5 most cruel women in the history of mankind


For many, cruel and heartless behavior is associated primarily with men. However, there are many horrific mind examples when crimes were committed precisely by the representatives of the weaker half of humanity. The most cruel women in history have managed to outshine many male criminals. Here are the most famous ones.

Ilse Koch

Ilse Koch became the prototype of the heroine of several films with sadomasochistic aesthetics

One of the most ruthless sadists is Ilse Koch - the wife of Karl Koch, the commandant of the concentration camps Majdanek and Buchenwald. For her crimes, she received the nickname "Buchenwald Witch".

She didn’t find her calling as the female superintendent of the women's camp at the concentration camp Ilse Koch right away. Initially, the commandant’s wife did not have any official status in the camp, but even then she treated the prisoners extremely cruelly. She beat all those he met with a whip, and also loved to set the shepherd dogs on them, which she had starved before.

In Soviet books, Ilsu Koch called Frau Abazhur because of rumors that she ordered souvenirs made from human skin - and therefore she sent prisoners with tattoos to death. True, in the materials of the court information about this episode is missing.

In June 1945, Kokhov was detained by the occupying American authorities. Ilse was first released after lack of evidence, but after public outrage she was sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1967, the sadist committed suicide in prison.

Irma Greze

Irma Greze carried not only a pistol, but also a braided whip

Whatever the crimes of Ilse Koch, even they fade against the background of what the other warden of the German concentration camps Irma Greze committed during her short life. She was called the Angel of Death.

Already at the age of 15, Grese dropped out of school and joined the women's movement as part of the Hitler Youth. Thus began Irma's short career, which soon brought her to the scaffold.

Initially, Irma was a nurse at the SS Sanatorium, but her medical career did not appeal to her. In 1942, she was accepted into the female SS unit. Then she received an appointment to the concentration camp Ravensbruck, and in the spring of next year - in Birkenau, one of the offices of the infamous Auschwitz. At the end of 1943, she became the senior warder — so Greze, 20, gained unlimited power over the prisoners.

Her sadistic inclinations knew no bounds - she personally beat up women, selected prisoners for executions and enjoyed random shooting of prisoners.

In 1945, Greze transferred to the Bergen-Belsen camp, where she was detained by British troops. The trial was short - the fucker was sentenced to death and executed.

Antonina Makarova

For each execution Antonina Makarova received 30 Reichsmarks

Especially inhumanity the Nazis showed in the occupied territories of the USSR. And often they were helped in this by collaborators — Soviet citizens who had gone over to the side of the enemy. This was Antonina Makarova, who will go down in history as a Tonka-machine gunner.

In 1941 Makarova volunteered for the front, served as a nurse in the army. In the autumn of the same year, she managed to survive the defeat of the Soviet troops during the Vyazma operation. Left in the deep German rear, Makarova hid in the woods, after which she landed on the territory of the Lokotskaya Republic, the self-governing territory of the collaborators.

Here she joined the auxiliary police, and she was given a machine gun to shoot the Soviet partisans. The number of casualties Tonka-machine gunner unofficially amounted to about 1,500 people.

Makarova was removing clothes that she liked from the corpses, sometimes complaining of traces of blood and bullet holes. Sometimes she would look after her clothes in advance, entering the cells of the prisoners.

Along the way, Antonina was working on prostitution, serving German soldiers and officers.

At the end of the war, thanks to the stolen military ID, Makarova managed to impersonate a nurse from the Red Army. The woman successfully married and settled in Lepel (on the territory of modern Belarus). Here she posed as a war veteran and even received as far as orders, her photos were kept in the museum of the Great Patriotic War.

Only in 1978, the state security organs managed to find out the real identity of Tonka-machine gunner. She was arrested, and a year later shot. This was the first case of the death penalty for women in the post-Stalinist USSR.

Daria Saltykova

Kinship with the Moscow Governor-General and generous gifts to the authorities allowed Saltykova long to shirk responsibility

The Russian landowner Darya Saltykova, who lived in the 18th century, went down in history as Saltychikha. It was under this nickname that she became famous for the massacres of serf girls.

Widowed at the age of 25, Saltykova, a noblewoman, began to torture her peasants to death. Although complaints from the serfs came to her constantly, they were not allowed to go either during the reign of Elizabeth Petrovna or under Peter III. The reason for this was the high origin of Saltykova.

Only after Catherine II came to power in 1762 did the horrific details of Saltychikha’s crimes come to light.

She personally tore the hair of the serfs with her own hands, hammered them with wood, flew to death, used hot tongs, chased naked peasants into the cold. She especially liked to kill brides on the eve of their wedding.

It is believed that Saltykov brutally killed 139 people, but only 75 episodes appear in the case. Legally, 38 cases were proved, in the rest she remained in the status of a suspect. For the crimes committed, the landowner was sentenced to life imprisonment in an underground prison without light and intercourse, where she was 11 years old. After that, the regime was weakened; for the next 22 years, Saltykova spent in her usual solitary cell until her death.

Elizaveta Batori

Countess Bathory by the number of murders committed included in the Ginenss Book of Records

Erzhebet (Elizabeth) Bathory was also known by the nickname Bloody Countess for her crimes against young innocent girls. Perhaps, it can be considered the most cruel and inhuman woman-killer in history.

Elizabeth Batori was a major Hungarian aristocrat who married a renowned representative of the Nadashdi family. Her husband commanded the Hungarian troops in the war against the Turks. It was in his absence that the woman committed her crimes, but because of her high position in society, she was able to avoid the consequences. It was only after the death of her husband that the bloody acts of the Batory were revealed to the public.

Erzhebet chose the victims among the innocent girls - maids of peasant origin, luring them to the castle with promises of large earnings. Then she went to the daughters of the small nobility, inviting them supposedly to study court etiquette. There, the countess starved them, bit off their flesh, injured their limbs, froze and burned alive. Officially, the victims of sadistic recognized 80 people.

According to rumors, Elizabeth recorded all her bullying in her diary, which allegedly mentions 650 victims. They also said that the countess loved to take a bath from the blood of virgins, believing that it rejuvenates the skin.

True, the diary has not been preserved, and rumors of a bloody bathing first appeared many years after Batory's death. By that time, the cruel aristocrat began to turn into a folk character more and more.

For her crimes, Bathory suffered a relatively light punishment - she was placed in a sealed room in her own castle, Drink, with a hole in the wall for serving food. 4 years after the sentence, Batory passed away.

Most of the bloodiest and most violent criminals are individuals who have gained unlimited power over other people. It is in such conditions that the psychopathic features of nature appear. As we see, they can be peculiar not only to men.