Fans revealed the unpleasant details of the marriage of Gauguin Solntsev

Internet users have learned the truth about Gauguin’s wife.

Gauguin Solntsev loves to shock the audience, and his recent wedding with Ekaterina Tereshkovich caused a lot of hype. The guy does not get tired of confessing his wife with love and often publishes her candid photos on his page in social networks. One of the latest statements of the showman was his desire to have children.

Recently, however, rumors began to roam the Internet that all this wedding and love rush is just a soap bubble. And it all started because of suspicions that Ekaterina Tereshkovich is not a millionaire at all, but a pensioner is idle. Users recognized a lady in one of the issues of the juvenile affairs show, where she was an extra and played the grandmother of one of the defendants. And although Catherine was in make-up, there was still a clear resemblance.

Now, many are wondering: is Gauguin the real marriage, or did he pay the old woman for PR?