Matte manicure 2018: best instagram ideas for your inspiration


Among the fashion trends of 2018, a matte manicure stands out. Although the technology is not new, it is relevant for several seasons. The advantage of such a coating is that you do not need to change the entire varnish palette; you can buy a matte top separately and apply it on any varnish (even gel varnish). The effect of strengthening nails will be a bonus.

The best ideas monochrome matte manicure on the photo

The best matte finish looks on oval and almond-shaped nails. On the rest of this top may look rough. But this is not a strict rule, the main thing is to observe the same length and shape of the nails on all fingers. A well-chosen color will look luxurious on both short and long notes.

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For colors matte top is absolutely not picky: suitable as light delicate shades, and rich dark. Even a monochrome matte manicure looks very interesting, and the advantage is that it can be done at home, it is not necessary to go to the master.


Variants of light and dark manicure with design

It is easy to combine colors in such a manicure, because due to the same top they look organic and fit together. You can apply different colors to different fingers, and you can combine two on one nail using a drawing or using a technique. The last option looks very interesting and unusual in a matt version.

More often than others in combination with the base white or beige, black or gray use:

  • red,
  • yellow,
  • burgundy and many shades of pink,
  • blue or cyan
  • green, turquoise, mint.

Gradient examples


Drawings and use of additional effects on the photo


Ideal matte finish looks with rhinestones, glitter and glossy patterns, because they most effectively emphasize the background. In pebbles it is better to know the measure and to decorate with them 2-3 fingers on one hand, so that the manicure does not look alyapisto.

Glossy patterns can be created with a thin brush or toothpick. The effect of wet nails looks beautiful when droplets of clear varnish are applied to a matte finish.


The drawings make the contrast, otherwise because of the haze they can be "lost." The main thing - do not overdo it, because the non-glossy coating is self-sufficient in itself. It is optimal to decorate 1-2 nails with small but bright patterns.


Video: how to make a matte manicure with glitter - master class

Matte manicure looks stylish and modern, suitable for everyday wear, and for any event. It is easy to do it yourself and do not have to spend time and money on salons. No wonder the fashion for this coverage does not pass several seasons in a row.