Coral color on your nails! 50 manicure ideas


Manicure - a spectacular touch in an image that does not go unnoticed! He invariably catches the eye, no matter what outfit you picked up. Particular attention should be paid to bright varnishes, but feminine colors. Owners of coral manicure know: with him admiring glances and the enthusiasm of others are guaranteed!

How many shades of coral exist

Coral is a mixture of pink and orange shades, sometimes with an admixture of red. Often he is associated with something very bright and catchy. In fact, he has many shades, from neon to pastel.


Whoever you are, a romantic young lady or a self-confident business woman, you will surely find a shade to your liking.


Photo ideas monochrome coral manicure

Self-sufficient and a little cheeky, coral color is perfect for monochrome manicure!

Those who prefer pastel colors will find their option!

This color is chosen emotional women with special charisma.

Burning beauty Eva Mendes chose coral with orange notes for a photo shoot. Such a manicure perfectly coexists with red lipstick. Rihanna opted for a monochrome manicure and pedicure in tone - the image with a peppercorn!

Do not forget about the matte varnishes: they look very gentle and interesting. Despite the abundance of gloss, dullness does not go out of fashion and still remains relevant.

Pastel coral-peach shade looks like a dusty matt texture

Manicure options with different effects

There are many ways to diversify coral manicure. Some of them are not easy to learn, but definitely worth a try!

Such different service jackets

The well-known french coat looks perfect if you replace the pale pink color with coral and play around with the "smile" line. Down with the stereotypes, give free rein to the fantasy!

The standard jacket with a “smile” of white color is perfectly adjacent to the ombre effect. Instead of the usual pink, the beige color is used as the substrate. The opposite is true! It looks spectacular, but requires careful execution. This option is perfect for a party on a hot summer evening, for everyday wear you should pick up something quieter

In the moon jacket, coral can be easily combined with other colors, both light and dark!

The black color does not seem gloomy due to the coating with large sequins. A stylish combination of extra-modal techniques: moon jacket, negative space and french-ombre! If you want to add a twist to the classic moon jacket, use rhinestones!

Beautiful uses for glitter, camouflage and other flickering materials

In general, rhinestones and glitter, from small to large, perfectly combined with bright shades of coral, the main thing is to comply with the measure!

Choosing as a base lacquer with gold glitters, you can make an original holiday manicure! French ombre itself always looks original, but here the transition is emphasized with shiny pieces of different size and shape! Another way is to use a dense coating of glitter to draw a line " smiles "If you select one or two nails on each hand with sparkles, you will have a simpler, but no less spectacular option! Pick up sand lacquer of a similar shade together with a simple coral with the addition of small sparkles. The result will pleasantly surprise you! This manicure is more complicated in execution, but it looks minimalistic and stylish! If you choose rhinestones, decorate them with 1-2 nails, otherwise the manicure will be a little vulgar. Since coral color is associated with summer and sun, the ideal option is appliqués and drawings in the form of dragonflies and butterflies! Noble and luxurious looks matte bright coral manicure in combination with shiny and muddy crystals Glamorous evening version - matte varnish and an emphasis on one nails using massive rhinestones

Ombre, gradients, rub-in and patterns

Coral color is an excellent base for experimentation. In the course are fashionable this season rubbing, stamping, drawings in a very different style!

A very feminine look is a combination of a delicate pink and coral shade and a golden rub, which creates a transparent iridescent haze. It is worth taking a rub in creating a more dense layer, and we get a fascinating brilliance of pink gold! Of course, stickers! Not only geometric patterns, but also floral motifs made of special fine sand are perfectly combined with coral color. You can create elegant transitions using the marble technique (in one manicure) Stamping lovers will appreciate coral because it shows itself perfectly as a substrate and as a color of patterns! Neilarta supporters will appreciate the color compatibility and opening space for experiments Neon version is ideal for manicure in the style of pop art - Serena Williams wore this at one of the tournaments! Delicate Oriental motifs look great on soft pastel substrate

We combine correctly!

As we have said, the versatility of all coral shades lies in the fact that they are combined with many colors: bright, delicate and even strict!

Silver and gold

For those who love a rich, noticeable manicure and used to being the center of attention! The classic combination is coral color + gold, but silver can make a worthy tandem with it!

The variation on the theme of the moon coat with whitened coral varnish - minimalist and beautiful! Silver lacquer is very convenient as a bright and beautiful substrate, as well as for drawing dividing lines in a contrasting manicure. For a variety, use several shades and a rigorous picture. Sufficiently thin gold strips - a discreet and elegant manicure is ready! And you should fix the gold ribbon at the cuticle - and the effect will be completely different, but no less original! Pay attention to the foil and special rubbing that helps create the effect of flown gilding

Classic for all time

Black, white and beige are perfect for coral - graphic manicures look especially impressive. Such combinations are considered classic, but there are several interesting techniques that will help to create an original design.

Such a manicure is very simple in design, but it looks beautiful and laconic. At the peak of fashion, manicure in the style of negative space. And red coral is ideal for such experiments! Combining coral with white, they usually stop the choice on thin, neat drawings and patterns - I just want to consider them! Another noble and light combination with white. Imitation of marble gives manicure even more sophistication. A little more graphics! This time - the color is powdery and very pale and in perfect harmony with white. A pattern imitating lace looks no less advantageous and coquettish. A pair of beige manicure can get a touch of retro style.

Bright and juicy!

If you want the summer to last longer, feel free to combine mint, orange, yellow, green and coral! All these combinations will lift your spirits and beautify gray days.

Paired with mint coral will look softer, the manicure will turn out gentle and girlish. You can add a little rhinestone and light pattern - this will give even more charm to your nails. And here is a combination with yellow and orange bold and sunny! An option for bold and cheerful persons. You can make an ombra of juicy, warm colors that resemble a sunset over the ocean in hot countries. Combinations with turquoise, green and emerald are more risky. The main thing is to choose the right shades. Using the coral color of the tandem with blue or blue you will get an excellent manicure in a marine theme! Would you like a more abstract design? Feel free to combine different shades, creating several "islands" of color!

Remember: examples are designed to inspire you to experiment and easy adventures with image. Even if you have never tried to apply these shades of lacquer, we advise you to take a chance! In the palette you can find options that are suitable for any color type, age and lifestyle. Well-groomed hands with a beautiful manicure will not only improve your mood, but also attract a lot of compliments, but it's so nice to know that even such a small detail is noticed and praised in your image!