What are the most expensive earrings in the world

Initially, earrings were purely masculine jewelry, but later women also began to wear them. At various times, the fashion for them flared up, then subsided, it mainly depended on the hairstyles, hats and wigs. If under them it was not visible beautiful earrings, then they were not worn, but after a while the fashion still returned. Demand always gave rise to offer, so for centuries jewelers competed in the art of creating unique jewelry. The following three pairs of products are now the most expensive earrings in the world.

Unpaired earrings "Apollo" and "Artemis" - the most expensive in the world

These jewelry were sold separately, although they were made in the form of a pair of earrings. The fact is that diamonds in each earring are unique and have no analogues in the world. "Artemis" pleases the eye with a huge pink stone weighing 16 carats. The Apollo is made of a 14.5 carat blue diamond. Both of these works of jewelry were purchased at Sotheby's auction by one person who wanted to remain unrecognized.

The cost of this jewelry masterpiece is 57.4 million dollars. Despite this, the organizers of the auction were disappointed with the proposed amount, because the price only exceeded the starting price by 7 million. Jewelers predicted sales ranging from 50 to 70 million dollars.

"Mirror of love"

The second place in the ranking of the most expensive earrings of the world went to a couple called "The Mirror of Love." They were sold at Christie's at the end of 2016 and for almost half a year they remained the most expensive earrings in the world. Their cost was 17.7 million dollars. Earrings are made of pure white diamonds by Boehmer et Bassenge's jewelry house. Both stones have a pear-shaped cut, and what is most interesting is that they are almost the same in size, which is extremely rare among large stones. The weight of one diamond is 52.55 carats, and the second 50.47 carats.

"Imperial Pillows"

Third place for a couple called "Imperial pillows." These jewels were sold at Christie's in mid-2011. Their cost was 9.3 million dollars. They are made of white gold and diamonds. The stones were mined in the mine of the Indian Sultan, and they got their name for their unusual square shape. The weight of diamonds is 23.11 and 23.49 carats.

Wearing such a luxury even in the most privileged society can be dangerous because of its cost, so most of the time this beauty spends in safes with a high protection system, maintaining its owner's status.