Bright lipstick Mary Kay - Models, palette, reviews


Many people pay attention to catalog cosmetics, while the brand Mary Kay is particularly popular.

Every woman dreams of becoming more attractive and sexy. Make-up comes to the rescue: with his eyes become more expressive, his skin is smooth, and his lips - rich and seductive. It is important to choose suitable makeup tools that will achieve all your goals. Many people pay attention to catalog cosmetics, while the brand Mary Kay is especially popular. About lipstick Mary Kay will be discussed in this article.

The company's products are a kind of "luxury" network cosmetics

Mary Kay: a company for women

Mary Kay dreamed of creating a company in which women can work with pleasure, becoming happy, financially independent and free. And what kind of work can bring a woman more pleasure than the one that is associated with beauty? This is how the Mary Kay company appeared, known to most of the inhabitants of our planet.

The symbol of the company is pink: if the consultants go to a high level, they get a pink car as a gift, and Mary Kay herself lives in a pink mansion.

The company's products are a kind of "luxury" network cosmetics. It is of high quality, has a rather laconic package and is a bit more expensive than more Oriflame or Avon cosmetics. However, women who tried the cosmetics Mary Kay, claim that it is of high quality and good value for money.

Lipstick has a pleasant vanilla flavor and a creamy light texture. In addition, the palette presents a variety of shades, among which is what you need, any girl will find

Tip! If you decide to order a Mary Kay lipstick, do not rush: many shades in the catalogs may differ from the real ones. Therefore, you can either attend a special master class from a representative of Mary Kay, who will show you all the colors that interest you and give advice on which lipstick you should prefer for your color type, or order probes from a consultant. This will allow you to make the right choice!

The benefits of lipstick

Lipstick has a pleasant vanilla flavor and a creamy light texture. In addition, the palette presents a variety of shades, among which is what you need, any girl will find. The main advantages of Mary Kay lipstick include the following:

  • it protects lips from wind and cold, preventing the appearance of cracks;
  • lipstick held for several hours, while maintaining its brightness and saturation;
  • the color will gradually disappear from your lips, leaving no strips on the edge of the lips, which looks rather untidy and ugly;
  • Mary Kay's lipstick palette is quite extensive, so finding a shade to your taste is not difficult;
  • You can mix several shades to get a unique color that will perfectly fit your type of appearance;
  • The composition of lip care products includes special components that care for delicate skin, preventing its premature aging.

Tip!The same lipstick may look different depending on the method of application. If you apply lipstick straight from the tube, you will get a bright, rich color. If you do not want to focus on the lips, then put lipstick on the lips with your fingertip: this will create a virtually weightless makeup that will be appropriate both in the office and on a walk with friends.

Lipsticks are kept for several hours, maintaining their brightness and saturation.


An important aspect when choosing lipstick is its composition. After all, all the tools that we put on our face should not just beautify, but also take care of our beauty and youth. Mary Kay products meet the highest requirements, because it includes:

  • vitamins that support the healthy appearance of your lips;
  • oils that facilitate the application and nourish the skin;
  • wax that protects the skin from any negative effects of the external environment.

Therefore, if you want to find a product that will not only make you brighter and more attractive, but also prolong the youth of your lips, give them smoothness and softness, then Mary Kay's lipstick is for you!

Tip!When choosing lip make-up products, never apply them to the back of your wrist, as many girls do. You can get an idea of ​​the shade of lipstick by putting it on the pads of your fingers. Apply a few lipsticks in this way, see which ones make your skin tone more pleasant, healthy and radiant and in harmony with it. This will help make the right choice!

Lipsticks contain vitamins that support the healthy look of your lips.

Lip liners

In the Mary Kay palette are presented as fairly calm everyday colors, as well as options that will appeal to eccentric ladies who like to be bright and stand out from the crowd.

There are several lines of lip products. Consider them in detail:

  • classic series. These include lipsticks in black laconic packaging that are Mary Kay's classics;

Lipstick classic series

  • True Dimensions Series. Lipsticks, which are included in this series, have a gel base and bright, saturated colors, allowing to make lips visually more juicy and plump. In this case, all shades are close enough to natural, due to which makeup, made with the help of these lipsticks, is appropriate in any situation. Mary Kay gel lipstick perfectly moisturizes your lips, protecting them from wind and frost;

Cosmetics True Dimensions

  • velvet lipstick. This includes persistent lipsticks containing a high concentration of pigments. They are highly resistant and look dull on the lips, which is extremely important during the current season. Those who follow the latest trends in the field of makeup, should pay attention to this line of Mary Kay: matte lipstick makes the appearance of refined and noble;

Velvet lipstick

  • lipstick in the form of pencils. Such means can be used in two ways: bypassing the lips along the contour or painting them completely;

Lipstick pencils

  • pencils, with which you can paint and lips, and cheeks. Such tools are extremely relevant for girls who do not want to spend a lot of time for makeup. After all, in just a couple of seconds you can create the perfect look, emphasizing the lips and giving the face a fresh, healthy look. In addition, no longer need to think about finding tools for the lips and cheeks, which would be combined with each other in shade.

Lip and cheek pencil

The most popular with Mary Kay are the classic lineup and the lineup True Dimensions. Let us examine the shades that are included in them.

Tip! If you have dry lips and you want to use matte lipstick, be careful: matte textures tend to dry the skin. To avoid this, for 15-20 minutes before applying makeup, use a moisturizing or nourishing lip balm. In addition, to get rid of dryness, which usually pursues women in the autumn-winter period, the intake of special vitamin complexes for skin, hair and nails will help. Before drinking dietary supplements, be sure to consult your doctor!

