Light and airy sheggi haircut: ideas for you


The effect of deliberate negligence is now in fashion: it can be achieved with the help of the shearing haircut, which is also called the shag. This interesting model is suitable for many and allows you to make the image as natural as possible. Despite the fact that most often sheggs are worn on medium-length hair, owners of very long or, on the contrary, short strands can also try this haircut.

What is sheggy haircut

Shaggy or Shag haircut gained its popularity in the 70s of the last century. Rocky musicians liked multi-level strands, demonstrating deliberate carelessness: this haircut created a bold, free and natural bow. Again, fashionable shag became in the 90s with the increasing popularity of grunge. Despite the fact that the model appeared quite a long time ago, it has reached our days almost unchanged - a slightly different styling allows the haircut to look very modern. In addition, there are many different options for this haircut: its essence lies in the abundant thinning, and the length of the strands themselves can vary greatly - the master will select it for your type of face and hair.

Initially shaggy looked as follows.

In the last century, the haircut was often combined with bangs, and the shortened strands of hair were laid with a light curl on the outside.

The model is so versatile that it may look completely different with a different styling. The front is a free and stylish look.

Currently, sheg is most often laid with soft waves, and straight bangs rarely combine with this haircut

Shag looks great from all sides - it is a very solid haircut that creates a rebellious image, although depending on the different styles, the hairstyle can change beyond recognition.

From behind, shaggy creates extra volume and can look equally harmonious with both neat and soft styling.

Side view is also very important in any haircut. It strands on the sides form a hairstyle and smoothly turn into a face frame.

On the side, shaggy emphasizes the tips of the strands and creates an interesting effect.

Who would suit shag

Simple and fashionable haircut goes for almost everyone, regardless of age and preferred style. This is a chaotic and dynamic haircut that does not require a lot of effort when styling and fits perfectly into urban everyday chic: a hairstyle with strong wiring will look equally organically with a sports T-shirt and office suit, and in the evening you can easily put strands into an elegant hairstyle. Nevertheless, before making a choice, you should still take into account some features of your appearance.

Haircut is good for healthy and damaged by staining or hot styling strands. Due to the slightly tousled expressive appearance of the imperfection of the hair texture will be less noticeable. In addition, the thinning makes the hairstyle much easier and allows you to leave a lot of short strands even over a large length of the overall shape: all this will contribute to the improvement of hair and ease of care.

First of all, think about cutting sheggi should be owners of wavy and curly hair: thinning perfectly beats curly strands and allows hair to look lush. Shag will allow you to create a bold and sexy image with soft curls.

Thanks to a special technique of haircuts, curls are obtained with neat tips and successfully fit into the total weight of hair.

Mostly shag is chosen by girls with soft and docile hair: if you have very thick and hard strands, they can bristle, especially if you cut short or medium hair.

Thin soft strands perfectly lend themselves to the most different styles and fit perfectly even in the absence of any styling.

As for the shape of the face, it is impossible to give an unequivocal answer to whom this haircut will suit. Depending on the length of the strands, the volume of the hair may be distributed differently. For girls with an elongated face suitable options for medium or short hair.

Short volume strands will visually expand the narrow face.

With the help of filing in this haircut you can easily get a harmonious image. If your face is triangular or round, you can leave longer strands that will visually pull it out.

With milled strands falling down, wide faces will look more proportionate.

Stylists recommend to refrain from volumetric haircuts to women with thin and soft facial features: you can get lost in the splendor of hair, but the main thing is to emphasize your unique beauty. Deliberately careless cutting with thin line is more often chosen by owners of pronounced cheekbones, large lips and expressive eyes.

With clear contours of the face, bright eyes and lips, sheggy will harmoniously and naturally look on you, even if you do not like abundant makeup and complex styling.

Performance technology in the cabin

Despite the fact that the shag seems to be a simple haircut, do not try to make it at home on your own if you do not have experience with scissors. It is because the haircut is extremely variable, it is important that it is performed by a good stylist: with the help of nuances you can maximize the beauty of your face and hair. However, the principle is universal. In the salons sheggy shears so:

  1. First, choose how strong the effect of shaggy hair you want to achieve. Depending on this, shaggy cut either along the entire length or only on the upper tier of the hair. In the second case, the basis for the shag is usually a cascading haircut.
  2. Strands are taken from the top. For a haircut, they are dragged to the full length at an angle of 90 degrees.
  3. On straight hair, shaggy is usually performed with thinning scissors. It is strictly impossible to do this on curls: a more complex technique is used, implying small sections of diagonals with ordinary scissors. Such filigree allows you to make beautiful curls.
  4. Usually they start cutting from the back strands, gradually moving forward and trimming all the hair in the first treated areas. The length of the strands in front may differ: it is important that they are well framed face.

Technique haircut on the scheme is as follows.

The haircut is based on the straightening of the strands, and the length can vary considerably.

Video: shaggy bob for long hair

Long hair ideas

On long strands, such a haircut resembles a lion's mane, but the final image will depend on the specific variation of the sheggie. Hairstyle does not necessarily have to be extremely bulky and bold: it can be quite elegant.

