The most ridiculous hairstyles of Hollywood stars over the past 5 years


Various prestigious awards - a place where the stars want to show themselves in all their glory, but does not always work. The ball of the costume Met Gala is also just a storehouse of strange and foolish images, the ceremony of this year and previous years is no exception. Here they are, the most ridiculous hairstyle of Hollywood stars in the last 5 years.

Katy Perry built something incomprehensible on her head and decorated it with a terrible bang.

Lily Collins once also decided to play Gothic and did something awkward on her head when she came to Met Gala 2017.

Another regular guest of Met Gala is Rita Ora. In 2017, her stylists decided not to bother and just put some sawdust on her head.

But Celine Dion, making her debut on Met Gala in 2017, chose a graduate hairstyle from the 2000s.

In 2013, Niki Minaj appeared at an environmental auction with a very strange hairstyle. Apparently, she decided to maintain the "green" color of her hair.

It remains to hope that actress Mimi Wadles dismissed her stylist. After all, this hairstyle at the ceremony Oscar-2017 was a real failure.

Rooney Mara was also ridiculous at that ceremony.

Another guest Oscar 2017 is Halle Berry. It is not clear whom the actress portrayed with her haircut: either a disco diva, or a medusa Gorgon.

It is unclear whether this can be called a hairstyle, because the hair on the head of Cara Delevingne is not at all. By the way, she shaved the girl for the role in the film "Life for a year." But the Hollywood star did not lose her head and covered her bald head with rhinestones and silver paint.

Of course, at the Met Gala ceremony, everyone looked at Beyonce's transparent dress, but fortunately, her so-so hairstyle was paid much less attention.

Lady Gaga is a rather shocking singer, but this button made of hair is the height of nonsense.

Rihanna often changes the image, and well, that this horror on her head no longer exists.

Idiot Spit, flavored with disgusting quality make-up - Sofia Sanchez de Betak's corporate identity.

When Miley Cyrus was still outrageous, she came to Met Gala 2013 with a hedgehog on her head.

In recent years, Rose McGowan is famous not for movie roles, but for scandalous acts. She shaved her head and came to the Grammy 2017 with a golden foil on her head.

And at the Grammy 2016 singer Zendaya has distinguished herself. It seems the hairdresser cut it in the dark. Otherwise, to explain "it" on the head is simply impossible.

Jared Leto easily refers to the change of image. A couple of years ago, he surprised passers-by with bright green hair.

Zane Malik is another Hollywood experimenter. At one of the Grammy ceremonies, he came here with this misunderstanding instead of hair.

In 2013, Daniel Redcliffe grew his hair for the filming of the movie "Frankenstein". It is good that he did not leave this hairstyle and cut his hair after the end of the shooting.

This output of Irina Shayk was a complete failure. The ugly dress was complemented by short bangs and slick hair.

In recent years, Scarlett Johansson is a model of tastelessness in terms of hairstyles, replacing one ridiculous styling for another.

So if you are ridiculed for an unsuccessful haircut, it's not so bad. Stars get the most unflattering comments in their address, and live with it somehow. And not bad, I must say, live!