Ashley Greene spends her honeymoon on a nudist beach

An unusual place for a honeymoon was chosen by Ashley Greene and Paul Khoury, who recently legalized their relationship after five years of relationship.

Ashley Greene, better known for her role as Ellis Cullen from the cult saga of Twilight, married Paul Khoury, whom she met for five years. Newly married couple aroused the interest of fans, choosing a very unusual place for the honeymoon.

Ashley said that she and her husband were fed up with urban landscapes and are now rushing to take a break from urban pressure. Going to Hawaiian beaches, the couple hurried to share the joy with the followers. Recently, Green published a photo from the beach naked herself, sitting with his back to the photographer.

The laws of the Hawaiian Islands prohibit relaxing without clothes on the beach, although in the picture Ashley is clearly not dressed. To the puzzled comments of fans in the network, the actress replied that it was not at all necessary to wear clothes on the beach that she and her husband had chosen. He and her husband are completely comfortable without her.