How to make a hair "shell" on different lengths of hair: master classes


Hairstyle "shell" is one of the most stylish styling for everyday life and special occasions. It is suitable for women of any age with different structure and length of hair. Also, using the "shell" you can visually lengthen the neck and make the image more elegant.

Types of hair

Create hair "shell" can be without any additional tools and devices

Such styling is simple and fast in execution, if you practice in advance in its creation. Of course, from the first time she will not come out absolutely neat, but later you can do her hair for 10-15 minutes.

Shell can be of the following types:

  • Classic.
  • French (single and double).
  • Wedding
  • Evening.
  • With a bang.
  • With weaving.
There are several varieties of this hairstyle, each of which is able to emphasize the peculiarities of the hair structure and complement one or another image.

The classic version of the "shell", laid smoothly on one side, is the most popular among all types of installation. But it is suitable only for owners of straight hair.

Girls with curly locks are advised to pay attention to the double or single "shell" in French, which with some modification can become a wedding hairstyle

Evening "shell" is a real solemn classic, it is distinguished from the usual hair by the presence of high hair or a roller enclosed for the volume. This set is particularly suitable for creating a retro image at dinner parties or ceremonial receptions.

"Shell" can be created even in the presence of bangs of any shape, moreover, with her this type of hair looks more original.

Hair with a roller looks vintage and original. It is suitable even for girls who do not have lush hair, but in this case it is necessary to select the shade of the roller for the tone of the hair, so that it is invisible.

All varieties of "seashells" are created in approximately the same pattern, therefore, having learned how to create a classic style, you can easily master others. To create a classic styling will require only a massage comb, comb comb, studs or stealth, as well as fixing means - varnish or mousse.

Creating a "shell" for long hair

For long hair the most popular are the following "shell" types.

Classic with an elongated silhouette

This hairstyle is particularly suitable for girls with a round or square face, as it can visually lengthen it and make the image more chiseled due to the additional volume at the crown

How to do:

  1. Hairstyle is performed on clean, wet hair, which is then dried with a hair dryer and straightened.
  2. The front strands or bangs are separated forward with the help of a comb, and on the main part of the hair they create a basal volume.
  3. The front strands gently combed back over the hair and fixed invisible.
  4. The total mass of the hair is formed in the shell, and the tip is either fixed or curled into fine curls.
  5. Hairstyle bottom is fixed stealth or studs, as well as secured with varnish.

Laying on long hair, cascading short

"Shell" can be created even with a cascade-like haircut, moreover, in this case, the uneven edge can make the hairstyle especially refined, complementing it with small curly strands

Step by step execution of this hairstyle:

  1. Hair done on clean, wet hair, dried them with a hair dryer and styling products.
  2. Short strands are molded into a cap at the top of the head, long hair combed and neatly evenly mass are retracted, immediately taking the form of a shell on the back of the head.
  3. The bottom of the hair is fixed stealth or hairpin.
  4. The locks remaining in front are wound with a curling iron and evenly distributed through the hair, subsequently fixed with invisible hair.

How to make a simple shell for long hair do it yourself: video

Shell for medium length

For medium-sized long hairs, there are also two of the most popular and easiest ways to create a shell.


The easiest way of hairstyle is great for medium length hair with a straight structure.

Execution of the "shell":

  1. Washed hair dried and combed.
  2. The shortest strands are fixed in the volumetric cap on the top of the head, and the long ones are combed back and formed into the "shell".
  3. The "shell" at the bottom and along the turn-up line is fixed by stealth or hairpin.
  4. The tip of the curl is also wrapped inside the shell and fixed invisible.


The French version of this hairstyle is more feminine and great for medium hair length.

Unlike the classic "shell", styling can be done even on curly hair.

Stages of creation:

  1. Clean and wet hair is dried with a hair dryer and smoothed on the sides with a mousse, slightly licking.
  2. The front part of the hair is pulled back, fixing at the neck 2-3 invisible.
  3. The remaining curls are collected along the entire length and twisted into a harness in the direction of the fixed invisible. The end of the harness is displayed upwards.
  4. Hair is fixed from the bottom up with pins or stealth.
  5. The tip hides in the "shell" or in the hair on the crown and is also fixed invisible.

Styling for short hair

It is extremely difficult to make a classic hairstyle in the form of a shell for short hair, since you need at least an average length, but you should not despair, since you can create a simulated "shell" with styling tools

Haircut "shell" do it yourself step by step:

  1. Stir hair with a comb.
  2. Lay using styling means to the back of the head, collecting relatively long hair in the tail. If they are too short and the tail cannot be made, simply lay the strands separately in one direction.
  3. Twist the resulting tail in the left side and secure with pins or stealth.
  4. Fix hair with lacquer or mousse.

How to fix and decorate hair

Complementing the "shell" with ribbons or stylish headbands, you can turn it into a Greek hairstyle, gum hoops in woven style are perfect for this

You can fix your hair with stealth hairpins or hairpins, while for the everyday version it is recommended to choose accessories to match the hair, and for a solemn one - to prefer jewelry with beads and rhinestones. Strengthen the stability of styling by using styling tools such as mousse or lacquer strong fixation.

All the above hairstyles are harmoniously combined with evening dress and casual jeans, and with a reliable fixation, styling can last more than one day. We want to choose the option that is right for you, and learn how to create it in a few minutes.