closer look at the bob haircut: it is more classic and versatile. Only here we can not do without the graduation: we need to get pomp and rounded hair, without opening the face too much. It is important not to forget about a slanting bang, otherwise vertical haircut lines will play against us!

Caret - an elegant option that perfectly corrects the face

If you like bold images in the style of a tomboy girl, pixie is a great fit. Deliberately messy hair with strands casually sticking to the side will be a good choice, but do not cut the hair too short. Some of them should fall on the forehead, and some strands - to frame the cheeks and temples, creating the effect of fluffy hair due to ruffled. Although this haircut is the shortest of the proposed, to care for her will need to be carefully, because our goal is not just to make hair, but also to correct the shape of the face! For reliability, strands will have to be fixed with varnish or wax.

Pixie is perfectly combined with bills of different shapes and is very easy to clean!

Stylish haircuts for medium length hair

If you are not ready to remove the length of the hair too much and radically, at your disposal are also a lot of different haircuts! Here you can advise the elongated bob and bob - on medium-length hair, they also look gorgeous. You can beat the haircut page, but choose its less accurate variations: with torn edges, profiled tips and bangs laid on its side.

This mix from different hairstyles - effectively, asymmetrically and fashionably!

A little trick: experiment with the number of layers in a haircut, play with asymmetry, a ladder, a cascade. All this will distract attention from the vertical lines, create the illusion that your face is somewhat wider, and visually bring its shape closer to an ideal oval.

Cascade allows you to create super-volume hairstyles, but you will have to tinker with styling

What haircuts and hairstyles are suitable for women with long hair

The owners of the elongated face probably have heard more than once that they absolutely cannot wear hair below the shoulders. This myth is very easy to dispel! If you prefer to look like a long-haired Rapunzel, rather than a short-haired Joan of Arc, just remember the tricks that will correct the shape of the face and not make you cut off your favorite strands. First of all, do not wear perfectly straight hair, much less smooth it with an iron.

Not enough curly curls, vertical bangs - all this does not play into the hand of Liv Tyler, but only emphasizes the shortcomings

The hairstyle should be fluffy or slightly disordered, hide the forehead and create volume in the cheek area. In the course are the curling, big curlers - everything that will help to make large, textured curls or a gentle wave.

Sigourney Weaver can not be imagined without her branded curls!

It is also worth playing and experimenting with thinning and graduation, different types of ladders. To lay such a "mane", it will be enough to wash your head down after washing and dry it with a hairdryer in this position - the volume will fix itself. Convenient, simple and most importantly - no scissors!

For a long time, preferring straight hair, singer Cher made the right choice in favor of layering

Do not forget about bangs! It will have to be laid separately, on one side, slightly twisting down. Such a wave will hide a significant part of the forehead and create the illusion that the face itself is somewhat wider, just the cheekbones are covered with strands.

Divided into two parts and laid on the side part of the fringe - the main tool when working with an elongated face

Regardless of the length of the hair, avoid direct, even parting! This is another unwanted vertical on your head that will make your nose longer, your forehead higher, your chin will be even stronger. Your choice is oblique parting, and they must retreat from the center line by at least 4-5 cm.

Liv Tyler once adored parted, and now increasingly combing hair to the side

We mask the shortcomings: some useful ideas

We reviewed the general recommendations for haircuts and hairstyles for an elongated face. But even despite all sorts of typologies and classifications, every woman is individual and has its own special features. We all have some moments in appearance that we would like to fix at least a little bit. But in the case of a person, this can only be achieved by radical methods. Is there any alternative that will be a worthy rival to plastic surgery? Yes there is! And it is a skilled hairdresser's scissors!

Do not be afraid to experiment, consult with a professional and choose a new image together!

If you are satisfied with your elongated face shape, but are worried because of a long nose, take the habit to fix your hair in the direction of your face while styling, combing it on your cheeks. Open temples and cheekbones, cleaned back strands - your worst enemy, which only exacerbates the problem. Another way - more than once praised us in this article bang. And it is precisely the oblique, torn, laid on its side and reaching at least the length of the middle of the eyes.

