Al Pacino has twisted romance with an Israeli actress, half his age

About 40-year-old Meital Dohan is almost unknown, except for her current relationship with a Hollywood star.

The new novel by 78-year-old Al Pacino was declassified by journalists - according to insiders, the actor meets with Israeli actress Meital Dohan. Interestingly, the girl is almost half the age of Al Pacino - she is 39 years old. Paparazzi have already sung a “catch” couple on dates in cafes and restaurants in Los Angeles, as well as in romantic walks around the city. It is assumed that the actor met a girl in America, where she resides. A couple together for several months.

Al Pacino is prone to young passions. For several years, he was in a relationship with Argentine actress Lucile Sol, whose age difference was 39 years. In this case, the actor was never married, which does not prevent him from having three adult children. Nothing is known about Meital's personal life, but she was not married either.