25 beautiful makeup ideas in the Greek style


The popularity that Greek-style makeup has acquired from modern beauties is easily explained. The created images clearly echo the ancient mythology, and what girl would refuse at least once to play the role of the heroine of the ancient epic!

The main features of the makeup in the Greek style

Greek makeup is a fashion trend. It implies a clean, alabaster skin, like a statue of a beautiful goddess, and an emphasis on eyes and eyebrows. Such make-up looks most advantageous with a knot of hair or loose curls and loose, flowing clothes: a dress with a high waist or a light tunic.

30 ideas with photos

Greek makeup, like any other, dictates certain style requirements.

They make it recognizable.

It is characterized by bright, distinguished eyes on the face, soft and almost glowing skin.

Her tone should be smooth, clean, as close as possible to the natural.

And regardless of the color of the hair: brunette, brown-haired, with ashy hair ...

Or blond.

Particular attention should be paid to eyebrows.

They should be made as geometric as possible.

Even if a girl, by definition, has eyebrows with a smooth contour.

To create the illusion of geometricity will help some simple techniques.

So, makeup artists actively use contour pencils of two or three shades for this purpose.

Blond people only refresh the natural color of the scalp, while the dark ones, including the radically black, fix the rigor of the fracture.

The task regarding the eyes is to make them languid, fascinating and full of secrets.

And this is best possible due to the optical zoom.

Be sure to paint the eyelashes with mascara.

Shadows. Golden pearl and matt brown are used. It does not interfere with a delicate mixture of a wide range of shades. From pinkish cream to greenish, blue, slightly lilac.

Overlay order. The upper movable eyelid draw a dark pencil as close as possible to the growth of eyelashes.

Brown tone is taken as a basis and they cover the eyelid completely from the eyelashes.

The remaining area to the eyebrows tinted light.

Lips. It creates the effect of juiciness.

Engage bright lipstick in case of an “energetic event” and smoother, matte ones for an event on a calm theme.

As for gloss and glitter, they play an important role: they deprive the image of vulgarity, but at the same time give it sensuality.

Ideal are those rouge that are in the palette of shades from bronze to terracotta.

It should be noted the category of women to whom the Greek make-up is most suitable.

These are ladies with golden skin tones.

Mostly green, blue and brown eyes.

In general, Greek makeup is quite versatile.

It is appropriate to perform it for any reason, whether it is a significant holiday or the daily work of a woman whose care for others does not cause doubts.

The image of a bold and self-sufficient contemporary.

The ability to paint in Greek is always useful in life. This style will organically fit into the theme of any event: graduation, wedding, friendly party or corporate.