Good bang shape covering the upper part of the nose

Long chin also can not be opened too much, so short haircuts, we will not even consider. Attract attention by creating volume and curls, and best of all - stop the choice on the cascade or ladder that will frame your chin and neck, hiding what you need.

Due to this hairstyle, the chin does not seem massive and does not protrude.

High celebrity, many celebrities not only do not hide, but even proudly demonstrate! And you and I can cover it with a bang, and here straight lines and a simple, even cut line are quite acceptable. It is best to brush the bang from the top: so its edge will not be visible and the real height of the forehead will be safely hidden from others.

Tyra Banks no longer complex because of the high forehead, but do not miss the opportunity to cover him with bangs

If you think what to do, if the face is too narrow and thin, remember: all the ways to create volume on the sides will be good! A short haircut too much will open the shortcomings of your face, so we appeal to the longer options. Most preferably, the cascade or curls: falling on the cheeks, they will create the necessary curvaceous shape, cast the necessary shadows, creating the effect of clearly expressed cheekbones. It will help and stuff, but remember: the main volume should be concentrated at ear level, not at the back of the head!

Strands of different lengths are great, refreshing and reviving the image

Photos of ideas of women's styling, if you are a little over 40

The beauty of most "chips" is that they are universal and can be adapted for older women. After all, beauty and grooming is what women value and always try to maintain, regardless of the numbers in the passport!

Option that will suit young girls and mature women

Of course, we must not forget about the changes occurring in our body over time. Hair gradually becomes thinner, becoming duller. To hide it and return them a healthy, fresh look, we advise you to resort to the help of a competent colorist. Skillful work with shades, their alternation on strands - all this will bring life back to your hair, make your hair style more visually lush.

Light strands perfectly set off the main hair color, creating the feeling that there are more

Multilayered haircuts will help to return the former volume, thanks to them you also do not have to spend a lot of time and exhaust yourself with styling: such haircuts keep their shape well themselves!

The volume is concentrated in the ear and reinforced by varying the length of the strands.

Often ladies balzakovskogo age advise simple short haircuts, with smoothed hair. Despite its seeming practicality, this option is very cunning: we remember that by removing too much hair from the face, we thereby demonstrate its shape to everyone!

Ragged thick bang - a great choice! But the volume in the upper part of the head should not be added

If you do not like long strands, the same square, bob, even a naughty pixie haircut will be an excellent choice! The main thing is not to overdo it with creativity and excessively avant-garde forms: nevertheless, the hairstyle should correspond to the age and status.

A refined version of pixie is ideal for the owner and hides the height of the forehead

Curls and curls, of course, will also be quite appropriate, you just need to answer myself the question: how much time I want to spend on styling? If your answer sounds like “as many as you want: I want to look gorgeous”, then go for it!

Top model Carmen Dell'Orefis simply loves large, curvy curls and incredible volume!

But do not forget about the means of strong fixation: with age, the hair loses its elasticity, becomes drier, and keeps its shape worse, especially curls.

A good solution for an elongated face is haircut sesson, combined with medium-length hair. A heavy bang will hide the forehead, and strands on the sides, slightly bent inward, will emphasize the volume.

Cesson will help create a sophisticated image with French notes!

The main techniques and tricks we reviewed and learned about everything in detail. As it turned out, the elongated shape of the face is amenable to correction no worse than others, and many ways are quite simple and accessible in everyday life. But no matter how much advice from hairdressers, close people and colleagues, remember the most important thing: the best haircut is the one in which you yourself feel beautiful. Note that this is not about comfort, convenience, practicality and so on. It is very important to find the image that will give smiles and self-confidence, thanks to which you will not just look in the mirror, but admire the reflection. It is the harmony of external and internal that creates an integral personality, which appreciates itself and therefore looks at the world with kindness, love and joy!