10 of the most beautiful girls fitness models


Every year the number of women who are interested in an active life increases. They work on their bodies, sparing neither time nor energy. In addition to the development of a mad hard work to the sport, these fitonyashki follow strict diets to constantly progress in their achievements. Here they are, the most beautiful fitness model girls.

Zuzana Light

This Czech athlete is 36 years old, she has been a celebrity in the world of fitness for a long time. Zuzana prefers exercises with her own weight, which always keep her in good shape. Sometimes the model uses dumbbells and weights. Zuzana has developed personal fitness courses and leads the channel on Youtube.

Laura Michel Prestin

Charming Canadian fitness model, which attracted a large number of fans in social networks for its bright appearance and incredible burden to the sport.

Paige hathaway

This model began its classes in the gym from 2011 and was able to achieve breathtaking results in the development of his own body. She now has 4 million followers in instagram.

Jen Selter

American fashion model and fitness instructor 24 years. She attracted a wide audience due to its rounded buttocks. She is sponsored by companies such as Nike, New Balance and photographed, usually in tight pants.

Svetlana Bilyalova

A Russian girl who possesses ideal body parameters is 88-59-88 cm. She gained popularity without the help of a model agency and became famous far beyond the borders of Russia.

Alice Matos

Brazilian model who loved sports in childhood. Today, she is the embodiment of a healthy lifestyle and the owner of a graceful body.

Eva Andressa

Eve embodies an example for purposeful girls. She radically changed her figure and became a model with a lot of awards in the field of fitness.

Aniela Sagra

The girl who dropped out to improve her body. She is now a fitness blogger with millions of social media subscribers.

Ana Cheri

The model has Indian, Spanish and European roots, which gives its appearance specific features. Gained fame on the Internet due to its unrivaled body and beauty.

Michel Levin

Seductive girl from Venezuela, which has become an icon of the fitness industry of the modern world.

Fitness models continue to set standards for beauty and healthy lifestyle trends. This motivates a large number of young girls to play sports and reach grandiose heights on the way to their goals.