Rihanna's style: lessons from the Barbadian beauty


The dark-skinned beauty, model and actress are all about Rihanna, an American singer who has been pleasing her fans for more than a decade. Amazing looks and stunning voice won the hearts of millions of fans from all over the world. Rihanna is famous not only for its lovely voice, but also for its bold and original style. Her images often combine seemingly completely incompatible things.

Rihanna's style

At the beginning of her creative career, Rihanna followed the image of a simple girl in short T-shirts, worn jeans, mini-skirts and colorful sneakers. During this time, the image of the girl has changed extremely: from a cute girl to a bold rebel.

For everyday wear, the performer chooses things that are mostly pastel or dark. Most of the images are jeans, shorts, skirts and sweatshirts.

For the street, Rihanna prefers a casual sporty style.

The singer puts on dresses not so often, in their choice she prefers black or red color.

The red dress gives the singer brightness, and the translucent part emphasizes her waist.

Rihanna's style in everyday life is quite minimalistic. Classic blouses, plain sweaters, skinny jeans and low-heeled shoes are a great choice for everyday wear.

Minimalistic image without excessive workload

The girl is a big fan of street style. The unusual cut, rich colors and their daring combinations - everything is always in the spotlight.

Sweatshirt and high heels are true sport chic.

Rihanna's favorite wardrobe item is leather jackets. In them, she found everything that appreciates in her image - black, boldness, convenience. Leather jacket is a versatile and multifunctional thing. It combines with torn jeans or trousers, as well as with short dresses or midi-length skirts.

Leather jackets look great in long skirts

Fur coats - addiction Rihanna. She prefers natural fur, complementing them with jewels and high heels.

Rihanna loves bright and catchy coats. She often appears in public in green, then pink, then in a purple coat

Loose or tight-fitting cropped tops are also her favorites. They are used both for every day, for concerts and parties.

A cropped top and a high-slung skirt look harmonious for participating in important events.

She combines them both with jeans and trousers, skirts and shorts.

For the 59th Grammy ceremony, Rihanna chose an orange top and a full skirt from Armani Privé

Rihanna is a passionate fan of military style. Her wardrobe has jackets with stripes, wide army pants with pockets, a collection of military caps and high lace-up boots.

Even an ordinary jumpsuit with heeled shoes turns into an exquisite outfit. In this outfit you can see the love of a star for a free style. Free fit and love for bandanas.

In the choice of casual shoes Rihanna is limited to shoes with low heels or sneakers. At concerts, the star puts on boots and high shoes.

The singer chooses sweatshirts, crop tops and sneakers not only for everyday walks, but also for the stage.

Accessories - a separate love singer. She loves to tie scarves over her head. This is an original addition to the outfits. Their color variation is quite wide and due to this they are well combined with all styles of the singer.

Fashionable headbands will help to diversify the image

Rihanna rejects the classics and chooses the most incredible jewelry: massive earrings and rings, volume necklaces, bracelets on the foot and much more - in the center of her attention. She always wears jewelry in large quantities and often combines variations from different sets and styles.

The jewels of Rihanna are huge, bright and unique.

Own clothing line

In 2013, Rihanna launched its first River Island clothing line. The collection was appreciated by her friend, one of the most sought-after models at the Kara Delevin Fashion Week.

Rihanna was directly involved in the presentation of her first collection of clothes

Soon the summer collection of clothes was released together with the same brand.

Singer and fashion brand have prepared a variety of t-shirts with prints

In 2015, she again tried herself as a designer and presented a new line of clothing, shoes and accessories Fenty Puma by Rihanna. The result of this work is the appearance of a completely new level of sneakers.

Thanks to the collaboration, the brand has gained incredible popularity.

In 2018, the lingerie collection that Rihanna created for the Savage brand went on sale.

Rihanna personally presented her collection of linen for the brand Savage

The basics of color and cut

In 2011, the Barbados beauty was named the sexiest woman by Esquire magazine. The girl was not always able to maintain a slim figure, because she is inclined to be overweight. In 2016, she gained considerable weight and tried to wear clothes that hide curvy shapes. During this period, Rihanna put on elongated bombers, voluminous sweaters, boyfriend jeans, dress pants and sneakers.

These are shots from her Vancouver performances taken by fans. At that time, the recovered singer had a less pronounced weight gain, but she was already wearing more loose clothes.

But the girl lost weight in 2018, her figure re-gained a fit.

The thinner singer is now in great shape

She worked hard on her forms. Now she can afford outfits, emphasizing her narrow waist and legs.

Rihanna carefully ponders each of his image and selects clothes that will hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity.

The singer thinks over images with special care. She must be confident that her choice is flawless.

Rihanna is an oversize fan. This style came to her liking for the fact that he is very comfortable and well hides all the flaws.

Barbados singer Rihanna arrived in France to meet with President Emmanuel Macron in a very shocking oversize costume

Her favorite color is black. This choice is not accidental: black color - a symbol of classics, grace, belonging to the higher strata of society, self-sufficiency.

Black color visually reduces, gives body proportions fragility and refinement.

Unsuccessful images of the singer in the photo

The singer is not afraid of fashionable experiments, but not all of them end successfully. So, Rihanna’s outfit for the premiere of the film “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” was too creative and caused a lot of discussion.

The fringe and shiny elements were clearly overkill.

The spectators perfectly notice all the fashionable mistakes of the stars, and this image is also not left unattended.

Massive boots, stockings with garters, a checked shirt and a bomber jacket - a solemn fashionable failure

Rihanna - a lover of scandalous and provocative outfits. She appeared in a transparent dress by Adam Selman at the CFDA Fashion Awards ceremony.

The dress clearly leaves no room for imagination.

Rihanna is a true fashionable chameleon, and each of her outings is unique and diverse. Her outfits conceal a special highlight and demonstrate original design solutions. She courageously experiments with hairstyles, hair color, clothes in clothes. Her style is spectacular and unique, with precision underlines the creative nature.