10 most unusual hotels in the world


When planning a trip, most people pay special attention to the choice of accommodation. It must meet the individual interests of the client, as well as be cozy, comfortable and memorable. That is why representatives of the tourist business are trying to introduce a number of unique features into their own industry. Hotel owners vie for originality. They build houses out of snow, rework unsuitable objects in hotels, build buildings on trees and under water. Often, such decisions fully justify their ambition. Strange places are always actively visited and provided for a fairly high fee. Here they are, photos and descriptions of the most unusual hotels in the world.

STF Jumbo Stay Stockholm

It is possible to overcome aerophobia not only in flight, but also on the ground. A great option for this would be spending the night in the famous Boeing 747-200, which is unlikely to rise into the sky again. The aircraft, designed in 1976, was deftly converted into a hostel and located in Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Guests of Stockholm can spend the night on the plane.

In its composition The Jumbo Hostel has 27 rooms with three beds in each. The most expensive and spacious of them is a furnished room in the cockpit. It opens the panoramic exposure to the air port. The remaining places to stay represent their guests view of the runway. Each room is equipped with a screen that shows the flight schedule.

STF Hostel Jumbo Stay Stockholm is located right at the airport.

Residents are invited to taste coffee, cookies and ready meals on board the aircraft.

A double room per night will cost guests 14 000 rubles.

The most expensive room is located in the cockpit

Jules Undersea Lodge

In the US state of Florida, an unsurpassed underwater structure was located, which previously served as a scientific station and was converted into a hotel. The history of this place dates back to the seventies of the XX century.

Hotel Jules Undersea Lodge is located under the water

You can get to the hotel only by diving with diving equipment. Therefore, for the future residents there is a specific diving lesson organized. Further, the guests, accompanied by an instructor, dive under the water and find themselves in the fabulous sea world.

You can only get to an amazing hotel by diving.

The only room furnished for guests offers two bedrooms, a quality bathroom, and a small living room.

Double room will cost 50 000 rubles per day.

Night at the bottom of the sea will cost you a tidy sum

Malmaison Oxford Castle

The building of this hotel once housed a correctional facility. Malmaison Castle is located in the English city of Oxford and offers its guests original themed interiors and a unique atmosphere. Former horrific dungeons have become comfortable rooms with strong walls and low ceilings. Joyless long corridors were enriched with high quality designer furniture.

Oxford guests are supposed to spend the night in jail

When death sentences were carried out here, now there are stylish rooms, two bars, a restaurant, a traditional beer house and parking at an additional cost.

Sometime here death sentences were carried out

A double room per night will cost residents 30 000 rubles.

To spend the night in a cell is not cheap


This ice hotel in the Swedish village of Yukkasjarvi is built annually. After the first opening in 1990, this place has attracted much attention of tourists and is now ready to receive guests from December to April. Icehotel is built from ice and snow blocks, which are taken from the nearby Thorn River. Sculptors are working on the creation of artistic compositions each time with the new construction of the hotel. That is why its walls, decor, furniture are unique and unique from year to year.

The ice hotel is located in the Swedish village of Yukkasjarvi

In the Icehotel, beds are covered with reindeer fur, and people are provided with special equipment that is worn during sleep. The building has no heating and the room temperature is -5 ° C.

There is no heating in the ice hotel

The hotel has a restaurant, reception, about 100 rooms and even a church. Every day, free 30-minute guided tours are organized for guests. Guests are entertained by hiking, dog sledding, rafting and fishing.

Double room per night will cost 13 000 rubles.

Icehotel rebuilds every year

SAS Attrap'Rêves

SAS Attrap'Rêves is a French network of five small hotel-bubbles. One of them is located in the south of France in the town of Alos. It includes several numbers made in the form of transparent capsule-hemispheres. There is absolutely impossible to live together. In a small room there is only a bed, a small table, two chairs and a night light.

SAS Attrap'Rêves hotel chain invites you to live in bubbles

The shape of the hotel rooms give oxygen filling. Air is forced by a special silent device. During the day, bubbles block ultraviolet rays, and in the dark they prevent insects and damp from entering.

Only one person can be accommodated in a small capsule room.

Bathing places, massage centers and latrines are located at a small distance from the bubble capsules.

The package, which includes standard double occupancy, breakfast and telescope rental, will cost 8,000 rubles per day.

Air in the hotel rooms have to be pumped with a special device.

Museum Hotel

Claustrophobic people are encouraged to bypass this hotel side. It is located deep underground and is a refuge in which the first Christians were saved from ill-wishers.

