Wizards daughter Livanova pass tough competition

The son of the famous Soviet actor Vasily Livanov, who played Sherlock Holmes, closely follows the relations of children. The other day, Boris Livanov, outraged by the cheeky behavior of a young man who was trying to get acquainted with the minor daughter of the actor.

Young Eva looks great and sometimes participates in filming

The discontent of Livanov Junior went beyond all limits: having connected the protection of the sanatorium, Boris himself continued the search for a boyfriend for "male conversation." Fortunately, the disassembling of an angry father and gentleman was prevented by the staff of the sanatorium, the first to discover a young man.

After a bit of rest, the caring father gave some advice to gentlemen who decided to make acquaintance with the girl: “Be original and gallant. Give her a shell with a pearl, get a cocktail. Be polite,” the actor instructs.

Daughter Eva was born in 2002. Hearing-disabled. Despite difficult relationships, father and son try to keep in touch

Recall that Boris has a criminal record. Several years ago, being intoxicated, the son of a famous actor killed a man. Since then, Boris often shines on media radars, demonstrating excessive aggressiveness.