10 most powerful men in the world: who are they?


The most powerful man in the world - the dream of many women. It is believed that this is a tall and heavy macho, whose body is 99% composed of trained muscles, and his smile strikes outright. And how really?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

In 1987, the Hollywood Walk of Fame was replenished with the nominal star Arnold Schwarzenegger

He became interested in strength exercises as a teenager, and received his first "adult" award at age 19, winning the "Mr. Europe" competition. After that, Schwarzenegger four times became "Mr. Universe" and 7 times "Mr. Olympia." Today, Arni recalls with a smile how in his youth the walls of his room were hung with posters of famous athletes, which irritated his mother. She was afraid that her son had problems with orientation, because young guys should admire only beautiful girls. Schwarzenegger is already over 70, but he is still alert, fresh and is the idol of young people, as well as the object of the secret love of married ladies.

Mark Henry

Mark Henry's hit weight reaches 800 kg.

An athlete with a height of 193 cm and a weight of 187 kg is known as a wrestler and weight lifter, and more recently a wrestler. He has won the US Championships more than once and is the only athlete who simultaneously holds top titles in powerlifting and weightlifting. M. Henry is the author of the world record for squatting without equipment with a barbell weighing 430 kg. One can only envy his wife and daughter, whom the record holder loves and literally carries in his arms.

Bill casmeier

After graduating from school, Bill was taken to the University of Wiscon without examinations, which he soon left

This strongman height of 191 cm and weighing 150 kg obeyed all the heights of powerlifting. Participating in the competition "Strongman", three times became the absolute champion of WSM. However, the tournament organizers did their best so that B. Kazmeier would refuse to participate further, because others also want to win ...

Zydrunas Savickas

In 2001, during extreme sports competitions, he suffered a serious knee injury, but after 9 months he returned to power sports!

Lithuanian athlete born in 1975. In 2009, he was recognized as the strongest man on the planet. Savitskas loved sports since childhood, although, at first, he was more on TV, and then he himself began to train. Today he has 40 world-class records and ambitious plans.

Vasily Virastyuk

Today Vasyl Virastyuk is the Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine

A man who was twice recognized as the strongest man in the world. It is not surprising, because who else could have dragged 5 trams with a total weight of more than 101 tons or in a minute to lift and hoist 4 ice blocks, weighing 150 kg each, on pedestals? That's the same thing! V. Virastyuk is a famous Ukrainian athlete whose name is entered in the Book of Records of Ukraine. Today, he was fascinated by filming the reality show "Zazheni that happy" ("Weighted and happy"), where it helps to lose weight to obese people. It would seem that it is a pleasure to train in the society of such a superman. However, project participants consider it tough and demanding.

Brian show

At school, Brian loved basketball and even participated in various competitions.

Strongman-pros come from Colorado (USA) height 203 cm and weighing 197 kg. He became interested in sports in 2005, and a year later he entered the professional league. He was recognized three times as the most powerful man in the world. Today, Shaw is the only athlete who was able to lift 6 Atlas stones. In May 2018, the athlete participated in the next World Strongest Man tournament, and he was preparing for him so seriously that he missed the birth of his wife, who was going to attend. Nothing can be done - the costs of big sport.

Vasily Alekseev

Vasily Alekseev has 80 world records, one of which cannot be beaten.

The name of this legendary weightlifter once thundered in the USSR, because he set a huge number of records, of which 81 became national, and 80 - world. Vladimir Vysotsky at one time devoted his song "Weightlifter" to Alekseev. The personal life of an athlete was no less successful than a professional one. In 1962, he married a girl with a sports name and has since joked that he won as many as three Olympics, one of which was his wife.

Alexander Zass

Alexander developed a training method based on isometric and dynamic exercises, with the help of which he gained strength

A man with very non-athletics data (167 cm tall and weighing 80 kg) worked for more than half a century in a circus, where he admired the audience with extraordinary power. He easily lifted an adult horse, tearing metal chains with the movement of his fingers, and scored nails with his bare palm. In 1938, A. Zass did a trick with a laden car, under which he lay down and remained alive. After that, the public's favorite got the nickname “Iron Samson” and became the dream of the most beautiful women. Lucky only 16-year-old nymph Blanche, who became a strongman's bride, when he was already 38 years old.

Yakub Chekhovskaya

Chekhovskaya was one of the founders of the magazine 'Wrestler-Athlete', and also was a member of the All-Russian Union of wrestlers-athletes

Another famous circus performer who performed with force numbers at the beginning of the last century. He conquered the public with the fact that he could hold six adults on one hand and easily stood in the gymnastic “bridge” with 10 assistants from above. On his strong chest lay the platform, where he played an orchestra of 30 musicians. However, the greatest delight of the public caused a trick when the actor lay under the boards, on which passed three laden cars. The hall roared with delight, and J. Chekhovskaya, the owner of the golden belt of the Athletic Society, just smiled into his luxurious mustache.

Joe rollino

Rollino was a veteran of World War II

This man today could hardly be called a superman for his height 165 cm and weight, which was only 68 kg. And yet, despite the modest parameters, D. Rollin was a real strongman and repeatedly won fights with heavier rivals. A person capable of tearing off 500 kg from the ground, adhered to vegetarianism and did not tolerate alcohol. This is an excellent argument in favor of the fact that it is not meat food that makes a person strong, but proper training. Joe Rollino lived a long life and even on the day of his 104th birthday he entertained the guests by gracefully bending coins.

To become a strong and successful person, it is not necessary to be born with the body of Hercules. As the experience of outstanding athletes confirms, results can be achieved through diligence and training, and at any age. In this case, it is important to take the first step so that the sports ground with simulators becomes not only a pleasant view from the window, but also a vital attribute.