7 of the most unusual professions in the world: and pay for it?


Professional apologizers live and work in Japan, nannies for ostriches in South Africa, and bed warmers in England. In Finland, there are people who like to sleep, who get good money for their sound sleep, as they also test new models of beds and sofas. The most unusual profession in the world is a reminder that the work of each is important in its own way: to make discoveries, develop new and useful goods, and sometimes - to make life around a little bit better and brighter.

Panda bear cone

The only vacancy in the world for a panda killer is still free.

This "dream job" would like to get any citizen of China. However, only one can be lucky. Indeed, in the Institute of Sichuan province such a vacancy is in the singular. Special qualifications from the job seeker is not required, just love animals. The duties of the humpbacker include caring for the funny bears, the constant presence next to them and - hugs with or without an occasion.

As a reward, an employee can count on 32 thousand dollars a year, plus room and board at the expense of a research and development center.

Metro rammer

It is necessary to ram people into a crowded transport very carefully so as not to injure anyone

This is another unusual work for the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom. The task of the rammer is to help subway passengers squeeze into a car driven to the eyeballs. And it is important not only to push as many people as possible inside, but also to avoid injuries and injuries.

There is no exact information on the earnings of the Chinese rammers. But it is known that the amount is equal to the average salary in China, that is, it is about 740 dollars a month.

"Guinea pig"

A person experiencing various extreme states gets a decent salary.

Profession for perfectly healthy people has no official name. Its essence is to participate in various medical experiments.

Lesson is not the most pleasant, but well paid. In just three weeks spent in European medical clinics, you can get from 6 thousand dollars.

On "guinea pigs" they experience the condition of a person in the conditions of various extreme situations. For example, for several days an employee can be tied to a bed, tilted in the direction where the subject's head is located, fixed in this position, and then begin observations and research on what a person may experience while in space orbit.

Professional bridesmaid

Professional bridesmaid - work quite enjoyable and quite profitable

The “hire” of fun guests for a wedding party in some countries has also become a successful type of business. Dummy bridesmaids are especially popular; they can decorate a party with their presence, cheer guests up and help the bride and groom in various wedding contests. At the same time, the girls of this profession should perform flawlessly - so that no one would guess that they see the hero of the occasion for the second time in their lives.

Salary girlfriend depends on the level of her acting skills and can range from 200 to 2000 dollars for one wedding.

Funeral mourner

The profession of a mourner is somewhat similar to the profession of a bridesmaid, but much more sad. Yes, and pay less

Despite the fact that this profession seems somewhat strange to modern man, it has a great history. Professional mourners existed in ancient Greece. They very convincingly depicted grief and wept during the burial of famous citizens. There were also mourners in the United States, and workers in an unusual profession even formed a trade union in the early twentieth century.

Prices for participants in mournful ceremonies cost customers at the rate of $ 35 per hour. Although in some cases the cost may be higher. For example, a mourner in Taiwan named Liu Chun-Lin gets up to $ 120 for a funeral.


Professional standing in line will save time

So they call a person who is ready to defend a long queue for money. The profession is in demand around the world. For example, in the Vatican, where the queues of tourists stretch for several blocks, tramidators help visitors to quickly find themselves in the museum halls and save valuable time.

The services of professional tramidators cost about $ 10 an hour. In Russia, prices are slightly lower - from 400 to 500 rubles for 60 minutes of waiting.

Dog Food Taster

It's a little weird, but people are tasting food for dogs.

The task of the people of this profession is to evaluate new varieties of animal feed. You need to have a sensitive scent to catch the subtle notes of the smell of the product, and taste. A professional taster will accurately determine whether a dog will like a new treat or not.

Such work is very difficult and not everyone can cope with it. That is why dog ​​food tasters get good money: beginner workers can count on 30 thousand dollars a year, superprofes up to 75 thousand.

The list of strange and amazing professions can be continued endlessly and be surprised at the same time: “Is it possible that they also pay money for all this ?!” Although there is nothing surprising: if professions appear, it means that they are needed by someone. After all, even the cheese will not be so tasty without the "Parmesan listener", which with accuracy will determine the readiness of exclusive cheese ... by ear.