10 of the worst rides in the world


Some use swings, slides, merry-go-rounds for fun, while others find a way to tickle their nerves. For those who in everyday life do not have enough adrenaline, there are 10 of the worst attractions in the world, where there is every chance to get an unforgettable experience for the rest of your life.

Giant Canyon Swing (USA)

"Giant Canyon" - an opportunity to swing over a cliff height of 400 meters

"Giant Canyon" - one of the most impressive and dangerous entertainment on the edge of a cliff height of 400 meters This is a huge swing that rhythmically swinging at a large angle. You can experience the thrill of flight at the same time as four of us, but first you will have to sign the document, which says that in case of injuries or a fall, there will be no complaints to the organizers. Despite this condition, the attraction is wildly popular.

Formula Rossa (UAE)

On Formula Rossa everyone can feel like a Formula 1 champion.

These high-speed slides of the American type, built in the amusement park Ferrari World, in Abu Dhabi. To accelerate the cards to a maximum speed, and this is 240 km / h, it takes only 5 seconds. The length of the attraction tracks is 2,200 meters, which is also impressive. The slide is absolutely identical to the world-famous race track, so the titled Ferrari racers, who were delighted, were the first to ride on it.

Those who were lucky to personally evaluate all the delights of Formula Rossa, say that they have never experienced such stress.

Takabisha (Japan)

Takabisha - creepy roller coaster

The attraction, mounted in the park Fuji-Q High Land, opened seven years ago. Its length is almost a kilometer, and the speed of movement of trailers - up to 100 km / h. Takabisha slides are seven sharp turns that are overcome in one breath. The highest point of the complex is located at the 43-meter mark, from where the road goes down sharply at a slope of 121 degrees.

The entire trip takes 112 seconds. According to the participants, this time is enough to get a mega-portion of adrenaline and pray.

White Cyclone (Japan)

White Cyclone, despite the complexity of the design, is almost entirely made of wood

The peculiarity of the unique and dangerous entertainment lies in the fact that the design is assembled mainly from ... wood. The track is considered one of the longest among the roller coaster of the planet. The total length of the route with unpredictable ups and downs is almost 1.7 km. The height of White Cyclone is comparable to a 15-storey building, and trailers, which are also made of wood, can accelerate to 100 km / h.

Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry (UK)

Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry attraction is designed to lure tourists to Wales

This type of entertainment is the brainchild of a British sky diver who decided to attract tourists to his beloved Wales in such an original way. The essence of the attraction is that a person mounted on a cable flies parallel to the ground at an altitude of several hundred meters at a speed of 160 km / hour. If you do not close your eyes, then in the process you can see the beauty of the harsh British nature.

Sling Shot (Cyprus)

Sling Shot - perhaps the most extreme entertainment in Cyprus

Giant slingshot installed in the amusement park Ayia Napa (Cyprus). Its length is 35 meters. For a couple of seconds, lovers of danger rise to the level of the roof of a 15-story building, from where they fall down. This is repeated several times so that visitors can fully enjoy Sling Shot. Anyone can order a video of extreme travel with them in the lead role.

Drop Zone (Canada)

Drop Zone literally lowers from heaven to earth

It is located in Canada and is very simple. There are no exciting turns, where you can feel like a racer. In the Drop Zone, it is simply raised to a hundred-meter height, and then suddenly and abruptly lowered down at an impressive speed of 100 km / h. You can feel the beauty of the event only by visiting it.

Attractions located on the roof of the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel (USA)

They are mounted at a height of 300 meters, which in itself excites. Those who want to feel unreal shock rife.


Insanity - the opportunity to ride on the carousel installed on the roof of a skyscraper

This crazy carousel is the highest on the planet. Not only is it located on the roof of a skyscraper, it is also fixed 20 meters from the very edge of its roof. This is a design with open cabins for extreme lovers, which rotates at an angle of 70 degrees at a speed of up to 60 km / hour. At the same time, passengers have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the landscapes, as they are turned face down. Feelings are unforgettable!

X scream

X-Scream - extreme entertainment at the very edge of the roof

The module with passengers quickly accelerates, travels 8 meters beyond the roof, then stops and returns. This happens several times. The dose of stress is not provided by the dynamics of the attraction, but by understanding what will happen if suddenly ...

Big shot

Big Shot is among the highest attractions in the world

There, in the Stratosphere, there is another attraction, one of the highest in the world. At the base of the tower spire there is a platform with seats for passengers around the perimeter. At one moment, she jumps up with great speed, and then freely falls down. They say that at this moment life, as if for a moment, flashes before your eyes.

The most terrible attractions of the world annually attract new visitors who, having plunged into the drive once, come to their favorite parks again and again to experience unforgettable emotions.