7 most beautiful celebrity wedding dresses

Beauty and luxury are the distinctive features of wedding dresses, however, some dresses have gone down in history and have become a manifestation of sophisticated style. The most beautiful wedding dresses of stars have that characteristic feature in design that makes them unique.

Grace Kelly Dress

A model of elegance and style for all times is the dress of Grace Kelly. It was sewn in 1956 in the USA by Hollywood tailor Helen Rose. The peculiarity of a luxurious dress is how elegant the lace bodice looks, feminine and modest, and how it perfectly contrasts with the huge silk train. A long tulle veil adds tenderness to the look.

Today the dress has become a museum exhibit and is estimated at 300 thousand dollars.

Victoria Beckham Outfit

If the wedding dress is a good sign for a happy marriage, this is the case of Victoria Beckham. The outfit was created in 1999 by designer Vera Wong. This dress is on the crinoline, the sculptural form of the bodice favorably emphasizes the chest, and the corset on the baleen constricts the waist. The delicate shade of champagne makes the beauty of a star bewitchingly enchanting. Cost - 100 thousand dollars.

Dress Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor married for the first time to the heir to the Hilton empire. Her dress was sewn at MGM Studios in 1950. The outfit is created in a contrast of modesty and luxury, the bodice exactly tailored to fit the figure flows into the voluminous skirt of silk taffeta. The dress was sold at Christie's for $ 188,000.

Outfit Melania Trump

Fashion house Dior became the creator of one of the icons of modernity - a wedding dress for the wife of the current US President Melania Trump. It was sewn for the wedding in 2005 and created by designer John Galliano. His fanciful and extravagant form does not cast thoughts on modesty, on the contrary, the dress is sexy and at the same time made in exquisite taste. Silk champagne color makes the waist bend fascinating, and the hundred-meter satin skirt is decorated with jewels. The special chic of the silhouette is that it looks extravagant from any angle. Beautiful model took its place of honor on the cover of "Vog." An outfit from Dior cost at least $ 100,000.

Dress Queen Elizabeth

The dress, made for the wedding of Queen Elizabeth in 1947, entered the history of world wedding fashion as one of the most luxurious creations. The designer was Norman Hartnell, the official fashion designer of the royal family. Inexpressible chic is a combination of a concise silhouette, beauty and texture of the material. Dense Scottish silk of ivory color was embroidered with pearls, patterns of flowers and wheat ears were created on the fabric.

Kate Middleton Dress

One of the most acclaimed dresses of modernity is the Kate Middleton wedding dress, created by Alexander McQueen's fashion house according to the designs of designer Sarah Burton in 2011. Beauty combined simplicity and grandeur. Superbly fitted bodice fits the chest and blends seamlessly with lace sleeves, embroidered with flowers. The corset imperceptibly flows into the skirt, which falls in beautiful folds and turns into a long royal train. The dress is ivory, which emphasizes the shade of the bride's hair and skin. The finest veil and precious tiara added an additional grace to the image. Cost - 434 thousand dollars.

Carrie dress from the movie "Sex and the City"

One of the symbols of modern culture will remain the original outfit of Carrie Bradshaw from the movie "Sex and the City", which was sewn by designer Vivienne Westwood in 2008. Although the outfit was not happy for the on-screen heroine, he is the personification of fashion trends and is remembered by the audience.

The model of ivory is unique for its draperies, because the folds are laid so that the skirt has the maximum volume, and the new word of beauty is that it is two-tiered and silk, which makes it similar to the petals of a huge flower. The actress perfectly demonstrated the dress in the film, as her figure is perfectly underlined by an hourglass-shaped bodice. Flying veil with a real parrot in a hairstyle adds to exoticism. The model was sold in the online store for $ 20 thousand.

The beauty of an elite wedding dress is not just a silhouette of a little mermaid or a full skirt. It is manifested in the combination of a masterful cut, embroidered material and an unusual shade of silk, as well as in the presence of artfully folded folds.