Kevin Federline tore triple the amount of alimony from Britney Spears

Former husband of singer Kevin Federline requires more than 100 thousand dollars!

Despite the fact that the marriage of Britney Spears with Kevin broke up more than 10 years ago, quarrels and scandals do not calm down. Recently, the court granted Federline’s lawsuit, in which he requested an increase in the amount of alimony paid by his ex-wife. Now Britney owes another 110 thousand dollars, which will go to the maintenance of two common sons. At the same time, most of the time, according to a court decision, children spend with Spears herself, and see their father only on holidays. Now Britney pays Kevin 35 thousand dollars a month.

According to insiders, in fact, Kevin lives now due to the income of the former spouse. In addition to his two sons from the singer, he brings up four more children, so there is always a shortage of funds for a large family. It is reported that Kevin's lawyers want to go to court with a proposal to increase the amount of alimony paid by three times.