Gray manicure. Is it boring Not at all!


Gray manicure is a classic version that will never go out of style. Someone considers it too boring, suitable only for working days, but this is not so: you only need to show a drop of imagination in the field of design, and with gray nails you can even go under the crown! Instagram masters only confirm this idea.

Simple ideas of gray manicure on a photo

Indeed the easiest option is a monochrome coating. It will look beautiful on well-groomed smooth nails. Due to the variety of shades gray has no requirements for length or shape.


Light or dark shade of gel polish is selected depending on the color of the skin of the hands.


Effects and decorations in nail art gray nails

Various designs and effects will help to make a manicure: ombra, rub, sequins, rhinestones. The latter are particularly popular because they are beautifully set off by the gray color and make the manicure luxurious. The main thing is not to overdo it: optimal application of sparkling elements on 1-2 nails.


What pictures will look profitable

On a gray substrate, plant elements and various patterns look faded and boring. The real trend is geometric patterns, such a manicure will be truly unique. Best of all performed in different colors. The marble effect is gaining popularity.


Successful color combinations in the photo

Gray is basic, so it will look beautiful in tandem with any color. The main thing is to monitor the temperature of the flowers: to combine warm colors with warm ones, and cold ones with cold ones.

So, the palette of the most popular companion colors for this tone is very wide:

  • pink,
  • yellow,
  • white,
  • the black,
  • beige,
  • purple or lilac,
  • delicate shades of green
  • blue or cyan
  • silver and gold
  • and even red!

Gray manicure is not boring! It can be worn and monochrome, but the best and more interesting option would be to use it as a background for various designs. This will give the whole image unique and fresh.