It became known for whom Vincent Cassel traded Monica Bellucci

51-year-old actor announced his intention to marry a young model.

The actor, along with his 21-year-old sweetheart Tina Kunaki, appeared on shots in Vanity Fair magazine. In an interview with the bride, the actor confirmed the news of the engagement, saying that the offer came as a surprise to her, so she did not even immediately answer.

What is interesting, at first, Tina did not know who she was dating, since she had never watched films with Kassel. The couple together with 2015, and the actor does not confuse the age difference, although he admits that he did not know how many years Tina was at the beginning of their relationship.

Vincent said that after the divorce from Monica Bellucci, his life was empty, and he was glad to have a quick wedding. The actor is also ready for paternity in the future.