Female haircut "under the pot" - gently or strictly?


Women's haircut "under the pot" - a classic fashionable hairstyle that does not lose its relevance for a long time. In Russia, it is already known since the appearance of Christianity, and has since retained its main features. This haircut fits many types of faces, gives the image of both tenderness and boldness. She will help to correct the shortcomings, to focus on the dignity of the owner of hair.

History of creation

The history of this haircut went from ancient times. Then, according to the sources, an ordinary pot was used to create it. For a neat and even hairstyle, a pot was put on his head, and his hair, peeking out from under it, was cut off. It's funny, but is it true? We hardly ever find out ...

The most popular haircut acquired after the performance of the group "The Beatles". Trying to repeat the image of their favorite musicians, many guys cut their hair like members of a band.

Members of the group "The Beatles" returned to fashion haircut

Fashion is not spared, and the fair sex. Since the 80s, self-confident girls have chosen the female version of their hair.

Haircut makes the look more open and expressive.

Who will suit women's haircut under the pot

Haircut is ideal for owners of an oval, triangular or elongated face, as well as for girls with narrow facial features (for example, a hairstyle will make a narrow nose more harmonious). Girls with small stature on the head will make visually higher. Haircut focuses on the eyes, the line of the cheekbones and neck, opening it completely and making it more graceful and slimmer.

A lovely haircut with a bang just lowered on the eyebrows, as well as an even cut going around the whole head, goes both to the stars and to the "earthly" girls

Stylists advise owners of straight hair to do this hairstyle for better styling and lasting results. However, if you have a good master, you can also make it on curly hair.

Behind the hair shave on a smooth edge or with a small asymmetry, graduation

A short hairstyle makes the face of its owner younger and more innocent.

The effect of the hairstyle is a soft contrast between the volumes of the "cap" and the temporal-occipital zone.

The hairstyle looks effectively on the melirovanny hair.

Haircut under the pot looks soft and bold

The technology of the haircut in the salon

The step-by-step instruction for working according to the classical scheme looks like this:

  1. The head is divided into zones: two temporal, one occipital and one parietal.
  2. 4 reference points of length are determined in each zone: on the lower part of the occipital zone, the temporal (left and right) zone and bangs. Haircut begins at the head. Gradually, an even oval or circle is shaved around the head. The form can be any, as well as length.
  3. The first row must be cut very smoothly.
  4. Subsequent rows are gradually distinguished by thin partitions and are cut off in a similar manner. They should be slightly longer than the previous ones.
  5. Bangs should smoothly move into the bulk of the hair.
  6. Gradually vystrivayutsya all subsequent layers. At the end of the work, the hair is blow-dried and styled.

Interesting ideas on the photo

The pot is not only classic, but also with a small asymmetry on the sides

Whiskey can be shaved or left.

The hair on the temples give the hairstyle more sophisticated

You can lay the pot according to your taste: both strict lines and some carelessness will look great.

You can lay the pot in the shag-style, slight negligence gives a perky look. Australian model Roby Rose - the owner of a "under the pot"

With varinatom staining, too, be determined according to your style.

Fully shaved nape with bright coloration or classic - the choice is yours

In most variations of the bang cut, this is a necessary attribute for creating a volume that gives a light, not overloaded image. Most often, the bang is done to the level of the eyebrows or slightly higher. However, there are variations with a very short bang, but still do not lose the main idea of ​​a haircut.

Even with a short bang, the image looks very tender.

Slanting fringe in this haircut is a great solution.

Bangs can be not only straight, but also oblique

The height of the upper layer may vary depending on the features you want to emphasize.

Cut height hairstyles and bangs can be adjusted depending on the preferences of the girl

Haircut "under the pot" - it is tenderness and audacity at the same time. Due to the contrast of the volumes of the temporal-occipital part and the “cap”, an impressive hairstyle is obtained that can win the hearts of many men. Haircut gives elegance and with proper care will please its owner for a long time.