25 stylish business dress ideas for obese women


It is not much more difficult to choose business dresses for obese girls than for skinny women. Using some of the secrets in the selection of style, you can look spectacular, elegant and stylish.

The basic rule when choosing an office dress, which should follow a woman with a curvaceous shape - it should be on the figure, not too cling, but not to resemble a robe.

The optimal length is midi.

You can not wear models with low waist.

Transparent materials are undesirable, as well as too large geometric patterns - they add extra centimeters.

It is recommended to combine different fabrics and colors. Optimal styles - trapeze, straight, case.

The fabric should keep its shape well, be textured.


This also applies to business options for the summer.

The perfect cut for magnificent ladies is a trapeze.

An extended skirt conceals a tummy and full legs and hips.

Sheath dress is a classic of business style. It looks good on all girls, including plump ones, due to the narrowed semi-skirt.

The bulging tummy and curvy sides can be hidden with the help of the Basques.

Straight classic style is quite comfortable and perfectly hides the extra pounds. The only important thing is that it is not too free.

A balloon dress at the bottom, matching the bottom.

A model with a slight odor at the expense of a loose-fitting skirt will hide kilograms in the abdomen and hips, and the smell itself creates a vertical line, visually drawing a figure.

High waist will hide the protruding tummy.

Appropriate styles with draperies. They are comfortable, they well mask unnecessary centimeters in the waist and on the sides.

The small print, a cell or a strip harmoniously looks.

3/4 sleeve will hide the fullness of the arms, shoulders and distract attention from the wide waist.

In the hot summer, a laconic safari dress looks good. Clear lines "collect" the silhouette.

Model-tunic gives the figure slimness, it will be comfortable to work throughout the day.

The bright detail on the bodice of the dress distracts from the extra volume and adds a “zest” to the strict dress.

A good solution - contrast side panels. They visually narrow the silhouette, making it slimmer.

A slight emphasis on the waistline is appropriate.

The traditional colors of the office are dark. But it is worth looking at the bright colors. The correct cut lines do not add volume at all.

According to the stylists, there are no unsuccessful figures, there is unsuccessful clothing. Among the different models of business dresses will always be something that will look perfect.