10 of the most unusual female models


The stereotype that girls with perfect features and proportions should certainly flaunt on the catwalks and magazine covers has long been destroyed. Modern agencies are trying to go beyond the standards imposed by society. In the fashion industry, not only flawless beauties are valued, but also unusual female models.

Muffie hardie

Moffi Gardi - a model suffering from strobism, in other words, strabismus. For the first time she came to the shooting in 2011 on the recommendation of a friend.

The footage was so successful that Moffie decided to put it on the cover of the magazine. Then the beginning model was noticed and began to be invited to take photos and videos.

This girl has a pretty appearance and a good figure. Strong strabismus did not prevent Moffie from being in demand on the catwalk and shooting for the covers of popular glossy magazines. The lack of appearance has become a kind of highlight of the British model.

Jillian mercado

The girl worked as a journalist in one of the fashion publications and learned that the popular brand Diesel is looking for non-standard models. For fun, Gillian decided to take part in the casting, because she had suffered from muscle atrophy since childhood and was forced to move in a wheelchair.

The girl sent her photos and was very surprised when she received a reply letter asking you to send some more pictures. So Gillian became the face of another collection Diesel.

At first, she felt constrained on the set, but eventually loosened up and became one of the few professional models with physical disabilities.

Winnie harlow

The real name of the model is Chantelle Brown-Young. At the age of 4 she was diagnosed with vitiligo. This is a skin disease, which is manifested by pigment spots on the body. On dark skin Chantel they are especially noticeable.

Nevertheless, the girl did not hesitate to take part in the show America's Next Top Model. The jury and the audience conquered the ideal figure and face of the future star of the fashion world. In the show she took the 6th place, but the girl was immediately noticed and began to be invited to the shooting.

Today, along with Adriana Lima, she is the face of the popular clothing brand Desigual. Chantel often appears not only on the catwalks and covers of glossy editions, but also at parties with celebrities.

Melanie Gaidos

Melanie has a rare genetic disease - ectodermal dysplasia. The appearance of the girl is completely distorted: hanging eyelids, hooked nose, cleft lip, the complete absence of eyebrows and eyelashes and only three teeth. In addition, Melanie is partially blind. Its height is 160 cm, and its weight is 42 kilograms.

Despite the flaws in appearance, the girl herself achieved success. She sent her photos to agencies and once received an offer to take part in the filming of a clip of the German rock band Rammstein.

She was noticed by leading world designers and began to invite to cooperate. In the trendy community, Melanie is called the alternative model. She often participates in unusual shows and photo shoots in the Gothic style.

Duck That

The American model of Sudanese origin today is popular and in demand in the fashion world. Many agencies dream of working with this unusual beauty with a doll's appearance.

However, her path to success was not easy because of the unusual skin and hair. When the girl was 17 years old, she participated in the television show "Top Model in Australian." However, the audience did not accept it and in every way called out on social networks. For a seventeen year old girl it was a heavy blow. She left the modeling business. At 21, Dacia returned to the fashion world with triumph.

Because of the original appearance, it became known as Barbie. The girl is really difficult to distinguish from the doll. However, she attracts fashion designers and photographers with this.

Victoria Modest

Language does not turn to call this charming brunette handicapped. Nevertheless, Victoria at the age of 20 had to go to amputation of the leg to the knee due to a birth injury. The girl did not despair. She decided that now a new life had begun for her. Victoria has achieved fame as a singer and as a model.

She collects the halls of fans, walks on the catwalk, acts in the clips and for the covers of fashion magazines.

Chip models - futuristic prostheses. She has more than a dozen of them. With her example, Victoria inspires those who are in the same difficult situation as she.

Masha Telnaya

A model from Ukraine is called an alien, a Slavic elf, and detractors are called the “legacy of Chernobyl” because of their huge eyes. Such a feature, as well as modesty and shyness did not prevent the girl from becoming successful and in demand.

At the first shooting invited her director of one of the modeling agencies. After appearing on the cover of the magazine, Masha immediately received an invitation to work in France.

The owners of the best fashion houses could not fail to pay attention to the girl’s huge beautiful eyes, and Masha entered the top thirty best models in the world.

Hoodia Diop

Model from Senegal - the owner of the darkest skin in the world.

At one time peers mocked the feature of Hoodia. After all, the girl's skin is really too dark even for members of the Negroid race and seems artificially colored.

However, Hoodia Diop was able to become one of the best top models in the world. She meets with a white-skinned guy and collaborates with leading fashion houses. The world's best publications dream of seeing her on the covers of their magazines.

Tando hopa

An albino girl, born in Africa, where her peculiarity is considered a real curse.

People suffering from this disease, called the children of the devil. Some tribes kill albinos, believing that their blood has unique healing properties.

Tando Hopa was able to tell the whole world about the problem in African countries. She was noticed while studying in Johannesburg. It is impossible not to pay attention to the gentle and exotic appearance of the girl. Today it is one of the most sought after models in the world.

Kharnaam Kaur

Due to polycystic ovary at the age of 11, Kharnaam Kaur began to grow hair all over the body. It was useless to fight this, and the girl entered the Sikh community, one of the rules of which was the ban on hair removal.

The case of Harnam attracted the attention of the gods of the fashion industry. She was invited to study at a model school.

Although the bearded girl did not have the perfect parameters, after a while she was defileing on the world's best catwalks and starred for glossy magazines. Harnaam Kaur has become the face of the brand Illamasqua Cosmetics.

Bright features of appearance and even disability is not a sentence. This proved an unusual girl model. They turned the external features into a highlight and were able to fulfill their dream and conquer the fashion industry.