Jasmina Rossi: Beauty with 60 years of history


Female models remain in demand for long. After 30, they are replaced by younger and more attractive beauties. However, this does not apply to Yasmina Rossi. Models are already over 60, and she is still popular.

Who is Yasmina Rossi

Yasmine Rossi is now 61

Yasmina Rossi - a phenomenon in the fashion world. She became a model after 30, when most models leave the catwalk.

Yasmina Rossi is not inferior to young beauties

Today, the star is removed for popular editions and requires not to retouch photos. A woman is not shy about her age and shows the world that it is possible to remain beautiful even after 60.

You can stay beautiful after sixty

In her instagram she shares pictures, many of which are untouched by photoshop.

Model adheres to naturalness

Yasmina Rossi is not just beautiful. Women around the world envy not only its attractiveness, but also the mind. The model is fluent in English, French and Italian. She is a talented photographer, ceramist, designer of clothes and interior.

Not just beautiful, but also a talented photographer, ceramist and designer

Facts from the biography of the model

Yasmina does not like to talk about his personal life. About her childhood and youth little information. It is known that the star of the catwalks was born on Corsica in 1955, where she spent her childhood.

A mother of two children dedicated to them all her youth, starting a career only in adulthood

Diva is a mother of two children. She dedicated her youth to them. Yasmina Rossi was so absorbed in raising children that she did not find time for a career. Only at the age of 30 she thought about what to become and chose a model profession. Future star noticed the famous brands Hermes and Yves Saint Laurent.

The best editions of glossy magazines dream to see it on their covers

For 40 years, Yasmina Rossi became famous. At this age she managed to sign the most profitable contracts and agreements. The best editions of glossy magazines dreamed of seeing it on their covers. Photographers were proud to work with the model, and colleagues dreamed of her fame.

Not only mother, but also grandmother

In 2007, a star of French origin moved to the United States and took American citizenship. Yasmina Rossi is not only a loving mother. She already has two grandchildren. Nevertheless, the model can not be called an elderly woman. Its attractiveness envy even 20-year-olds.

Her attractiveness envy even twenty

To date, the model has crossed the 60-year milestone. Nevertheless, its popularity has not faded away. She actively participates in photo shoots and collaborates with leading global brands.

The model has almost perfect parameters.

On the site of the famous modeling agency published parameters of the star. With the growth of 174 cm, it has almost perfect volumes: 86-63-91. The size of the clothes of the model according to Russian standards is 44, the footwear is 40

Diva does not paint her hair to look as natural as possible. Yasmin prefers yoga to strength training. I must say, her figure is in excellent condition

Secrets of youth

Yasmina Rossi is not just not shy about his age. She is proud of him. Even the completely gray hair model decided not to dye to look as natural as possible in front of the audience.

The star is proud of its age

Unfortunately, it is impossible to see what woman was in her youth. The star does not show photos of past years, but claims that it now looks even more attractive than at the age of 20.

Diva claims that now she looks more attractive than at the age of twenty.The model is sure that for a long time to remain young and attractive under the power of any woman.

The model is confident that to remain young and attractive for a long time under the force of any woman. In an interview, she shares her secrets about face and body care and talks about lifestyle.

Beauty willing to share secrets for face and body care

Every day the diva starts with a run. Indeed, without sport, it is impossible to maintain excellent physical shape. Yasmina also practices yoga. The star refuses the heavy physical exertion and exhausting trainings, arguing that the pumped muscles, like excessive thinness, do not make a woman attractive. In all she tries to find a middle ground.

Star selects only natural cosmetics and products

Jasmina Rossi selects only natural cosmetics and products. Her diet includes low-calorie food. Model loves avocado, sea fish. She does not refuse meat. However, Yasmina uses only organic meat from animals grown without antibiotics.

In all trying to find a middle ground

The model claims that it does not use expensive cosmetics. To moisturize and nourish the skin, it uses olive oil, and to remove the horny particles, it adds sugar, thus obtaining a scrub.

The main principle of beauty is naturalness in everything.

Gorgeous hair star helps to keep rapeseed oil, which it rubs into the roots and tips of curls. Despite the gray hair, the model is not going to use chemical dyes. Even in this, she adheres to the basic life principle - naturalness in everything.

Claims she never turned to plastic surgery

Some skeptics claim that Yasmina Rossi has not spared the clinic of plastic surgery. However, the model says that it has never turned to such methods of preserving youth. She tries not to even use drugs and is treated with natural remedies.

The model does not use drugs and is treated with natural remedies.

The main secret of beauty, according to Yasmin, is to do what you love and have a positive attitude towards others. A woman always smiles, enjoys life and shares her happiness with others.

The main secret of beauty is a positive attitude towards others.

Yasmina Rossi is a vivid example of the fact that in 40 years, life has just begun. She became an icon of style for women from all over the world and proved that you can look young and attractive without plastics and expensive cosmetics.