Paul Walker's mother remembers the last day of her son's life

Recently, in an interview with People magazine, the movie star's mother, Cheryl Walker, spoke about that terrible evening on November 30, 2013, when her son died.

That day, the actor and his daughter came to visit Cheryl and discuss plans for Christmas. "We were going to go buy a Christmas tree that day, but suddenly Paul jumped, looked at the clock anxiously and said:" I completely forgot! They are waiting for me! "As it turned out, he was late for a charity event to help people who suffered from a typhoon in the Philippines."

The man said goodbye to his mother and hurried to the meeting. This is Cheryl's last memory of a son. Returning from a fundraiser, 40-year-old Paul had an accident: his car crashed into a pole and exploded. Behind the wheel of a car sat a friend of celebrity and his financial assistant Roger Rhodes, who in the past was a racer. The car exceeded the speed of 50 miles / hour. According to experts, they did not have a chance to survive in such a catastrophe. Walker's blood test did not reveal any alcohol or drugs in his body.

Dust celebrity was scattered in the Hollywood Hills.

“Many may say:“ Another TV star crashed in a car, ”says Cheryl Walker.“ But he was much more than just an actor. He was such a multi-faceted, kind, amazing person. ”

According to the woman, every year on the birthday of her son, he and his family go to his favorite place to surf and let sunflowers float on the water in memory of him.