Naughty pin-up: photos of the ideas of the clockwork makeup


The circumstances under which pin-up makeup was born is a key factor in determining the characteristics. The manner of playing around was playfully and coquettishly dictated by the 40s, when during World War II the soldiers needed an image of a mannered, decoy and naughty girl.

The main features of makeup in pin-up style

The pin-up style appeared in the first half of the 20th century and gained fame after the widespread distribution of posters, which depicted seductive women with bright makeup. By 1940, these bold coquette became the embodiment of beauty.

The main features of pin-up makeup:

  • perfect face tone;
  • seductive bright lips;
  • black arrows;
  • thin eyebrows in the form of an arc;
  • super soft eyelashes;
  • beautiful blush.

20 interesting ideas on the photo

According to historians, the style originated much earlier, somewhere in the late XIX century. Until the middle of the last century, when applying a pin-up style make-up, they did not use contouring techniques. The ability to adjust the shape of the face arose with the advent of special cosmetics.

Some stylists still adhere to the manner of applying cosmetics of those times when there was no wide palette of colors (the cosmetic industry was only gaining momentum and could not yet satisfy the request).

Currently, the vintage style of make-up is again in fashion, and its fans are happy to use all the techniques allowed by it.

Faces: matte and bright, with a reddish-pink blush.

Pin-up to face different girls - and brunettes, and blondes.

The shape of the eyebrows - always with a break, which makes the image playful and flirty.

Pin-up make-up is impossible to imagine without wide arrows. To make them neat, it is better to first outline with a pencil, and then paint them with liquid eyeliner.

Girls with fair skin and dark hair should prefer berry shades of lipstick, and blond red hair will suit blondes and owners of red hair.

In makeup pin-up style, lipstick and pencil play an important role, they can be used to adjust the shape of the lips: make the mouth rounded, a bow or a heart.

It is appropriate to balance on the verge of pin-up and vamp, but with the utmost accuracy - no further than clarity of contours, depth of bright color and facial expression.

The final touch is a fly on the cheek, it is best to place it above the lip or under the eye. Shiny black should be avoided, giving way to a soft brown and non-uniform.

Pin-up make-up only enhances the inner message of playfulness and coquetry, which today are considered the norm. This experts and explain his return to modern fashion.