Previously, the first Christians hid here from their enemies, and now tourists live

Museum Hotel is located in Cappadocia - a semi-desert region of central Turkey. The underground city consists of 30 rooms that are decorated with antiques. The hotel guests are provided with air conditioning, LCD TV, mini bar, safe and free internet.

Each room of the Museum Hotel is decorated with expensive antiques.

This place got its name thanks to its owner Omer Tosun. He is a famous collector and decided to enrich his brainchild with unique treasures from the times of the Roman and Ottoman empires.

Double room per night will cost 45,000 rubles.

In the hotel-museum you can meet the treasures of the times of the Roman Empire.

Das Park Hotel

Austrian Andreas Strauss in 2004 set about trying to create a unique place to stay from the available fixtures. They were sewers, which were decorated with artistic paintings. From these pipes, a man has created a network of hotels throughout Austria.

The rooms for accommodation in Das Park do not exceed 2 m² in size. Nevertheless, it houses a cozy double bed, bedside table, desk lamp and luggage space.

Das Park Hotel consists of sewer pipes

Andreas carried electricity inside the sewer pipes, so guests can charge their gadgets at any time. The pipes are also equipped with a ventilation valve and have good sound insulation due to concrete walls. The rooms constantly maintain a comfortable temperature, as in the winter the concrete retains heat, and in summer it absorbs the heat.

In the sewer it is quite possible to spend the night together

Housing belongs to the category of economical, as it does not require additional staff in its service. The doors of the hotel contain combination locks, the password from which comes to the guests after the online payment of accommodation.

The cost of accommodation in the room is not specified. The project organizers note that tourists can leave as much money as they see fit. In most cases, tenants rate the night of their stay at this hotel at 3,000 rubles.

There is even electricity in the pipe, so if you wish you can arrange a rock concert there.

Crazy house hotel

The hotel - a madhouse is among the ten most unusual buildings in the world. It was designed by Vietnamese architect Danga Viet Nga and is located in the city of Dalat. The structure resembles with its appearance a huge tree with intertwining branches. Its appearance is rather frightening and is not approved by Vietnamese residents and authorities.

Crazy House Hotel infuriates locals

At the moment, the hotel has 9 rooms. Each of them bears the name of an animal. At guests' disposal there is a seating area, a wardrobe and heating. The private bathroom has a shower and toilet. Some rooms overlook the garden.

Hotel rooms are named after animals. For example, in honor of the tiger

The staff at the Crazy House Tourist Office will organize interesting trips and excursions for residents.

Double room per night will cost guests 3 500 rubles.

The room in the Crazy House is quite democratic.

The old railway station

The Old Railway Station Hotel was created from the 1894 railway station complex. He was carefully restored, and now he is ready to receive guests. This hotel is located in the UK and belongs to one of the most beautiful buildings in the country.

The Old Railway Station Hotel is located in the train station building.

The train waiting room was skillfully converted into a hotel lobby, which is 20 meters high. From this huge room you can move to the railway platform, which, according to the architects' idea, should be used as a breakfast terrace. The ticket offices at the ticket offices are now equipped with kitchens, but the traditional windows for issuing tickets have been preserved to this day.

There is a hotel lobby in the train waiting room.

The Old Railway Station offers its guests 8 rooms of different types. They are repaired cars with all the necessary amenities. Outside the rooms there is a small restaurant with spectacular interiors and delicious international cuisine, a library and a garden.

Double room at The Old Railway Station will cost 13,500 rubles per day.

Hotel rooms are located in cars

Dog bark park

Another specific hotel, located in Cottonwood of the American District of Idaho, which won the enthusiasm of tourists from all over the world. This place stands out for its architectural expression. The hotel is made in the form of a giant four-legged friend of the Beagle breed. The owners of the building even came up with a "nickname" for such an unusual animal - "Pretty Willy." “Toby” is nicely located next to it - a small copy of the main building, whose height is about one and a half meters.

Dog Bark Park is built in the shape of a dog.

The interior is enriched with two bedrooms, which look homely. For an appropriate atmosphere inside an unusual building, images of dogs are used. The hotel is designed for four guests. The bedroom and the living room are located in the “belly” of Cute Willie, and an additional comfortable room in her “face”.

The hotel was given the nickname Cutetie Willie

The constant founders of the hotel are the couple Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin. They are professionally addicted to carving and carving figurines of dogs of various breeds. The hotel has a gift shop where you can buy their work.

Double room in "Pretty Willy" will cost 5,400 rubles per day.

The hotel can buy great souvenirs in the form of dogs

In the world there are a great number of unusual and mysterious places that are able to immerse their guests in a fabulous setting. An extraordinary hotel will give travelers additional emotions and leave even more warm feelings about their stay.