Sergey Zhukov spoke about his state of health

Sergey Zhukov turned to the fans and spoke about his state of health.

For fans of the "Hands Up" group, it was a real shock to hear that Sergey Zhukov was in the hospital and because of this he had to change his touring schedule.

Official representatives said that this operation is already the third. Soon after the news, Sergey himself decided to talk about his condition.

In the video, the singer said that during his many years of touring he had not had the opportunity to take a close look at his health, but because of his deteriorating state, he had to pay attention to this in early June. The singer dissuaded the fans that it was not a terrible and incurable disease and the results of the previous treatment did not give the desired results, but left the diagnosis secret.

At the end of the video, the frontman of the group expressed hope to return to work at the end of August, when the operation will take place.