The most successful women's hairstyle, hiding the nose


Girls think that a big nose can be corrected only with the help of plastic surgery. In fact, it will help to hide it properly chosen haircut, makeup and shape of the eyebrows. Experienced hairdressers select hairstyles for girls with a big nose, based on the appearance, style and problem of the client. If there is no such specialist, you can find the right haircut yourself. You need to decide what hair length is preferable or what problem you want to hide.

Hairstyles for girls with a big nose

Girls who want to hide their nose, fit all hairstyles, creating additional volume in the face. It can be haircuts with a hair, asymmetrical, with curls. It is forbidden to do:

  • tails;
  • bangs;
  • short haircuts;
  • direct parting

With proper design and selection of forms, girls with a big nose can even make these hairstyles.

For long-haired

Straight long hair is best curled, and locks near the face to comb to the side.

The volume of the face is created, and the long bang is laid on one side. You can fasten the lock with a beautiful hair clip. Hair is raised with a hair dryer to create additional volume. It turns out the effect of "broken curls"

For medium length

Average length is considered ideal. It is necessary to add volume to the face using an interesting form of haircuts or curls.

Soft curls create volume, and strand combed to the side gives shape to the volume created at the top of the head, and torn strands distract attention from the nose

On short hair

Hairdressers often do not recommend short haircuts, but under certain conditions, girls with a big nose can wear them.

The nachit created forehead is created. The haircut itself is voluminous, there are torn strands that create an attractive shape.

When selecting hair, you must consider the shape of the face.

Long long face

With a long elongated face and a big nose, you can wear long hair.

A hairstyle with a ladder will visually reduce the length of the face.

Thin face

It is required to create volume in the ear area.

Asymmetrical bob with voluminous bang is suitable for straight hair. Curly-haired girls can cut their skin and make locks with foam or wax.

Large nose

A large nose will help to hide the hair of medium length. It is better not to do the bangs, but if a woman is not used to her without her, the way out is to create a large pile of hair or haircut.

A short haircut with a bang reduces the nose due to the sheared volume strands on the back of the head. They balance the proportions of the nose. A long, volumetric haircut by a ladder distracts attention from the nose.

Wide nose

A girl with a wide nose will not fit bangs. Hair is better to remove from the face.

A bundle with falling strands distracts attention from the shape of the face. Draws at the forehead and the volume around the ears distracts attention from the nose.

Long nose

Such a nose can be balanced by creating a volume or interesting details on top. Smooth-combed hair is not recommended.

Short hairstyle with a hair in front of the forehead A volume bundle with individual strands released

Pointy nose

A large nose will hide the large curls that fall down and frame the face. Bangs better not to do.

Soft waves at the face. Despite the presence of bangs, hair is successful, because the hair on the forehead is divided into two parts and goes to the "total mass" without creating clear lines. The effect of some negligence distracts attention from the sharp nose

Potato nose

Usually it is easily hidden with oblique bangs, which should not fall on the nose. The length can be any. Winning will look volumetric tail.

Although the bangs touch the face, interesting coloring distracts attention from the shape of the nose. Collected hair with volume at the top.

Aquiline nose

Straight lines should be avoided: straight bangs, straight hair, symmetrical haircuts.

Side parting and volume on the one hand, curls and light hair color distract attention from the nose lines

Often the big nose is balanced by large features: pronounced cheekbones, expressive eyes, full lips. In this case, the hairstyle must be selected individually.