Roxanne Pallett hit the car accident

The British film actress who played in "Lake of Fear 3" and "Turning the wrong way 6" got into an accident.

Until yesterday, Roxanne easily managed to combine the actor's game, which requires responsibility, and reckless hobbies of races. Going to overtake, the actress did not calculate her own strength and lost control of the car, crashing into a concrete fence.

Palet did not recover even half a minute after the collision, which frightened the present colleagues. Getting the victim out of a crumpled car was not so easy: firefighters rescued the actress for more than an hour and a half, after which Roxana was immediately sent to hospital by helicopter, who had flown to get a star.

Currently, a celebrity restores health, getting rid of the consequences of the accident. It is not known how long the rehabilitation will take, because Pallet has received multiple injuries, among which there are serious ones. Fortunately, some of the strikes were mitigated by gear.