10 most stylish women of Russia


Over the past few years, the outlook on fashion has changed significantly. Many have stopped scrupulously following the latest trends, trying to strictly follow them. The concept of stylishness has appeared, harmoniously connecting elements of the classics with catwalk novelties. The most stylish women of Russia are the standard of attractiveness and charisma. Each of them in their image feels calm, comfortable and confident. That's who entered our top 10.

Elena Flying

The image of the famous TV presenter is distinguished by elegance, particular lightness and femininity. The clothes are dominated by straight lines, emphasizing the severity of the dress. The wardrobe of this slim blonde is regularly updated: the charity auctions that the girl is holding allow her to quickly make room in the closet.

Yana Rudkovskaya

The wardrobe of the presenter, producer and owner of beauty salons is incredibly diverse. In it you can meet and luxurious, and eccentric, and very gentle dresses. Special chic - vintage handbags and classic shoes, emphasizing the thoughtful style of her costumes. The girl prefers the refined things of the best designers of the world, many of which exist in a single copy.

Irina Alferova

The famous actress who once played the beautiful beloved D'Artagnan, still looks impeccable. Her outfits are skillfully connected to a discreet casual and sublime romance. Naturalness, a sense of beauty and incredible optimism allow charming Irina to remain an icon of the style of Soviet cinema.

Tatiana Navka

The multiple world champion in figure skating and the wife of the press secretary of the Russian president have an incredibly delicate sense of style. In all her clothes modern femininity dominates, under the sexuality of which barely visible iron will. Creating new looks, the figure skater loves to experiment with elegant accessories.

Adeline Sotnikova

The Olympic champion feels all the fashion trends and skillfully embodies them in her outfits. It seems that she thinks that a woman should always look sophisticated and well-groomed, regardless of the situation. In clothes Adeline gives preference to a bright casual, and also to the long and flowing dresses.

Renata Litvinova

The style of the famous actress is a combination of various elements of the decoration of the film stars of the last century. Blond hair, bright red lipstick, retro outfits, vintage shoes and kerchiefs are the main components of the image of Renata Litvinova. All this is invariably complemented by an aristocratic porcelain skin tone and pretentious hairstyles.

Ekaterina Mukhina

The position of the chief editor of Elle magazine assumes constant employment: traveling, shows, social events. But even with such a tight schedule, Catherine is always fresh and elegant. Choosing feminine outfits of soothing shades and strict classic costumes, she looks immaculately absolutely in any situation.

Ulyana Sergienko

The designer girl is incredibly inspired by the timeless images of Soviet cinema. Not only her collections are impregnated with this spirit, but also the costumes in which she appears in public. Expensive fabrics, fluffy skirts, patterns, embroideries and large accessories are elements that harmoniously complement each other in her original outfits.

Miroslava Duma

For a fashion critic, it is simply unacceptable to become a hostage of the same style. The girl is constantly experimenting and easy to change torn jeans for an evening dress. Thanks to bright colors and original accessories, its images are never boring.

Elena Temnikova

The singer and presenter in a completely new way demonstrates the practical casual, adding to it sensual notes of light sexuality. In this case, no outfit does not look vulgar or pretentious - the girl harmoniously combines different elements of clothing, maintaining a subtle balance.

Every woman is unique. Therefore, when choosing a style, it is important to focus not so much on fashion trends as on inner feelings and your own individuality. That is what will always look stylish, and most importantly - to feel confident.