Shades of the classic series

As you know, Mary Kay just loves pink. It is not surprising that pink is represented in the line of lipsticks in the greatest variety. There is anything: from the color that a Barbie doll would gladly put on its lips, to pripylennyh options that will appeal to lovers of low-key, strict makeup.

The classic line includes the following shades:

  • "Winter Rose" - lipstick with a small amount of reflective particles, which has a reserved mauve tint;
  • “Dry Rose” is a shade that is perfect for blondes and brunettes with a warm skin tone;
  • "Sea shell" - a shade with a brownish subtone, which will be appropriate in summer, when the skin tans slightly and looks golden and radiant;
  • "Toffee" - a cheerful reddish-terracotta shade;
  • "Gentle pink" - saturated color which will be pleasant to bright, self-assured girls;
  • "Maple syrup" - a shade that will appeal to lovers of weightless makeup. It looks quite natural, making the lips, as make-up artists say, “like your own, only better”;

The palette of the classic series of lipsticks

  • "Pink Dream" - rich tone with a purple subtone, which will suit the owners of the cold color type;
  • "Paradise pink" - carefree bright shade, which will appeal to confident girls. Best of all, this color will be combined with blond hair and rather pale skin;
  • "Pink satin" - a natural shade, giving the face a fresh, healthy, radiant look;
  • "Sweet nectar" is a nude shade with a golden undertone. Suitable for lovers of natural makeup. Too bright girls with a contrasting appearance "Sweet nectar" can whiten your lips;
  • "Juicy Apple". Rich color with purple subtone. If you are a white-haired brunette with dark or icy-gray eyes, this shade will turn you into a real Snow White;
  • "Blueberry with cream" - quite an interesting shade of burgundy, which when applied to the lips looks quite natural;
  • "Pomegranate frost" - lipstick with a warm undertone, which can be called almost universal: it will suit both blondes and brunettes.

Price: 500-800 rubles (depending on the stock catalog).

Tip! When choosing a lipstick, keep in mind that the natural palette of your appearance is very important. If you have white or pink skin and hair that does not have a golden shimmer, then you can use cool shades, for example, pink, plum, burgundy with a bluish tone. Otherwise, it is advisable to pay attention to warm colors that will make the appearance even more radiant and soft.

Palette "True Dimensions"

The line includes the following shades:

  • "Pink sunset" - the perfect lipstick for summer: bright, but at the same time, quite natural;
  • "Glam pink" - the name of the product speaks for itself. This is a chic rich tone that lovers of rich makeup will like;
  • "Evening dawn" - an option for nude makeup, has a light peach shade;
  • "Autumn Rose". If you have brown or red hair, fair skin and warm eyes, then this lipstick will suit you perfectly;
  • "Natural Charm" - an option for the office. Allows you to create a natural lip makeup;
  • "Tuscan Rose" - brownish lipstick that will suit the owners of a "warm" appearance;
  • "Scarlet fireworks" - a means for the lips, which has a rather bright shade. It will be appropriate on holidays and outlets;

Army True Dimensions

  • "Coral reef" - enough gentle lipstick for blondes and fair-haired girls with a non-contrast appearance. It can be used as a daily option;
  • "Exotic Mango". Color with a light orange hint that will be perfectly combined with tanned skin;
  • "Bold fuchsia" - rich pink cold shade for women who prefer to focus on the lips;
  • "Fire berry" - muffled cold tone;
  • "Juicy tangerine" - shade, leaving an orange tone. Suitable for girls with fairly warm and bright shades of eyes, skin and lips;
  • "Pink Coral" - a gentle lipstick for natural makeup;
  • "Flirty citrus" - a bright tone that will beautify bold, eccentric young ladies;
  • Cream Rose - brown lipstick, ideal for winter and late fall.

Price: 900 rubles.

Tip! If you do not want lipstick to remain on your teeth, use the following technique. After you have painted your lips, blot them with a napkin and apply a little powder on them with a brush. After that, lipstick lip color again. This will make your makeup more neat and persistent.

Cosmetics Reviews

Before you buy Mary Kay lipstick, you should study the reviews on this product:

Tatyana: "Lipstick is perfect! The lips do not dry. The color lasts a long time. It is a pity that the shades are not enough and they are a little old-fashioned. And the price is a little bit". But I will take more. "

Helena: “This lipstick was given to my mother, but she didn’t get the shade, so she took it. The color is bright, saturated, I really like it. And my lips don’t dry out.”

Svetlana: "It seems to me that you can find more low-cost counterparts with the same quality. Although the lipstick did not cause any complaints: the color goes off nicely, the colors themselves are pleasant, it is pleasant to apply. I still don’t like the smell very much - a bit old-fashioned. But this is already nagging."

Olga: "I have been using this lipstick for many years and I am not going to change it! You can find an option for every day or for a holiday. It smells good, it is easily and gently applied, it lasts a long time: what else is needed?".

Catherine: "Lipsticks are suitable for me. I tried all the series, stopped at the classic line. All shades are wearable, you can find something for the outlet and for the office. Besides, they don’t dry lips, which is extremely important for me."

Tip!To make the lips seem more voluminous and plump, apply a little gloss over the lipstick in the center of the lips. You should not get carried away: if the gloss is too much, the makeup looks overloaded.