Light filigree over the entire length of the hair will give a barely noticeable deliberately careless effect.

If you like to look bright and creative, the effect of shaggy curls should be made more obvious. In addition, the more filings, the more volume you will get: even thin, dry and damaged hair will seem dynamic and strong.

If you make a strong gradation of length, the image will be more bold and unexpected.

Depending on the type of your face you need to choose the length of the front hair. It should be geometric strands, emphasizing the cheekbones, but at the same time, it is important to smoothly fit them into the main volume of the hairstyle.

So that the haircut does not seem shapeless on long hair, the stylists pay special attention to the front strands.

For medium length hair

On the length of the shoulders Shaggy is done most often: this is the most popular, practical and versatile option. Such strands can be easily and differently laid, and the haircut itself is no less varied than on long hair. Usually, on the average length, the shag turns out to be more voluminous: the strands are light enough to rise, but the weight is greater than in short haircuts.

On average length, shorter strands that frame the face are often made, while the others have an insignificant gradation of length. This is suitable for those who do not want to achieve the effect of maximum fluffiness - the hairstyle will look quite restrained and just with raised hair roots and dynamic tips.

Haircut favorably emphasizes the dignity of the face

If you appreciate non-standard ideas, when cutting sheggie on medium hair, you can try the variant with asymmetry.

The difference in length creates a creative youth bow

Often, when shearing, sheggi make a significant graduation - it turns out two or three tiers, as with cascading haircuts, but in this case the difference is achieved through filming. Lovers of lush styling like this option. In addition, the shag in this design will visually expand the narrow face and make the miniature girls a little higher.

Highly graded strands create the effect of maximum volume.

Photo options for short

Shaggy on strands above the shoulders is also found and can look very fashionable and stylish. As with any other length, on short hair the shag can be made as voluminous as possible or more restrained.

The version with a slight gradation of length and abundant thinning look gentle and feminine.

A completely different form will be a haircut, combining very short and slightly longer strands.

The geometry of the haircut is kept distinct even on curled locks.

With or without bangs?

Shaggy goes well with the most varied types of insects: usually these haircuts are chosen by girls with obedient hair, high forehead and elongated face. Bangs can significantly change your image, so if strands on your face fit your type of appearance, you definitely should try such models. For example, milled straight bangs can perfectly complement the shag on medium or long hair.

It can be very stylish look deliberately careless haircut with smooth bangs

Very often shaggy girls with curly hair choose, but in this case, when choosing a bang, it is worth considering the additional length, which will disappear when curls form.

If you are used to styling your hair, long bangs may be suitable for curly hair.

If the standard bangs seem too extreme to you, you can try slanting long bangs on one side - such models are very fashionable in the new season and fit well even with a short haircut.

Oblique bangs are relevant for any length

Without a bang at all, the shag looks no less attractive.

If you have naughty hair, a tiny face or a low forehead, you should not experiment with strands on your face.

Curly or straight?

More often, we are accustomed to seeing haircut sheggi on curly or slightly wavy hair: such strands add dynamics to the haircut and fit perfectly into the deliberately casual hair style.

Curls make the image even more impudent and free, bringing it closer to the aesthetics of the rock-style of the 70s

If you have straight hair, this does not mean that shaggy will not suit you. On the contrary, it is straight hair that often needs additional volume, which can be achieved with the help of such a haircut. The shape will be slightly different than for curly hair, but the hairstyle will still look stylish and catchy.

Hairstyle combines flirty volume and glossy shine of straight hair.

Will adult women fit

At first glance it may seem that sheggy haircut is a youth option. Nevertheless, this practical and unpretentious model can look quite restrained, and it will please you with its convenience in hair care. Often, shag is chosen by women over 40 and 50 years old. Playful milled strands will make your look fresh and vibrant, so you'll look younger. Many women of age prefer shaggy with a small highlight on fairly short strands.

This option looks great with any styling.

Deliberately careless hair does not interfere with the refined appearance.

Dynamic graded curls look attractive and give the image a special charm

Ways of laying shaggy

This interesting hairstyle is easily amenable to a wide variety of styling. However, if you value your time, you will not have to work on your hair for a long time: shaggy volume strands will look great without much effort.

If you have healthy and well-groomed hair, they will perfectly lie due to correctly thinning.

Often shaggy is worn on curled hair. You can do the curl in different ways - with curlers or curling irons, and curly girls by nature will only need fixing foam for styling and a diffuser. All these options will look attractive and elegant.

Casual and casual urban look can be created with curls.

If you like styling on straight hair, it will not be superfluous to add shine and shine to hair. In addition, for a particularly bold and bold effect, you can select the tips of the strands using styling.

Straight hair can be easily laid on the shape of a haircut with a hair dryer and a round brush

Shag haircut is a practical option that will make hair care an easy task, and it will always look great, regardless of the presence of styling. Depending on the type of your face and hair, you can adjust the shape of the haircut, cut the bangs or choose the most suitable styling for yourself. Since deliberate carelessness and natural beauty are now in vogue, the sheg will harmoniously fit into any stylish urban look.