Kate Middleton: The Secrets of the Duchess of Cambridge Style

The style of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton draws the attention of many fashionistas from around the world. She became the ideal of beauty and femininity, the outfits in which the duchess appears before the public, immediately gain incredible fame. Her flawlessly chosen outerwear, elegant hats, the color range of dresses evoke a storm of emotions.

What styles in clothes does the duchess use?

Kate's style is admirable. She knows how to combine skirts, pants, shoes and coats, what shades to use to create a magnificent image. All accessories are used to a minimum, without vulgarity and massive jewelry. From outerwear style icon prefers jackets, jackets and coats.

For secular meetings, the duchess appeals to famous stylists, but Kate Middleton's casual style looks very democratic and unobtrusive.

Kate prefers to combine straight cut or skinny pants with light-colored tops and a jacket that emphasizes the waist.

Casual wear is usually combined from brands such as ZARA, MANGO and MONSOON.

Casual images of Middleton are calm, clothes are mostly pastel

The style of the English princess’s clothing is not distinguished by the vividness of the colors; he is elegant and not defiant.

Pearl shades emphasize elegance


Kate chooses a very feminine, soft dress. They do not differ excessive luxury and flashiness. Preference is given to dresses in pure colors, but models with bright prints often appear in her wardrobe.

In shoes, gives preference to matching shoes-shoes

Favorite decor elements - lace and pleating. At official meetings, the duchess most often appears in tight-fitting outfits with a small cleavage without bright screaming prints.

As a rule, Middleton complements the image with clutches, waist belts, hats and neat jewelry.

Often on it you can see dresses of a gentle-lilac, yellow, white color. Turquoise shades - one of the most beloved.

In 2011, for the ceremony BAFTA Kate Middleton chose a chiffon dress in A-silhouette floor

Wedding Dress

Special attention deserves the wedding dress Kate. It is sewn according to the sketches of the designer of the fashion house Alexander McQueen from silk and lace.

The bridal gown of the British beauty is recognized as the best in the world

The dress was created taking into account English traditions: the sleeves and bodice of the dress were decorated with lace flowers, symbols of Great Britain - thistles, roses, clover leaves and narcissuses.

The price of a wedding dress is about 400 thousand dollars

And the train was also obligatory: according to tradition, the longer the wedding dress train, the happier the marriage will be.

Kate's wedding dress train was 3 meters


In skirts, the Cambridge duchess favors such styles as a pencil or a half-sun with knee-length or midi length. This underlines its elegance and sophistication.

The semi-sun skirts are very versatile: they can be worn both for serious events and for summer walks.

Shirts and blouses to skirts are selected carefully and complement the strict style of Kate.

Pencil skirt well underlines Kate's waist and visually pulls the silhouette


Hats - a frequent attribute of images of the duchess. She puts on Bibi-style accessories for various events, complemented by floral decorations.

At the Royal Ascot racing in 2017, Kate wore a hat "Bibi"

A great fantasy manifests itself in the choice: in her wardrobe there are both “pills” in the style of the 1930s and 1960s, as well as bright red hats made to order.

The duchess appeared on the parade in honor of the queen, in a bright red dress from Alexander McQueen and a red hat from Sylvia Fletcher

How does Kate consider the shape

The figure of the Duchess became the generally accepted standard of a beautiful and taut body. Middleton draws attention to such advantages as a thin waist, long legs, and skillfully emphasizes them with dresses with a high waist. This focuses on its rather high growth.

The dress perfectly emphasizes the features of the figure.

By the choice of the color of the duchess is very serious, she, without the slightest mistake, selects the color that suits her.

Recently, Kate began to experiment with the scarlet color.

Kate Middleton combines both luxury brands and simple brands and accessories.

Striped sweatshirt is a great choice for everyday walks.

Unsuccessful Images of Kate Middleton

Despite the fact that Kate is considered an icon of style, her collection includes not the most stylish, and sometimes absolutely tasteless images.

Before marriage with Prince William, Kate chose boring outfits that hide virtues and give age. She also wore preppy clothing: woolen jackets and midi skirts, jumpers in combination with shirts.

High-heeled boots, a black jacket and a dress with a print made Kate's figure completely shapeless.

In September 2008, Middleton put on a shiny green top with short yellow shorts for one of the parties. Full fashionable vinaigrette.

Pink bag, high suede boots and shiny tights finally finished off the image

Before the duchess learned to harmoniously choose outfits, her combinations of skirt length and boots were very specific.

The combination of colors, the length of the skirt and boots very strange

Kate also chose casual looks with no emphasis on the figure.

Massive beads, uggs and a white bag are not the best stylish solution.

To create a stylish image, it is necessary to take into account in the complex such moments as work on yourself, the desire to look good, the display of attention to fashion novelties. Kate's style is the result of hard work on herself and her image. The standard of beauty and style really has something to learn: a great combination of colors, clothes and shoes is the basis for creating your own unique look.